Existence Precious And Rare

Namaste Beloveds,

I felt I wanted to check in and connect with you, my true family, with a hug and reminder of how very much you are loved. The emphasis on Solar Consciousness and its reflection in the heart is tremendous and stunning and other worldly. I have massive movement, activity and expansion underway in my heart and solar plexus. I feel the devotion from deep within me to keep working with it, keep allowing, although it is quite an intense rewrite for the small self, mind and emotions et al. The “container” our heart energy and power is conditioned to has been so small and bound for the level of pure light frequency and love that the heart’s consciousness is truly capable of. Some analogy to play with… our wings have long been clipped, even as we fly and lift with this higher light we instinctively remember. You might feel your heart, torso and left shoulder in peculiar unwinding, freeing itself from a long bound state of servitude and suffering, fear and separation. And of course, this entangled, webbed binding has also long served as protection – ancient body and cellular memory of being scorned and even persecuted for our light. Because the heart is SO powerful – it has carried a lot of this unprocessed memory and experience, on both a personal and collective level. And yet, that was then – and this is NOW.

Complete, beautiful, unbound liberation is underway ~ this Solstice/Christmas Gateway is taking us deeper and deeper into Higher Level Service and Transformation. I went to a yoga class yesterday that focused on Heart Openers the entire time – what a gift – what synchronicity. And the image that came to mind as we practiced heart opening asanas, was of a crystal cylinder that was being fragmented into millions of tiny cracks – as if something, a force of some kind was pushing out on it from the inside. And what I was reminded is that the crystal energy here NOW, is liquid, fluid, crystalline energy. It will not shatter, it will expand and move and transform with you. This is a strong and very unique activation of embodiment as the Seven Sacred weeks unfold. Embodiment changes everything, from the Solar level to the Gaia level to the Divine HUman level. I feel this so very deep within. I have been working with the image of my small self, falling, falling into a deep black hole ~ watching my mind as I just keep falling deeper and deeper. To what end? And the freeing place is to no longer care – to let go THAT MUCH – into a level of trust where you truly surrender your life and being and future… to Existence, to Holy Mother, to the Light of Creation… which of course, is you; the Christed Self.

I hear her, I feel her with me, within me in every moment now. My inner child, the innocence and wonder of my being keeps refraining , Mother can you hear me, Mother can you feel me, Mother will you fill me with your love? 2018 feels especially potent, vast with mystery and I AM excited to experience the amplification of embodiment and bifurcation. This is a glorious time – there will be uncertainty and concern – because it is so new – but new worlds and supports and community are HERE. Set intentions around what you are ready to welcome in – don’t allow the mind to take you into loss or mistakes – you are on path – everything is in perfect order – give whatever you have been hanging onto with gratitude and JOY! Louise Hay’s affirmation for the heart is JOY JOY JOY – I lovingly allow JOY to flow thru my body mind and spirit. Do not allow any one or any thing to take that away from you.

Drink lots of water, I have been liquid fasting for this Gateway, green juices and bone broth. Keep your mind, your body and your heart really light – make room for this expansive embodiment! Yesterday I just went and laid on the Mother and sang the New Earth song many of you here know. I am sharing that with you below. Know that in this season of giving, of receiving, of JOY and new life and counting blessings… the single greatest gift you can give your Self and the world around you – is stepping into your true Self, true power and Divine Service. I am SO VERY GRATEFUL for you, each and everyone. Without you, none of what I do would be possible. Your support, your love, your intention to walk in the radiance of Divine New Human is the greatest gift I could ask for. I cherish you.

Love to ALL, Love IS All, Merry, Merry Christmas…
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

New Earth Song:

p.s. there are MANY reasons I chose this photo for this post… some very personal, some powerfully connected to this passage. Spend some time with it… allow the beauty of it in.

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5 comments on “Existence Precious And Rare
  1. Cynthia Woods says:


  2. JH says:

    THANK YOU, DeAnne, for writing to us this day!
    Love and Blessings to you & your family at this most Blessed time!

  3. Joyful Judy WOLLAM says:

    Thanks, DeAnne. I feel my wings are no longer clipped. I spread them and fly-setting my intentions for the day.

  4. Suzie Bartlett says:

    My mind constantly wants to remind me of my losses and mistakes….nope, I’m onto it’s ways that keep me in separation and apart from my JOY. Thank you, DeAnne, for all you do on so many levels. Peace…❤️✨????❄️????????

    • DeAnne says:

      you and your beautiful SELF – you get shinier everyday Suzie with focus on DIVINE PURPOSE and SERVICE! That is what will anchor your embodiment – then the mind settles down and the heart expands. Love you!

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