Profound Shifts, Healing The Human Soul

New Earth, Divine Mother ~
I deepen in my stillness to receive you.
I feel my heart open and my wisdom expand,
Pure Unity Consciousness ~ a very different experience.
My days are increasingly surreal, dreamlike and otherworldly.
Christed, the Cosmos opens inside of me,
a new alignment begins.

I remember this freedom, I know this freedom~
I welcome the vastness of Self
aligning with the Oneness of Source.
🕉 Om 🕉

Dear Beloved New Human Community ~

I feel as if I have been in a wormhole over the last few days ~ the grace of existence and the sensation of pure Source gifting me immeasurable experiences within which to realign with my Cosmic Self, Christed State, the Unity Of Divine Oneness. This is a deeply felt passage.

I encourage each of you to bring awareness to the small and great things that are shifting in your DNA, the whole of your ancestry, sending ripples through the timespace continuum and liberating you to extraordinary levels of clarity, vision and mastery to serve higher and shine brighter. Whatever your “story” has been, whatever the relationship dynamics that have made the deepest impressions in your journey thus far, notice, witness and welcome the circumstances that serve to purify the realities around you and initiate realignment with Source. Don’t “think” too much about these words, feel them, allow them, realignment has begun and you will continue to wake up in the midst of all that is transmuting in epic shift and divine change.

In this NOW, so soon after the Solstice Gateway and the beginning of an unprecedented eclipse season, a personal event is currently underway in my life that will significantly alter my entire ancestry. Imagine knowing that… imagine feeling that awareness. Details aside, think about how such an event stands to impact the current relationship with Self. Just yesterday I was in the biggest gathering of my blood relations I have memory of ~ since many, many decades and into my earliest childhood. Many of the players have changed from those early memories ~ but what was really, truly significant about this kind of forced gathering, is that I felt as if I walked into the midst of this scenario, accompanied by the highest love I have ever known or felt. Though it is energy, frequency and light I AM referring to, indeed, I felt as if both of my hands were being held by a very great love. And even though the scene was one in which I could have easily been sucked into, absorbed by old agreements, beliefs and consciousness patterns, instead, I felt this higher love, Source energy take me through the entire experience as if I was looking through a viewing window. I was there and I felt bright, yet soft, allowing, forgiving… but there was also a field of light so strong around and with me, nothing “other” affected or altered my NOW Self. It was miraculous and amazing ~ a very real experience of freedom from separation and distortion. And the gift was not merely to remain so steadfastly in my NOW Self, though this is an ascension trait ~ but to also turn up the radiance for all and any who were also, ready for epic change.

You will have an awareness this is what is going on ~ this experience of Living Resurrection. Moments where you are elevated above the agreements of the past, even if everyone is still living in the old dogma and distortion. The activity of our Sun and Solar System in this eclipse season is activating the harmonics of the heart, which serves as a frequency generator for Source/the Divine/Holy Love to purify the realities around us. In these moments of grace, it is not just you becoming an instrument of our Sun and Solar System, but in fact, you BE – ing the Sun, that level of radiance and sustenance for all that you encounter and affect. NOT to change what is or has been, not to get others to be any where other than where they are… but to embody the Christed State because of where they are; and because of who you are. As we consciously merge with the ultimate unity of Divine Oneness, and walk that path and heed the call of this sacred work unconditionally, fearlessly… we experience the true knowing and feeling expression of Source in all of creation and how intricately we are a part of it all.

The scene I have shared with you many times ~ from the movie Wonder Woman, where Diana walks into the bloody, bomb filled creation of “man” – fierce in her compassion and “alignment” with higher wisdom, she is so much more powerful than this war and destruction and separation. I have felt the embodiment of that level of commitment, of fierce love and pure Source amplifying in my heart. The message here, the energy and gift of the resurrected Self, is that as the energies deconstruct and dismantle the illusion, we gain the higher truth of Unity Consciousness. But, we must be willing to walk into the illusion, with all the old grooves and past pain. For then, we discover the deeper meaning of the bifurcation of reality. Lose the illusion, to gain the truth.

Every time you take a breath, there are endings and beginnings releasing distorted realities. Past information and experiences are merging with future information and expression, to create the new resurrected Self across time-space. The experience of unity makes us aware of our multidimensional aspects, Source, other expressions in the multiverse. Whatever distortions, blind spots, self conscious programs have been long hidden in the old DNA, there is a deeply felt “uprising” to LOVE what has been, what is and what has yet, to reveal itself as NEW future. I often share with you how important physical balance is to remaining balanced in other areas of your life. Likewise, the stronger your commitment to your own Christed Radiance and the new story you have come to share ~ you become a stargate for others seeking to know their own light.

There was a poignant moment in the current New Human webcast ( The Unification of 5D – ) where we acknowledged the power and mastery of maintaining the same energy whether we are standing in front of Donald Trump or God! In this moment, this Divine Now, we transmute, transfigure, and resurrect into the risen, new self which knows itself and all of creation as Source. Bask and Bathe in the beauty, the light, the gift of that new reality. It is here NOW, surrender all else, BE LOVE.

Allow the next few weeks to guide you deeper into the Self, into the Mystery, into Love. Apply your multidimensional awareness to everything. If your intention is to see the higher truth in every moment, in every person ~ you will feel this realignment guiding you out and above the ordinary in every circumstance. A simple yet powerful tool to instantly engage the higher truth: the moment you feel your energy contract ~ be it a situation, a person, an old belief or story running through ~ state, ” I Am in my space, and in my space is peace.” This is so powerful ~ it acknowledges that, even as Wonder Woman walked through devastation and death, she remained free, unscathed, pure. You too, have that power. Because no matter who or what or when or why is going on around you – if you remain present and in the new alignment of Self, you will know only peace.

Meditate with the image and words above ~ a gift in this moment from the Shining Ones. When I close my eyes, this is what I feel within and all around me. When I am still and look within, I AM the stardust and golden light merging with this wondrous planet, beautiful Mother. We are reaffirming the Limitlessness of the Infinite, as the Infinite. I AM the Cosmos, and the Cosmos is my Self. This image, this energy ~ the Shining Ones say that as we trust ourselves and the higher purpose we have come to manifest, we will drop into a significant bandwidth of Cosmic Stargate frequencies around the July 27th eclipse. This will serve as a cosmic adjustment to align with the higher dimensional trajectories and foundations. Holy WOW, Holy Ma, Holy, Sacred NOW. This photo, this image ~ know that the cosmic stargates contain transformative harmonics, codes and frequencies, as well. Be still. Listen. Breathe Deeply this radiance around and within you. Embodiment is here ~ it is your most important focus and work at this time. Embodiment has a quantum effect which triggers mass Ascension experiences. It is changing our hearts and calling us out of the ordinary, into pure consciousness. Be grateful everyday ~ know that whenever something outside of the box is experienced by even a small amount of the collective, that experience becomes available for all.

We did not come here to be ordinary and play by the rules and trod the well worn grooves that create the illusion of a safe and secure reality. NO!! We came here to LIVE and play in all the textures and colors of this magical world and get messy and feel lost at times. THERE IS NO BOX, there is no defined objective except to LOVE. Spirituality, mastery over limitation, fear and death, ascending to a new experience of existence ~ these things are not complicated. WE make things complicated with thought and emotion, attachment and misunderstanding. We are here, to LOVE. Ourselves, one another, every experience, yes, even the very thoughts and emotions that lead us into temporary insanity and unworthiness.

One of the new humans on the Costa Rica Retreat asked me what the Shining Ones have to say about the world today. Well, in brief, they say it is perfectly messy. And that in co-creation with the new light that is present today ~ this humanity is in a powerful, unprecedented state of rise. It is so easy (for the ego) to focus on what is wrong and coming undone and complicated. All the while, so much beauty and new, in humans and creations and Gaia is coming to light ~ resurrecting from so many layers and levels of limitation. There is a whole new level of pure consciousness being anchored into the HUman collective by embodiers. As this HUman collective continues to consciously SHIFT from the old agreements, old story, old grooves of beliefs, woundedness and expectation (yes, we have had a very low bar of expectation when it comes to who we are and what we are capable of, truly) ~ then the new DNA and new consciousness activating within begins to affect true change in our world. The moments, your moments, all moments ~ are brand new, no matter what old perception fixates on. I feel strongly, as a force of this RISE – that I just don’t have time for ANYthing old, let alone my old perceptions.

Today, in this NOW, I AM choosing love. As you embody more of your truth ~ you walk into every experience with a new level of light, of peace and well-being, forgiveness, compassion and LOVE ~ that can be felt by all. Another aspect of embodiment is becoming really aware of how you affect the world around you, great and small. Begin to use that wisdom, that remembrance, as a POWER ~ to transform, transmute, transfigure and transmigrate the old – to the new. The Light is always with you ~ with that understanding, you have everything you need to expand your experience of life. 

Significant RISE opportunities to watch for:

Sunday July 22nd – New HUman Global Unity Meditations:
We have been growing this container for a year now ~ every SUnday, 3 different times. I was called out of town unexpectedly last weekend and did not get the notice up ~ just know that, this light and intention is always there ~ it is a crystal that many are gathered in the Light of every week. COME AS YOU ARE and join in the energies and intentions of the many envisioning a new grid and only love ~ so that all beings may be happy and free.

Tuesday, July 24 – Monday July 30
Lunar Eclipse Gateway Passage, Cosmic Realignment

Imagine this week as a giant inhale ~ eyes closed, drink in and remember ~ imagine every experience, person and moment being drawn up by the breath of Creation… feel the rise, intend the rise, BE THE RISE.

Know that the crystals want to be outside now ~ if you have not already done so, this is the perfect time to plant, place and connect crystals, elementals and kingdoms. Imagine, create and invite ALL into sacred ceremony, meditate with Gaia to support the positive realignments this month. I JUST DISCOVERED yet another, beautiful, abundant vortex area that I AM in the process of opening up and creating a trail system (access points for all who are ready). There are crisscrossing waterways ~ (diagonal cleansing) and massive stone structures (kingdoms) throughout this enchanted nature. The newer areas I am discovering are all in electromagnetic energy, presenting a balance of masculine and feminine ~ new, higher, greater REalignments of Earth/HUman/Cosmos in perfect harmony, Divine order, the true nature of Oneness.

Friday, July 27
Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse at 4:21pm Eastern

Continue with the above ~ and really pay attention, watch for the small and great ways you are being called into realignment opportunities. Go willingly into the wormhole that may present with old dynamics, understanding you are only right here, in this space of NOW – and in this space, is only peace. Spend time honoring the sacred, generating ideas to share your light and service, focusing on highest outcome for your personal passage and the collective passage of HUmanity.

A note here on diet. Understand that your body is receiving and absorbing a lot of light ~ your physical body is not use to processing this kind of energy. Pay attention to your individual needs and don’t let the mind override those needs. You may find yourself wanting to eat less, eat differently, while avoiding heavy or processed foods. Your main sustenance now is LIGHT! Take time to see it flowing through you and filling up every cell. Fasting, either green juices or water may also assist with leveling up to a new experience.

July 26-28 Gateway: Whatever your personal needs or experience (understanding we are all as unique as snowflakes), honor the changes presenting, honor this sacred passage, honor your Self abundantly and unconditionally. Be grateful, grateful, grateful that you know the Light as you do, that you are awake and conscious of the greater scope of this shift. Many the world over do not have the inner resources that you do to draw upon in these times of great change. Use your mantras, prayers and meditations to send your light out into the New Grid ~ where there is no other, no separation, no fault to find and nothing left to forgive. This shift at the end of July is being felt and envisioned by many as the most beautiful support of our Ascension possible. Breathe that in. Open your hearts, stay very present, and intend that you experience the path of the purest cosmic flows.

Again, the above photo fills my heart and mind with the deep memory of a time when I danced with the Light and everything glistened with Gaia’s organic Christed timelines, anchoring 5D- 9D. This Gateway is connected to last year’s August Solar Eclipse and the Gates opening at the end of this August. This is an opportunity to move into a massive wall of Light ~ becoming the new resurrected Self across time-space. Inhale remembrance, Exhale remembrance. Embrace the Unity that is here ~ do what you need to remain centered in your space ~ where you will always find and be peace.

Love to All, Life to All, Peace to All ~
DeAnne and the Shining Ones 🙏







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    So powerful and so inspiring. Thank you for helping us focus on what truly matters at this time and for being such a beautiful source of love. We feel it deeply.

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    This speaks directly to the profound messages I am gratefully experiencing now. This is the time our lives have prepared us to experience, with love and gratitude .

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