New Moon Solar Eclipse, FOCUS and Intent

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer
July 12, 2018 10:47pm eastern

A woman walked into yoga this morning commenting on how emotional she was feeling because the Moon was in Cancer. I just smiled and sat calmly as she chatted on. At one point she asked me what my “sign” was and I said, Aquarius ~ to which she responded, “oh, so you wouldn’t understand because Aquarians are unemotional. 😉 And just like that, without saying much really, I got sized up and defined based on a certain configuration of stars and planets at my birth.

Don’t get me wrong, I honor and acknowledge the field of astrology. But I have never and never will limit the potential and possibilities around or within me, by a fixed variable. The information may be useful at times and in certain circumstances, but the power is mine and mine alone to shape my path and destiny.

This scenario was the perfect segue to the nature and power of this New Moon/Solar Eclipse ~ Sun and Moon in Cancer. I touched briefly on this first of 2 July Eclipses in the current New Human Webcast, The Unification Of 5D ( ) the second one being July 27th. Eclipses tend to be strong collective timestamps for our unification. This New Moon initiates a month long period of intensity, change, breakthrough and opportunity to step up your game on many levels. We are feeling it already ~ change knocking from the outside in and the inside out ~ necessitating that we meet the level of intensity with similar FOCUS on what is right, in our lives and the world around us.

In the July webcast, we looked at the nature of 5D, so we could more easily identify when we are and are not vibrating with 5th World. Focusing your intention and energy on these characteristics of 5D during this eclipse period, will lend itself to powerful manifestation resulting in lasting change.

5D is what is right in our world and the greater potentials now manifesting. 5D is bliss and joy, it invites in and celebrates the smallest of victories around love, kindness, compassion, forgiveness, surrender and shared joy. 5D is MORE… more responsibility, more light, more power and the wisdom to use it rightly. More love, more life, more mastery and the courage to step into these. This eclipse period is about you bringing the best you have forward ~ with confidence and maturity equal to the extraordinary nature of these times.

Listen and relisten to the current webcast (link above) many times ~ as it vibrates a strong foundation to really embody this period of intensity and breakthrough for your highest good ~ and the highest good of all. Whatever is in front of you ~ whatever the details of your NOW – run into it with your arms wide open. The something new you have been preparing for, longing for ~ is there for you to accept and receive. Om Shanti Shanti Shanti 🕉❤️



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6 comments on “New Moon Solar Eclipse, FOCUS and Intent
  1. NOva Ann says:

    Arms wide open, LOVE IT

  2. Cynthia Woods says:

    Oops ANova Ann

  3. Darlene says:

    Beautiful! Thanks so much for the lovely reminder for us to bring the best we have forward. What an awesome thought to keep in mind during this time. Much gratitude.

  4. Mel Bromberg says:

    Hi Deanne,
    Rejoined your website after so many years because there were too many things I missed-your meditations, webcasts, recipes, and more. Want to comment briefly on the above situation because it is easy to dissect with regards to snap judgments. Many in the world external are subject to snap judgments based on their ethnicities, sexual preferences, age,or disability. Ideally, humans in making decisions should OBSERVE,CHOOSE, ACT in that order. However, as we have been”conditioned”,many humans in the world external do the opposite. ACT,OBSERVE then CHOOSE. Because the action has been taken first, the human is then required to observe what they have done, decide to either support or retract the action in some capacity, and then act upon that observation. IF ONLY we WOULD TAKE THE BREATH and OBSERVE first with guidance from higher self , our messes that we create would surely diminish. One way of getting out of messy creations or snap judgments is to use the orthogonal time matrix during the observation period. Turn 90 degrees to either the right or left depending on your guidance and notice the information there presented in each of these directions. It shifts time and space and therefore different information/ energy is allowed to enter the person’s dimensional field. BREATHE ( OBSERVE), CHOOSE what you want to express, then ACT.

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