New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse

Welcome the NOW with ALL your heart~
Open to the NEW, it is ALL around you.
Express GRATITUDE for EACH moment.
Set your intention and STATE your Desires out loud.
BE OPEN to the NEW LIGHT that is here NOW
Align ALL with Divine Will
Walk confidently into and FEEL all your Creations
Trust Love, Trust Life, Trust your Self
Be Grateful for it ALL
There is only Light.

Good Morning Light Tribe,

I AM SO grateful to BE HERE NOW ~ with you. Today is the first Solar Eclipse of 2019 ~ 8:41pm Eastern. I woke up this morning to gale force winds, the kind that just make you stop and feel and express awe. POWERFUL forces of new energy have launched, the New Moon Solar Eclipse today is an opportunity to FOCUS AS ONE, taking time to truly feel this first Shift of this Expansion Year! Remember, with willing hearts and positive minds and a willingness to EMBRACE the ULTIMATE TRUTH of DIVINE LOVE ~ we hold the KEY to the New Christed Timelines. This power and Light is ours to CLAIM ~ for the highest good of ALL.

New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse ~ Saturday January 5th. 8:41pm eastern
Global Unity Meditations:
Sunday January 6th, 8:11am, 11:11am, 5:11am eastern

THE BIRTH OF A NEW ENERGY ~ New Human Webcast!
Sunday January 6th, 11:11am eastern (*archived, listen when you can)

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