The intensification of Divine Love
is allowing for palpable experiences of
purity, clearing, clarity and freedom!

Dear Beautiful Family,

I have just returned from a magical, beautiful, so incredibly fulfilling experience in Ajijic, Mexico, right as we seal up this latest Gateway of October 4th – 13th with a Full Moon! I flew side by side with that Full Moon on my way home to Asheville! All the way to Ajijic and home again, I met and shared amazing LOVE with strangers and new family alike. I look forward to sharing that and so much more with you next Sunday – October 20th, on the next New Human webcast. The energies in this now are delivering a unique brand of positive intensity. The many metaphors I shared with you on the September webcast (The Generous Present Moment – ) hold true and are even more amplified as we feel this lift, this buoyant joy of becoming and embodying a higher truth; about life, one another, this planet, ourselves and the power we have to transform a world. Within each moment, as synchronistic encounters and experiences abound, is a heart-centered reminder to be a responsible Creator: Breathe in, visualize and FEEL the palpable LOVE present – the primary vibration of the higher 2020 trajectory in this Now. The well lit path begins with utilizing your superpower of LOVE and Higher choices, moment to moment. It was such a gift to attend a John Lennon tribute concert while in Ajijic – I am listening now with gratitude to this amazing new human that left so many gifts to the world. He wrote a song called God Bless Our Love… and surely, with the experiences of Unity and coming together in new ways, support, generosity, synchronicity and reunion manifesting in this NOW – God is smiling on the swelling of our hearts.

NEW New Human Transmission:
New Story, New Lives, New Reality

Sunday, October 20th, 11:11am eastern
Meditation: Shifting Your Energy Flow
Music: Golden Light by Ashron

New HUman Global Unity Meditations:
October 13th, 20th and 27th

3 different times to choose from and join in as we link our hearts and intentions around the world!

I AM deliriously, delightedly, devotedly exhausted from the pummeling of LIGHT and TRUTH this past week. Gratitude for your patience as I settle back into my Asheville world. Again, looking forward to sharing these transformational energies with you next week. The above photo grabbed my heart and soul as I experienced the delicious cuisine of Machi Ma in downtown Ajijic. The colors, the light, the freedom and invitation in this painting touched me deeply! I AM honored to share it with you here.


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