Where Do We Go From Here

I read a book this last week, just feeling connected to and honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. It is the last book he wrote before his assassination called, Where Do We Go From Here. A fitting title then, and now! This book has evoked a lot of thought and conversation in me which I AM sure is being amplified and reinforced by the compelling energy to GET GOING that as flooded in with 2020!

The central question in the book is “where do we go from here”… chaos or community? (circa 1967) I was not old enough when Dr. King died to have had a sense or even awareness of who he was then. What I understand deeply now is that we are standing in the same river, though technically born many decades apart… STILL, we are drinking from the same consciousness stream, abiding in the same heart. His “time” of teaching and demonstrating was a bit further up the river than mine… but it is the same river, the same fluidity of love, frequency and consciousness ~ all the same. I feel SO grateful for this awareness, this experience of Unity and higher calling that many have demonstrated on the Earth plane for many eras of time. I want to share with you here a weaving of the thoughts shared in the book with the events and understandings of my own life experience, the intention being to evoke a personal experience of the very unique and equally important mission you are here to fulfill.

Here we go… take a deep breath and let’s dive in.

In this book, Dr. King talked about African Americans and white liberals getting together and pressing what he called 2 realities – that there had to be this coalition of blacks and liberal whites and that they had to make sure that both political parties were responsive to our needs and the needs of poor people. He went on to say that we cannot be oblivious to the fact that racism is going to be alive and well – the reality is its not going to go anywhere – and it will likely spread in the north as it has in the south.

You may or may not be aware that last Monday, on MLK day – thousands of gun ownership enthusiasts and armed militia members gathered at the Virginia State Capitol for a rally aimed at quashing new gun restrictions. We are talking in the 20 thousands! I am not really worried about these individuals in Richmond as much as I am worried about the fact that most of us are not ready to create a movement! Sure we have these moments – a moment over here, a moment over there – what we have to be prepared to do is what Dr King did and those around him…that is – we must be prepared to create MOVEMENTS. The difference between a moment and a MOVEMENT is sacrifice. That is why he said, where do we go from here – chaos or community. The reality is, we have to be prepared, each and everyone of us, to quit having these moments and start creating a MOVEMENT. Which means we have to be willing to ask ourselves what are we prepared to sacrifice, for the greater good, the collective whole? I’m curious what that statement evokes in you.

Jane Fonda, who is 84 years old and could very easily rest on the laurels of her fame and success – she moved herself to D.C last Fall with the intention to start a MOVEMENT called Fire Drill Fridays, to bring awareness to Climate Change. She has been arrested 5 times so far! She halted ( with a lot of grief) the production of her successful Netflix show called Frankie and Grace to be front and center on Capital Hill – and has rallied other celebrities AND sister protests around the country to this cause. Note the element of sacrifice here. Dr. King ultimately sacrificed his life for his movement – Jane is sacrificing certain comforts and inconvenience – but it is the same energy, the same intention. That of stepping OUT, getting out of our grooves and comfort zones and aligning with something far greater than ourselves.

King wrote in book that there has never been a movement in human history that did not require a sacrifice. If you go to MLK’s book of sermons titled Strength To Love – he said nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity. That is what we are dealing with – that is what we have in Richmond today – that is what we had in Charlottesville and so many other examples. It is a combination (and cause for concern) they are sincerely ignorant of what this country has become and what it should become. What is happening is that many are spreading conscientious stupidity. And that is what is really dangerous.

Most of you here are aware of this – but I will recapitulate in the light of this thread. I was the only child out of 4 to be bussed in my family. I remember standing on the side of the highway before daylight as an 11 and 12 year old to ride a bus for an hour+ to an inner city school. Now, I was born into white-bread rural America and my family was not without prejudice. One reflection is that this “course of events” changed the trajectory of my life. (more on that) But the greater awareness is that this very 3D circumstance in my life was ALWAYS going to happen as it was aligned with my true essence and a greater destiny than my biological roots. This experience re-threaded my biology – it set me on a very different journey of destiny.

Fast forward, years later, having graduated with a teaching degree – the only Principal to offer me a job in a many city large school district was a jovial black man (Mr. Hall 💓) in a depressed area on the outskirts of the city where I grew up. The children were a mix of hispanic and black – the magnetics of my truer energy signature were taking shape even as my family was not comfortable driving into and speaking of the population that was helping to rewire my biology into destiny.

Endeavoring to keep this retrospect brief while painting a greater picture – I went on to become a Guidance Counselor at an Inner City school in Tampa, FL – and when the higher realms called me to Asheville, nearly a quarter of a century ago, I was charged to create a school within a school for a forgotten population that many in Asheville were not even aware existed. Yes, Asheville has projects! I wrote my first book about this population and the school I created, called The Academy, continues to this day. Juxtapose this immersion into “other” to a family that remains, at best, uncomfortable with those of color… the role of “bridge” continued to be a preordained codex in my identity. One day, while sitting in the midst of a family scenario with a mix of Uncles and cousins, Aunts and friends… several conversations were happening at once, as happens with family gatherings. But, in a moment, one of my relatives made a comment that included the “N” word (😪) and every conversation stopped to a pin drop silence – all heads pivoting to me. Because they knew, even if it wasn’t much discussed, that these kids and their families – were my life. In that moment – as the silence spoke volumes – I responded into the suspended breaths with a simple but pointed, ” I Am not related to that part of him.”

It was a moment of both honoring that I loved this relative – yet, equally so, had to speak to this “sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” As I continued to read this book the week following the MLK holiday, what I felt is that it is not about a DAY of honoring a formidable, stellar, highly evolved and righteous man – it is about tomorrow and our individual choices and lives the other 364 days. Dr. King said that service is more important than success, people are more important than possessions and principle is more important than power.

This same week we had impeachment hearings happening. As I observed from afar, I contemplated “will these senators in this impeachment trial be principled or will they just do what they have to to stay in power?” People always ask what is Dr. King’s legacy – WE are! Who we are being. Am I willing to sacrifice my job – are you willing to sacrifice your marriage, your career? I AM not a saint or special but I do have personal experience of stepping out of one very formidable and conditioned mold that I was born into and onto THE WAY of something far greater and inexplicably inclusive than what I was born into.

Nothing about racism is good – #1 – the reality is we must eliminate it – we must confront it everyday in big and small ways – JOIN THE CLUB! Let’s say for example that you have a job where you are not allowed to voice your opinion – to speak up about racism. SACRIFICE would be to make a decision and choose PRINCIPLE over safety and security. Sacrifice can look many different ways and mean different things to different people – but it is an energy vibrating TRUST in a greater expression and purpose to our time here. In the past, people have died for taking a stand and ultimately those history making deaths were about being ALL IN – the willingness to put life and meaning beyond this current experience above all else. King said, “the time is always right to do what is right.” If you ever want to lift your spirits and ignite your own formidable, inborn passion – pull up a page of his quotes – the content of HIS character far outshone the color of his skin. Looking around at our global stage today – the fire-fighters who flew from the states to fight fires in Australia – that was a level of sacrifice. The ones who then died in a crash of one of the fire bombing planes – the sacrifice greater still. In another direction – the unified stand of Harry and Meagan to break with tradition (they have been doing it since the day they married) and give up their roles and positions, the many benefits of the monarchy to GO THEIR OWN WAY and stand for something different and perhaps more… ALL examples of beings standing in the same river as MLK in their own way – helping to move the consciousness spectrum from the safe, expected and known to a greater Truth and possibility for this humanity. Sacrifice: thinking greater than our own small selves and lives toward the greater life and need around us.

As I finished up this book, I contemplated this current administration – MLK’s niece defending Donald Trump against racism – this transference issue of “if I cite racism, then I Am a racist”- (shaking head) we have seen in the last 3 years that this administration has brought racism from the basement to the front porch – and we are going to have to DEAL with this. There is even debate about whether that is a good thing or bad thing – is it causing racism to metastasize and deepen and spread or producing enough of a back lash where- is this, in fact, the last gasp of racism on our planet?

So what is it going to take – honestly – certainly more than talk. I heard on NPR this week that at least 70 % of the white population has never even had a conversation with a black person!! ( still shaking head) Does this include someone that you know? Does the life you know include a conscious weaving with others who are different? Either everyone is God, or no one is! How can you help swing the pendulum toward more Unity – more of doing what is right – more expression of the greater Truth of why we are here and what we, as Spiritual beings, intend to achieve for this planet and species.

Yes, we have to create a movement and that movement is going to have some dangers to it. Great or small, long lasting or fleeting – we each carry a movement of greater truth within us that is ever asking us to RISE UP! “We have before us the glorious opportunity to inject a new dimension of LOVE into the veins of our civilization.” (MLK) I hope you feel this huge, vast something waking up from within – pushing from the inside out, to MOVE!! Get going! Breathe deeply into this NOW and get to know this greater Truth you carry, bright shining. Are you prepared to create a movement? On behalf of what? Only you can answer that.

One of the most meaningful accolades I ever received was from a listener to the New Human transmissions a few years ago who, after a show, wrote on his Facebook feed that I was the “real deal.” What is and has always been so very important to me is that I AM both a teacher of a new consciousness, speaking of spiritual truths and yet, also living those truths, integrated into the everyday fabric and challenge of this Earth bound existence. We are ONE WORLD of both shadow and light. We are ONE people, vibrating different levels of consciousness and remembrance as we journey toward home. We are ONE LOVE, seeking a UNIFIED existence that works for everyone, equally so.

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that. MLK, Jr

We have to stop going with moments – racism is causing economic problems for the black community – for the entire country – and its only going to be solved by making sure that they have programs – which might cost billions of dollars to resolve! Imagine (first you have to dream it) all the money spent on the military going toward LOVE – which includes making sure that all are treated and provided for equally. What was Dr. King fighting for when he was killed? – better jobs, higher wages, decent housing – education that was equal for every child – (bussing and the trajectory of my life – my life didn’t change because of bussing – bussing aligned at a soul contract level with me – because of my greater intention for this life). I just feel that a constant centered energy behind ALL of the chaos and separation and warring in our world, is an Intelligence, a Higher Wisdom and Order urging the PEOPLE to TAKE BACK THEIR POWER!  – just as we are now – voting – we must get behind a movement for JUSTICE for ALL – this is Unity – this is the new consciousness.

“It is not possible to be in favor of justice for some people
and not be in favor of justice for all people.”

“Commit yourself to the noble struggle for equal rights.
You will make a greater person of yourself, a greater nation of your country,
and a finer world to live in.” MLK Jr

If you came here as a Soul with the intention to be free, you are not going to have an easy time of it. I speak from personal experience. Yesterday, I got a beautiful email thanking me for the light I shed on the path of a new human many years ago at one of my retreats. He shared examples of what he felt and learned and carries with him still…and how he is endeavoring to break free and share his own light and gifts with the many today. He thanked me for that. In my inner most being I contemplated how there is never a moment that my life is not a sacrifice for having dared to live free and DO WHAT I CAME HERE TO DO! Because this whole game here is designed to keep us in sleep, on auto pilot and in disbelief of anything other than what we can verify and see and touch and KNOW with the mind! All around us in the field are the symptoms of breaking free. If you are challenged or struggling, if you feel lonely a little or much of the time, you too, are breaking free. We are standing in the same river. Thank you for that. 

“We are now faced with the fact that tomorrow is today.
We are faced with the fierce urgency of NOW!” MLK

If you were to view our planet from a distant point in space and the greater truth of your own consciousness – you would see billions of points of light. All unique. All equally invested in REMEMBRANCE AND REUNION. As we stand on the precipice of a new decade in our world, we are met with the profound quest of Transformation, Death and Revelation! Are you feeling that? And who (within you) is in charge when things seems to be breaking apart and the tears come and the body aches of death and rebirth all at once? WE ARE BREAKING FREE. We are transcending into a field of consciousness where NOTHING is more important than knowing the Beloved, intimately – and finding her in everyone, on every corner, every moment, every situation. We ARE Love and that means everything about us is love; our unshapely thighs, our less than perfect teeth, our age, our frustrations, our loneliness, our perceived mistakes, our fatigue and our fears. It is ALL Love, it is ALL God.


I encourage you to listen to the current New Human Transmission MANY times. (The Harmonizing Of A World – https://deannehampton.com/archives/17007) It will shape shift and settle in deeper every time as your cells remember this new living consciousness. This January 19th webcast is a strong foundation for the year ahead – and a YEAR IT WILL BE!!! We are so fortunate to BE HERE NOW, to be waking up and remembering and reuniting and EMPOWERED to CREATE A NEW REALITY. NOW! In honor of those that came before us ~ and as a promise to those that will come after us. There are several key points this year in which the Higher Realms will OVER RIDE and REWRITE the old. What a blessing. I look forward to sharing these experiences of NEW with you, and you, and you… my family of the Deep Heart.


New Human Global Unity Meditations: February 2, 9, 16, 23
8:11am, 11:11am and 5:11pm eastern

2/2/20 Powerful Opening in the field, feel the RISE, be with your intentions in stillness.

February New Human – 2/16/20, 11:11am eastern

MARK YOUR CALENDARS NOW – those of you who know this energy and intention, carry a deep devotion to it which I so appreciate. Share that experience and bring a friend – let’s CREATE A MOVEMENT. I AM IN, ARE YOU??

2/22/20 Powerful Opening in the field, feel the RISE, be with your intentions in stillness.

Love and so much gratitude,
DeAnne, the Shining Ones, Martin Luther King Jr and the infinite many who stand in this river of ONENESS.💞

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7 comments on “Where Do We Go From Here
  1. joyfuljudy says:

    Just finished reading what you wrote so well. Interesting to hear that you were the only child, in your family, to be bussed.

    I feel fortunate that I was not taught prejudice by my parents. My Dad grew up poor here in Stockton and probably had Black friends. As a child my friends-across the street-were Native American. I had not idea that there was prejudice against them until my 7th grade teacher made racist comments to that regard. I so wanted to yell at him.

    Congrats on creating The Academy in Asheville. I’m pleased that it is still going.

    Here in Stockton, CA we have at least 74 different cultures/races represented. For the first time we have a Black mayor (whom I voted for). I refer to Stockton as our Little United Nations.

    I’m astounded that 70% of the white people have never had a conversation with Black person. I’m sure glad I’m not one of them. I love living here in Stockton and on my block with so many different cultures/races represented. I was recently told that Stockton is the most diverse city in the nation. I have not verified that but sure hope/intend that it is true.

    I feel we are indeed looking at the last gasp of racism.

    Mankind is ascending and so many changes are on the horizon.

    Thanks for the article that you wrote. Thanks for caring so deeply.


  2. shari says:

    Thank you for Being a Truthteller, for your vision and voice.
    You may want to share these resources:
    White Awake (for white identified people, many resources to examine and clear racism within/without).
    Ta-Nehisi Coates books: Between the World and Me and The Water Dancer.
    Another powerful voice is Brittney Cooper , her book, Eloquent Rage.

    • DeAnne says:

      A high compliment Shari ~ Thank you and gratitude, as well, for sharing these resources for folks to check out and get into! Love to you xo

  3. Nikki says:

    Aha, yes DeAnne! This is the beautiful song that I was talking about! Yes it’s time. Imagine if we were all together, unified, loving everyone and everything thing we do. So much potential for us.! Love!

    • DeAnne says:

      SO MUCH potential, indeed Nikki! Being able to spend time with and join together with folks from around the planet such as you makes the idea of Unity and loving unconditionally a reachable quest. Love you – hugs to Hannah too! 😍

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