And The People Shall Rise, Part 2

And the world slowed down. The people became still and turned within where imagination is strong. They used the gift of time to do things they have always wanted to do; read good books, create new recipes with love and appreciation for where the food came from and who it is being prepared for. They made up songs and sang songs and told long forgotten stories that now have the space to be remembered. They shared beloved fairy tales from their childhood and became inspired to create new fairy tales to reflect an evolving world. They unplugged and got to know themselves in new ways and sat with gratitude in the consciousness of the heart where there is wisdom far and beyond any of the world’s challenges. They prayed and meditated and deepened their connection to the Earth. In this new rhythm of life, the people began to think differently and heal themselves and imagined how they might become a new hero in a different story of humanity. They made new choices and dreamed new dreams and created new ways to live and heal the Earth, as they themselves had been healed.

Imagination = I-Magi-Nation
We are a nation of Seers!

Dear New Human Family,

It has been less than a week since my last sharing here… And The People Shall Rise ( I have felt and surrendered to and continue to embody a profound level of TRUTH and understanding about this time for humanity and earth. It is so important that we stay IN our knowing, finding the peace and understanding we need from our own wisdom and center. A wise master once said, “and the truth shall set you free.” We certainly don’t have control over the narrative OUT THERE, but we do have every control over the inner narrative – what it is telling us, what it reaches to or clings to, what it discerns and decides to toss.

There is so much swirling! And far greater than the deluge of news and media, the varying theories tying the virus to political agendas, to 5G and the massive radiation umbrella we are under as a result of this technology, to the deep state government and to an inevitable economic crash. Far above and profoundly present than all these “what ifs” – is a greater swirl of wisdom, of intelligence and communication that is lending itself to this current thrust of humanity into a very new and different unknown on this planet. AS YOU ARE STILL – as you can LET GO within this current chaos and pull yourself away from all the media information (technocracy – better referred to as technocrazy)… the more a very different ENERGY will find the necessary space within you and life as you know it, to enter in with higher Truths.

How you source your energy is how you source your life.

First and foremost, we have to have peace, we cannot figure this out from fear. When I am in the woods, everyday – I get lifted up and filled with so much more information, new light intel and so much NEW thought! Intentional TIME WITH THE EARTH each day will reset you again and again to keep your field clear.

WE MUST TAKE CARE WITH OUR ENERGY – what we are taking into our psyches… this virus consciousness is likened to a HUGE dark bottomless drain that is sucking everything and everyone into it that it can. There is a great magnification of the evolving and devolving spiral of our spiritual journey present – but we must BE PRESENT to both experiences and choose consciously what is lifting. This is a time when we can really begin to understand ourselves and the world around us AND this virus – through energy rather than data gathered with the mind.

I would consider that the fact “they” keep changing the story about the virus as a red flag. Telling us that a person can be symptom free and still have the virus – just another layer of FEAR and more invitation to mass confusion. The idea is to keep the people confused, to Divide and Conquer. It is also telling us that we don’t have the inner instinct and intuition to know our bodies and what is going on and what we need – again this energy, this imbalance is doing its best to pull us out of our center. When we are IN the mind, in worry and thought – we are vulnerable. When we are truly present and IN OUR CENTER – we are powerful beyond measure.

You are a Vibrational Being

Being human is but a tiny fragment of who you are as energy, as consciousness and Light. Energy is Life-force. It is the very thing that breathes you. It connects us all in eternal and powerful ways. We have, as a species, been plunged into a great unknown. Guess what? THIS IS THE GIFT. Because it not only gives us the opportunity, but demands that we KNOW OUR OWN FREQUENCY. The moment you “feel” something off or odd – note that. If something feels foreign, uncomfortable, if you feel your energy lower in vibration – do not accept it into your field and space. YOU ARE A SOVEREIGN BEING, you get to decide what you allow into your body, your mind, your heart and spirit.

I was so grateful and happy that the Wednesday tailgate market remained open last week. It looked a bit different, unusual steps and precautions were taken because of the “immanent threat” looming  – but the vendors were there, we were able to support them and participate in a bit of normalcy. One of the vendors I visited makes local, seasonal kombucha!! BIG FAN of kombucha, so medicinal and healing. The vendor was sharing (via words, not samples!) about a new seasonal flavor combining dandelion and kudzu! Mind you many people were standing around within ear shot. I said, “oh, I love dandelion, it is great for the liver.” And the vendor responded with, yes – this is a liver tonic and (with a bit of gravity added) it is also good for fighting viruses! And I immediately, without thought, instinctively stated that I do not get viruses – but would love to try this Dandelion Kudzu Elixer!A few laughed, more just stared, not knowing how to respond.

So, a few things to note here, expand it out into your environment and ongoing experience. This market environment was already “set up” with precaution and concern (ie fear) around the coronovirus. So the CONSCIOUSNESS and ENERGY of the virus was not only present – it also had opportunity to enter into any forms that were not self aware. Self Awareness is a powerful defense. In addition to the setting – in this shared moment above, words were spoken that suggested we needed extra protection against something unknown; the virus. The two most powerful agents to render a human helpless and willing to turn over its power and ability to THINK for itself are #1 Fear of Death and #2 Fear of the Unknown. In simple words spoken to an already vulnerable audience, the consciousness of the virus was inserted. And yet, I do not believe myself vulnerable to outside forces. I know my own frequency. It is my power to decide what I do and do not allow in. And I stated as such, to those listening. Perhaps a seed was planted.

She remembered who she was ~ and the game changed.

Here are some words of wisdom to breathe into as New Humans: *Every new bit of information  – don’t just take it in as truth – take a breath, close your eyes, and ask, does this ring true? FEEL if the information resonates with your personal frequency. This is your power – this is the Divine Feminine Embodiment – no more “emperor with no clothes” reality. It is time to call the shadow out, to speak up when fear is present. Because if fear is present, so is illusion, Untruth! *Whatever you read, consider that you are reading NOT TO LEARN something you do not know, so much as to discern what your role to play is in what is being distributed. ESPECIALLY if it is disseminating fear. Asking what your role is in ANY situation strengthens your spine (central column of light), it infuses you with purpose, as one with a role to play, as ONE WHO KNOWS.

Additionally, whatever you are viewing or taking in as information or SHARING –  you gotta ask yourself, “is this truly helpful?” And the way to know that is by how your energy feels! Because, if it sends you into the mind and lowers your energy with “what if” – then it is not helpful. That energy, your energy, is affecting the whole planet at the time and we must stay as optimistic and knowing as possible. If you can be neither, BE STILL. FEEL-EXPERIENCE-LET GO – this will take a little time to get use to because most people are not paying attention to their own unique vibration.This is a THING YOU CAN DO!!!

   Determining to live in the WHAT IS, versus the WHAT IF.

I was running trails this week, each day called to a new environment, invited to CLIMB and STRETCH who I AM and what I know! It’s extraordinary what can happen when we step outside our noisy, rushed lives and into the wild spaces that have been there for millennia. I have been consistently immersed in discovery and wonder, called by the energy of the vibrational world into deeper remembrance of existence, of timelessness, of greater truths and the frequency of a very profound love. It is innate in every human to find peace in the solitude of nature. Now, I live in the same 3D reality you do… one where if you flip the switch of any source of technology you have or perhaps just take a drive through the center of the city in which you live – there is a looming presence of what if? Where will all this lead? What does this mean for my future? How long can we all hang on? What if? What if? What if?

But as I sat on a giant rock overlooking an endless mountain range, ALL of it vibrating peace, ALL of it radiating Light – the Shining Ones reminded me to LIVE IN THE WHAT IS – NOT the What If? This emphasizes what I mentioned earlier, that human nature is not comfortable with the unknown. The unknown pushes fear to the forefront of minds already too busy and prone to distraction. Right now, in this moment… focus on the WHAT IS. You are safe. You are surrounded by family and friends. You have enough. You have a home and warmth and food to eat. You have your health. You love and are loved. WOW!!! I am sure you can add to this list, but the point is, the wisdom is, RIGHT NOW is all there is. THIS MOMENT is the only truth. In the present, NOW moment, energy is running vertical, a source that is ever new and responding to every circumstance with wisdom, strength and an eternal perspective on this world and the many beyond it. The more you can focus your consciousness on true existence, the more your frequency will be empowered to find greater solutions and fight back against what is truly and ultimately, a gross manipulation of power. Don’t look for what else is being taken away… look at what remains and CELEBRATE that – LIFT IT UP in your consciousness and heart.

My mind is a clear pool of water,
my heart is a chalice of Light.

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and remind yourself that you are a knower, that you see things clearly. This is a TRUTH that can be forgotten, but it can never be denied you. In each moment, there is both a devolving and evolving spiral all around and within you; an invitation to RISE – but also to be mislead and to defer your power. For many generations and eras of time on this planet – there has been a play for power. In just the last 2 decades we have witnessed (follow as energy) 9-11!!! after which George Bush instituted Homeland Security, the TSA (where they invade our space, more control in the guise of “we’re protecting you”) and the Patriot Act instituted right after – which gave the President and government more powers and surveillance privilege – then we had the 2008 financial crash – then Edward Snowden – (who was close to the director of NSA after 2008)  trying to expose all the surveillance going on!

I am not bringing this up for any other reason than to show the play of energy. Nothing happens in isolation. Nothing is happening TO us. There are no victims. EVERYTHING, as consciousness and energy, is trying to get our attention. And it really is about bringing the LIGHT back into power on our planet – and restoring balance for humanity and Earth. Yes, we are in quite a situation now – and the dark is presenting as ALL POWERFUL. As I mentioned in the previous post, it is no accident that China is at the center of this latest power play. They have millions of face recognition cameras, you literally cannot walk down the street without being recognized and tracked – this is planned in the West! I could go further into this…but what I am wanting to emphasize is that if we step back from the immediate and long term history of our world – out of ME and into I AM – both the dark AND the Light have been advancing on this planet for a long time. (Is it a coincidence that the newest human technology is referred to as 5G – at a time when the greater light is advancing our planet and species toward a new 5D grid?) And again, it is NOT about forces outside of us – it is how we are using the power and time that has been given to us!! The power, the wisdom and intelligence and SIGHT that is within each of us. I AM hooked up, YOU are hooked up, WE ARE HOOKED UP to something far greater and wiser than what appears to be unfolding at this time. BREATHE THAT IN!


I know a lot of people who are hyper focused on the radiation and role of 5G technology and BATS,  all related to this virus. Being concerned about this technology is legit! But I have said this before and I will say this again. This is NOT about the virus. And those pretending to care about us by imposing house arrest and closings of school and businesses… THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT US. It makes me weep to even say that a out loud – because I love this humanity and my consciousness really only understands Unity. So much does not add up. If our true concern right now is for the elder population – why not throw ALL of our resources and care, the nutrition and medication and comfort needed, AT THEM. Why isolate and quarantine everyone? This is the conversation we need to be having with ourselves, first!!! Our own inner wisdom and feeling nature. This empowers our frequency and shifts our energy from linear influence to vertical flow!! PURE SOURCE ENERGY!

What is incredibly important for you to understand is that we are not simply under a canopy of poison – we are EVERYTHING AND EVERYWHERE and much more vast in our presence on this Earth than we even entertain. NOTHING is more powerful or far reaching than the canopy of LIGHT that envelopes this planet and her sentient beings. So, we must start there in our thoughts – so that the wisdom takes us higher. We cannot out think, out maneuver or solve this problem in the same energy and belief as it was created. WE MUST RISE, not out of FEAR or what if… but out of an ungovernable understanding of WHO WE ARE. 


Can I just say… over the last week to week and a half… the ANIMAL KINGDOM has really stepped up its presence and communication and LOVE for us, the human creatures. One moment, I AM in a day in which everywhere I go, I see pileated woodpeckers. Always in pairs, so a balance of masculine and feminine energy, tapping away. Woodpeckers are nature’s drummers. They remind us to TAP OUT A NEW RHYTHM, our own unique rhythm. I even had one swoop down with a thud on my deck as I was meditating. I lifted up my eye pillow and it just sat there, wings outstretched, staring into me, making sure I was paying attention.

This morning, as I sit in sacred space to share with you here what needs to be shared… 2 white tailed deer sauntered by, looking right at me through the window at my desk and wagging their tales as if to say hi. DEER – gentle (divine feminine) luring into new adventure.

I shared about the regular bear encounters and their medicine in the first edition to this post.

Deeper still into this streaming of ‘in the moment’ consciousness, I got up to make a cup of Rose Cayenne Rasa – and as I stood at the kitchen sink, a small grey slate junco landed on a flimsy branch right in front of the window where I stood. As it bounced up and down on the branch in the wind – its soft feathers all ruffled – it stared right into me – I felt and received its gift. GREY SLATE JUNCO… a symbol of freedom, its voice carries the energy of Truth. Truth is evident everywhere spirit goes. sigh ~ The mountains are emanating ancient wisdom. The trees seem to all have halos… breathe deeply that you are EVERYWHERE and EVERYTHING and so much more than human.


If you are a worrier – this is opportunity to practice NOT worrying. BE CREATIVE – human ingenuity is a much under used gift – look around, reach out, do what you can to support and help and uplift others. I think about all the restaurant workers newly laid off – and then all the parents scrambling to figure out what to do with the kids. In my imagination – I wonder if there is not some way to connect those 2 needs. Just running the thought initiates the greater energy of creative problem solving we all must engage in at this time. My local salon, opened by an Asheville resident over 25 years ago and named after her daughter, just closed its doors. I was like, NO!! Wait! Ok, the governor said no more than 10 people… be creative, rotate the stylists, use your imagination focused in the needs of the moment. We must do what we can to keep everything on LIFE SUPPORT until the pendulum swings back to the Light – to freedom and more expansion, to breaking free again, richer and better and more unified than ever before.

YOU ARE ENCOURAGED to keep your focus LOCAL – on your present community. If we each help in small ways that we can – it creates a huge ripple effect of love and support magnifying the new grid. Another idea, USE YOUR VOICE. Write a piece for the local paper. People are DOING WHAT THEY ARE BEING TOLD. There is not much original, wait a minute, thought!! We are so conditioned to this very human tendency. This is not necessarily a time to do what we are told! 😉 I see great challenges ahead, but I also see the awakening of tremendous compassion and innovation. In these uncharted territories, we get to—and are forced to—write new stories. The world is changing. Inspiration is everywhere – it has never been so easy to connect, share and bring people together. We are learning from others and finding the best in ourselves. We are challenging our beliefs, sharing our vulnerability, overcoming our fears and transforming ourselves – so we can transform the world. How far can we go.?

*When you get stuck in what if – shift your thoughts to someone in more need and less supported than you – because they are out there.

*ARM YOURSELF WITH TRUTH – TRUTH will always vibrate with knowingness – with peace – with empowerment and LOVE. Anything else – leave it be. 

*I am feeling empowered – and a felt sense of Peace. I am getting a pure stream of inspiration, new light intel and data – just feeling that helps me to stay centered – even if I do not know the answers. In this moment. I trust that THIS place is where the answers will come from.

*Find what is right – celebrate small victories of spirit. Wicked Weed is a local brewery and eatery. Closed down with the rest of Asheville restaurants – they have set up a tent on the sidewalk with their Wicked Weed merchandise and a sign that reads CURB SERVICE for take out. I saw that and smiled – envisioning other local restaurants doing the same. Support your local merchants as you can with take out etc. What did Mother Theresa say about doings small things with great love. In each moment that we let someone know they are not alone – we are no longer alone. This is UNITY in Action.

*If you are out, make sure and look at people and smile, sending them reassuring energy. Let them know you see them, that they are not invisible, that they are not being forgotten and sucked into something they cannot get out of ( I mean it is timeless wisdom that if you feel bad – help someone else). I came out of the market yesterday and this hispanic couple was sitting in their car. Actually, they were there when I pulled up to go into market. And still sitting there when I returned. The woman had her wallet out. She and her husband just had the numb energy of worry, being lost in thought and perhaps, “what it”? I made a point as I got into my car, to not only LOOK at them, which got their attention, but I smiled and waved. “I SEE YOU. You are going to be ok. Love is ever present.”

*All the music I have been listening to has been speaking directly to my heart and my courage and my inner strength  – spirit will do that, the light will find innumerous ways to remind you that everything is ok. We must stay in our center and not get pulled into this vacuum.

Today’s mighty oak is just yesterday’s nut
that held its ground!

If you are noticing a smaller appetite, pay attention to what your body is preparing space for. And remember to breathe. We have to feel this, ALL of this! We have to feel our own fears, feel one another deeply, feel the Earth, feel the light AND the dark; to know the Truth of who we are. We are NOT powerless! We are vibrational beings. We are energy. A very old story is playing itself out. But the new story has already been written. Can you get still enough and centered in your heart enough to align with that new? Learning how to be at peace with the stillness, with not knowing, taking the time to just be, realigning yourself with nature, practicing patience, a chance to center your thoughts. What are you centering your thoughts on right now? What are those thoughts connected to? Where are they coming from?

Additionally, be really present when drinking water. With appreciation and gratitude and LOVE, imagine taking liquid light into your cells, infusing your body with crystalline energies.

It all begins with Self Love

I am going to love my self more, take care of my body. I am going to ask often, what do I need right now? I give myself permission to not know, and to even be afraid if I need to. But I will then remind myself that there is NOTHING to fear. That I AM ok. I will live ONLY in this moment. I Am going to create an outer environment that reflects my love of my Self. And I will invite the Mother in, this Divine Feminine that is the NEW POWER and undefeatable life-force on this planet. I will remain alert to stress and say NO THANK YOU – because it is a frequency incompatible with my light. I AM sleeping on average 9 hours a night, because I run a lot of energy during the day by remaining hooked up to things much higher and more advanced than 5G!! Each night, and I offer this to you if it resonates, each night, I intend as I lay my body down that it be rejuvenated and restored to balance as I sleep, that my mind be cleared of thought and old belief and filled with wisdom to help me in my waking reality – and that my heart be healed and expanded to hold ALL of this Now.

The New Human, Ancient to Future Remembrance

Since The New HUman was written in 2005, I have been devoted to sharing this new consciousness and energy. The New Human Transmissions have been running for a dozen years on behalf of a new earth, a 5D human experience and the embodiment of Divine Feminine Light. I would like to keep doing so, and that is my intention. On behalf of that intention, I AM offering all my services @ a 20% discount. A chakra reading and balancing session at this time would be a valuable support, for example. This is an opportunity to know what is going on with your ENERGY and how to begin a new relationship with your energy, which you can then infuse into your life. This and other services you will find under its own tab on my website! 

Additionally, because it is important to me to be available to everyone, whatever their circumstance… if you would like to run some personal energy with me and the Shining Ones via a call – for a DONATION that is comfortable in your now, just send me an email and we can set something up! 

Take advantage of the vast resources on DeAnne Live – the meditations, the hundreds of archived transmissions – all of which carry and vibrate this new energy, will recenter you in an instant. Work with what you’ve got, trust where and WHO you are in this very intense reality moment on our earth. 

Joining Hearts and Hands In Ancestral Twine

I AM sharing with you here a POWERFUL moment with Xavier Rudd. Another “new human”, so awake and centered in a greater wisdom. I have seen him live and the energy he shares through his music both lifts you and humbles you to your knees. This song is about a Spirit that has always walked beside us, beside our ancestors, into battle, into the lies and greed – walks beside us STILL. He encourages us to soldier on, to rally with our brothers and sisters – that this ever present Spirit is in the rocks and trees and the air we breathe. Yes, this current shadow of separation, we have seen before… but we have the wisdom of the ages within us to heal and overcome and LOVE. Listen well and deep – his wisdom is from a very deep well. 

Remember to Breathe ~ Remember you are Loved and Powerful beyond measure.
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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  1. shari landau says:

    Thank you for this transmission. Thank you for your Voice, Power, Wisdom, Love.

  2. Mahala says:

    Thank you for putting into words what I have been feeling and sensing. I resonate very deeply with this transmission. My heart is filled. Many blessings to you and all. Love, Mahala

  3. Charles Carruthers says:

    Once again, thank you, DeAnne… ;).

    • DeAnne says:

      Gratitude Shari, Mahala and Charlie for stopping by and sharing your energy here. We are ALL SO CONNECTED and remembering how POWERFUL we are. Yes, indeed, time to USE OUR VOICE in small and great ways – allowing our deep vibratory energy to penetrate this illusion and create new paths to journey for the many! AHO!

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