Standing Strong In Your Spiritual Identity

Hello Beloveds,

I feel such gratitude to be a part of this community! Even if I do not hear from you personally, I feel you and know you are there. Thank-you for the Light and intention you carry, thank-you for remaining in calm and centered response to the Global Spiritual Event humanity is now experiencing, thank-you for staying off media and only sharing information with your circles that has a balance of science and intuition, that reflects a consciousness of UNITY and that acknowledges the NEW ENERGY and primary influence present on our planet at this time; Divine Feminine.

We live in a time of sophisticated technologies and research and this world is rich with highly intelligent human minds. However, we also live in a time of great spiritual awakening, of accelerated timelines, solar and cellular activity and of greater numbers of humans stepping back from the unconscious wheel and questioning lifestyle practices and global imbalances that no longer resonate with expanding interior life. What is being referred to as the Coronovirus is both a predicted and purposeful GLOBAL event on our planet. ANY teachers and experts that are addressing it as simply a virus, educating about the viral (medical/scientific/masculine) aspects are reflecting just ONE, very narrow stream of consciousness and energy in comparison to the profound intelligence, purpose, timing and potential outcome of this event. So, please, TAKE CARE with what you are watching and sharing – and really ask yourself questions about what you are resonating with, and why! You are far wiser and capable of discerning this virus and your role in its presence than any one person or organization that is instilling fear, to any degree, and is running an imbalance of masculine energy without the inclusion of higher light frequencies and purpose.

BREATHE THAT IN ~ And Breathe out!

I can say that each day, and perhaps even many times a day, I feel more centered and more clear and FURTHER REMOVED from where this virus is vibrating, and why! And everyday, I feel the occasional tug on my field from the consciousness of this virus, to pull me out of my center. I share this to emphasize that AS a Global event and with the degree of FEAR being created, disseminated and maintained – WE MUST BE INCREDIBLY vigilant and attuned to the greater purpose and understanding of this event. I have witnessed and then supported light-workers that understand about the manipulation of and trance like qualities that fear wields STILL get sidetracked with their intentions and lives as they momentarily acquiesce to its influence! We were made for times like these, yet we must not take for granted what we are up against!

To do that – we must know our own energy and have a strong foundation of Self. THIS will be the focus of the transformational energies streaming on the 4/4 transmission of this NEW Consciousness and Energy. Please set that day aside for very centering, vibrationally enriching activities and environments. There are many Global Meditations happening that day – I AM including a link to one that I support and plan to participate in. My guidance was equally strong and clear to run the energies of the New Human that day, as well, because of the massive configuration of energies present and the vibration of the day as a catalyst point for the 2020 energies overall.

Our trust in, devotion to, and adherence to the higher realms of light (which is ultimately a trust in our Selves) is essential at this time. We must be unwavering in building an army of LOVE, of TRUTH and a body of LIGHT on this planet now more than at any other time – because NOW is the time.

Equally so, I felt strongly to share with you the following video and information! This is an example of marrying the masculine with the feminine ~ of caring about and speaking to ALL people, meeting them where they are – not just with medical, scientific and well researched data about the virus, but with accessible and simple supports to EMPOWER YOUR BODY to do what it is naturally designed to do. Namely, LIVE!! Dr. Andrew Saul is the real deal!  I also value Sayer’s intention and the Regenerate Project, if that resonates with you. I really suggest watching this more than once – so that it goes deeper than the mind. You will likely feel good, uplifted, empowered after watching this – (a sign NEW ENERGY is present) like “ok, this is a battle I can fight – and without fear.” But it also shines light on the level of censorship and control happening that is NOT in the best interest of the people. So good stuff.

I love you all SO much – I AM SO GRATEFUL to BE HERE NOW. Remind yourself again and again and again, We are meant to BE HERE NOW, we have all the wisdom, all the resource and power, ALL THAT WE NEED to RISE STRONG above this challenging, challenging time. Keep ALL your brothers and sisters of LIGHT, the human family in your hearts, your prayers and your intentions that ALL shall be well and free.

Dr. Andrew Saul and Sayer Ji discuss Vitamin C, Coronavirus, and Censorship

New HUman Transmission – A NEW FOUNDATION!
Saturday, 4/4/20 – 11:11am eastern.

Ascension Timeline Meditation 4/4/20

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6 comments on “Standing Strong In Your Spiritual Identity
  1. Judy A Wollam says:

    Thank you for sharing this, DA. I understand better now about the need for balanced energies

  2. JONATHAN says:

    On New Years Day you took me and my beloved Shari into one of your vibrating forests. It was rejuvenating and set the stage for the beginning of a deeper en-LIGHT-en-MENT.
    Yes, my MENTal body is being flooded with eternal LIGHT. The ARMY of love that you vision is what we need and all (whether we are aware of it or not) want. Thank you DeAnne for your dedication to deepening and to humanity.

    • DeAnne says:

      DEAREST Jonathan, When I met you I saw a very shiny human with a beautiful heart. I feel the tour, areas, energies we went on that day were to help peel back whatever was covering that up! What a different reality we are in in THIS moment!! I AM so grateful for that time together and that you are feeling more centered and powerful in sharing your light and wisdom! GRATITUDE for that and love to you and Shari 🙏💞

  3. Mark says:

    Much love to you all. I saw this gem in the news yesterday and well…. had to share it.
    Some of you might of heard of a 4 year old girl who was lost in the woods for 48 hours in Lee County Alabama. This, according to those who found her and the little girl herself was her experience:
    “I figured after two nights alone in the woods, she would be panicked and distraught and crying,” Colonel Casey said, adding that instead, Vadie had exclaimed, “Oh, I can’t wait to tell my mommy about my two nights out here.”
    “She was just talking, talking, talking,” he said.
    Jay Jones, the Lee County sheriff, said that other than some scratches and dehydration, Vadie was in good condition.
    “She made a couple of comments to the effect of, ‘Why are there so many people in the woods?’” he said.

    The woods just loved her and took her in!

    • DeAnne says:

      Hi Mark, look at you noticing the mountain news from way on the other side of the pond!! Yes, I saw that story – it is PERFECT to share here at this time. Thank you for thinking to do that – and as I am sure you were thinking, I feel loved and taken in by the woods every single day!! Sending you a hug and WELL wishes in part of the world!❣️🌎

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