Finding Flow ~ April On The Horizon

Hey all you beautiful people. I hope you are feeling strong and confident in the clarity of these current events.

Everyday – I feel a strong foundation of being SO in Love with this now, of feeling SO much gratitude. This is the first time in a long history of events and eras for our humanity when  – it is like the projector that is throwing the imagery of the matrix up on the screen of this time has malfunctioned – the wheel caught a cog and unconscious life is left looking in the mirror of itself.

Humanity is being forced to STOP and recognize that much of our world is built on a false foundation. Yesterday, 3/26, I felt a a new and deeper sense of calm in the greater field around us. It had no name or definition, it just was. Kinda like the eye in the storm. It was a very real and palpable energy and for me, further strengthened my capacity to remain very centered and clear about what is happening in our world.

We must remain centered in this greater Truth. The current events out-picturing in our world are an invitation to align with a greater truth and also to observe and feel the quality and strength of your own inner foundation. There is something truly profound occurring on this planet at this time. It is so much bigger than where so much of the collective consciousness is focused. I know for myself, I am learning so much about this current humanity and time – and in so doing, understanding and trusting a higher consciousness and wisdom in ways I have never experienced before.

Let me reassure you strongly – the Light is shining brightly over and within this current event. I TRUST that, if you are reading this, you are continuing to stay off media. The news feeds are no more than a psychic net of confusion, imbalance and ignorance. I can say with all confidence from personal experience, that you will continue to be IN-formed with all the clarity and wisdom you need about this virus and its nature, as you listen to the still small voice within. AS you trust your Self and tune into the higher channels of awareness and care that are present. For those of you with young ones at home… make what is happening in your own home safe and warm versus focusing so much on the world.

Make heroic efforts to BE OUTSIDE, in nature. Imagine a global “sit in”, on the EARTH, aligning yourself with HER wisdom, her healing capacities, her resiliency and beauty. I AM sharing with you here a couple of moments from my morning run. While much of the world is plunged into a petrified fear state – everyday I AM called deeper and higher into “unknown” nature, trusting the energy that is guiding me, not thinking about where I AM going or where I will end up. I AM very aware that as I follow the energy of the vibrational world, I AM in the process of “gridding” a new foundation, within and without. It is quite powerful and surreal. For me, there is no other Truth. I feel held by the Earth in ways unshakeable by the worlds vicissitudes. Breathe that in.

I texted a friend the photo below as I sat in the early morning stillness, high above everything! She texted me back and said, “it’s beautiful!!” Clearly and undeniably. What is not evident in the photo is the extreme effort, physically, it took to get UP to this spot. That along with the evident beauty, this nature is also fierce and unrelenting. And in that moment of felt dichotomy – my awareness zoomed out to the greater dynamics of spiritual life and the quest for meaning. 

There IS only Love. It is a Love powerful enough and expansive enough to hold ALL consciousness and energy in its wisdom, in its care. This love is both beautiful and unconditional – yet equally fierce and unrelenting in its desire to be known fully. To be remembered and returned to, again and again. IT is an all – inclusive Love. No thing, no circumstance or event, no person or emotion exists – outside of this Love. It is an energy, an intelligence and FORCE that can transform lives and world, in an instance.The only thing asked of us, in our human form, in return, is that we be as devoted to this frequency of LIFE, as it is to us. 

April Events Unfolding;

Global Unity Meditations: 3/29, 4/5, 4/12. 4/19. 4/26

You are invited to tune into both the strong center of these gatherings that are now in their 4th year… as well as, the essence of community and unified intent. The interconnected web of technology in our world has nothing on the interconnected unity we share as beings of consciousness, energy and Love. When our minds are elevated and our vision strong, we have the capacity to influence current events and outcomes in powerful ways. Come with your knowingness, come with your Truth, come lend your presence to highest outcome for all.

New HUman Global Unity Meditations: 3 different times to choose from every Sunday:

Saturday 4/4, 11:11am – New HUman April Transmission!
NOTE THE CHANGE in day of the week!
April is a powerful SHIFT POINT for our world – I AM guided to run the transformational energies this month within the 4/4 energetic! Even if you cannot make the LIVE event – the archive will still carry that vibration and intention.

Just a little over a week out – the rate of CHANGE and ACCELERATION of the Light is so strong and exacting at this time – MUCH can change. Still, I will focus on the TRUER NATURE of this current reality and the very real initiative of this current global event to awaken us to a new and more powerful foundation, within.

Theme: A New Foundation
Meditation: Digging Deep

Tuesday, 4/7 – FULL PINK MOON! Named after a wild ground phlox recognized as the first flower of Spring… this Full Moon at THIS TIME, also vibrates the color and consciousness of pink quartz. Love, commitment and compassion are predominant in this intentionally placed moon right before Easter. Center yourself in it clarity and power.

Sunday, April 12th – EASTER SUNDAY.
Never before have earth and cosmic events been so aligned in the energy and intention of RISE!! All cultural and religious implication aside, this time, this intention, this focus for individual and collective human consciousness, is about RESURRECTION and VICTORY. Something being reborn. Something returning with greater message, greater gift, in a purer state. That which has been redeemed. This is a time for deep reflection and embodied wisdom. Energy follows thought. Use your considerable powers of consciousness to imbue the collective focus on this day toward a NEW FOUNDATION for this Humanity.

Monday – Friday, April 20th – 24th! Energy Renewal In The Mountains Retreat! 

AND THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN! The “new humans” already registered for this event, including those currently in a “lock down” state – have all reinforced their intentions and LOVE toward BEING HERE NOW and continue to hold the space for this gathering. There really is no more powerful way to strengthen your connection to a greater Truth, understanding and purpose – than immersing yourself in beautiful, refined nature spaces. I AM REALLY PROUD of these new humans – and invite anyone else who has not already registered to JOIN US – join our efforts to honor the Earth Mother and align fully with 5D Earth and a consciousness that expands way out beyond this human moment of decision. We will climb, we will pray, we will expand our hearts, we will immerse ourselves in crystalline waters, we will SEE one another and hold each other up, we will chant and om for the whole of humanity – and reinforce our powerful connection to EVERYTHING.

Earth Day, not coincidentally, falls in the middle of this renewal week; 4/22! This is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day – the theme this year is CLIMATE ACTION. So, we will lend our considerable ACTION and INTENTION to this greater need and purpose. UNITY in ACTION. Empowering ourselves to empower others.

Energy Renewal In The Mountains –

For additional supports:

A few words of wisdom in the days and weeks ahead:

*It is infinitely more important to pay attention to the state of consciousness with which we meet a situation, then the actual event.

*We were made for times like these. Our bodies are designed to overcome and thrive – as is our spirit. 

Rest your thoughts, your awareness and energy on these “new human” understandings. Come and join me where you are able. You are ALWAYS in my heart – we are ONE LOVE, united on the behalf of the many, in this time of GREAT CHANGE.

Love to ALL, Love IS All.
DeAnne, the Shining Ones and the Earth Mother 🌎❤️ 🙏

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4 comments on “Finding Flow ~ April On The Horizon
  1. Judy A Wollam says:

    Just finished reading your entry. Had to look up the meaning of vicissitudes. Thanks for posting. I’m planning to join the Unity meditation this Sunday and listen to your monthly broadcast on the 4th.

    Heidi said she was feeling better this morning. Turns out she has been taking a lot of Advil. We told her to change to Tylenol but she only just did that 2 days ago. Her son recently sent he an article about the importance of not taking Advil.

    I’m also planning to join a world wide meditation on the 4th at 7:45 AM my time.

    • DeAnne says:

      I totally understand Judy, sometimes when I am streaming a word that is not typically in my vocab will come thru and I will go look it up just to make sure I heard correctly! 😉 In the material world (3D) we are constantly “on the hook” for being pulled OUT of center and into change directed AT us… ie the world’s vicissitudes. I like it for this instance. I will run JUST THE OPPOSITE ENERGY in the transmission on 4/4 – building a strong and NEW foundation within so that we are not subject to the ongoing imbalance in the world of form.

      Good to hear Heidi is “having new thoughts” – as you know as a new human – ultimately any OTC drug is an adverse effect on the light body and cellular upgrades. There are homeopathic options for whatever she is having symptoms around… which strengthens the body’s natural healing abilities. More awareness to consider! xo

  2. Mercy says:

    Thank you for this beeutuful 🐝 sharing DeAnne.
    So lovely & comforting how your consciousness expresses **
    I’m saturating the media with Loving Light to relinquish fear mongering & replace with releasing into Compassionate Truth ~

    • DeAnne says:

      Gratitude Mercy 🙏 so lovely to hear from your here! And YOU GO new human with that intention and power to influence the control and imbalances being rolled out daily. I celebrate you doing so!! Even if 80% (for example) of the planet is still in unawareness and fear – the light of the 20% who carry their light strong and are AWAKE in consciousness and energy – is significantly more powerful in influence. SHINE ON – and big thank you for sharing this work!💞

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