And The People Shall Rise, Part 4

Between stimulus and response there is a space.
In that space is our power to choose our response.
In our response lies our growth and our freedom.

Victor Frankyl

In the center of my Being,
in the center of this Light,
in the center of all chaos
is the power and wisdom of LOVE.

The most important thing we want to be asking ourselves, ONGOING, in this Global Spiritual Event – is WHAT IS MY ROLE IN THIS? Breathe that in! Write yourself notes to place as reminders ALL OVER YOUR HOME. When the mind starts to spin, or rubbernecks at all the FEAR DRIVEN MEDIA being pummeled at us from a myriad of directions – redirect that mental frenzy to your own inner voice and intuitive instinct; WHAT IS MY ROLE ( as a spiritual being) IN THIS? This automatically empowers you from a higher perspective and wisdom, this shifts your energy vertical – out of time, into Divine Mind. There is SO MUCH we don’t know, are not being told and allowed access to – SO MUCH that is being continually manipulated and driven by greed and the desperate need to control. What we really want to be paying attention to is the Field, to energy ~ both our own and the greater Field of Consciousness and Energy on our planet.

Friday, there was a decided maneuver from the factions on this planet that want to stay in power. All along, for going on 2 months now, they have been stripping the people of control, of power, of the ability to think for themselves and to make conscious, discerning decisions. The crux of the moment we are in NOW, is that the more power we give them ( by giving up the ability to think for ourselves) the more power they will continue to take. We must first have this awareness and be undeterred, to have a strong center that will not be swayed by untruths. This is where we continue to ask, what is my role in this?? We would not be on this planet at this time, awake, in heart consciousness, aware of our connection to higher forces and accepting of our role as representatives of worlds beyond this one ~ without Knowing ! We are here VERY purposefully, just as this strategic move of the old masculine regime on this planet, via a virus, is purposeful. We have the resources, the intelligence and wisdom and frequency available, to LIFT the world we have come to love and live in, above the persuasion and influence of FEAR.

My sincere intention is that those reading this and aligning with the energies here have moved beyond any concern or fear of the virus. That is an essential and first step! This virus is not where, as Light workers and conscious, aware beings, our focus needs to be. THAT is the distraction. We must be looking at and focusing our energy, our consciousness, our heart and wisdom on the bigger picture ~ the future of our world. This is but a greater, more imperative and necessary redirect of our human choices and behaviors toward independent, grassroots, LOCAL structures and AWAY from any and all corporate structures. We must stop willingly, knowingly, feeding the beast. Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, has made 76 billion dollars since the shut down began!

Yes, Amazon is a huge convenience and yes, it is providing jobs to thousands, but it is moving us, the people, in the wrong direction. AWAY from sustainability and independent life for the citizens of the world and toward more corporatization and monopoly. I have an Amazon membership, but I will not be renewing in August. I have not eaten at chain restaurants in decades. I bank local. I buy gas from small, independent dealers. I buy local food and support as many local organizations as I can ~ keeping my “corporate footprint” small and untethered. I have an acquaintance that works at Whole Foods (now owned by Amazon) and she was so excited and motivated that all Amazon and Whole Foods employees were given a $2 an hour raise when this crisis hit, as well as, offering overtime to keep those snarled wheels turning. And all I could do was wince internally, my intuitive antenna on high alert, at what cost this “generosity” was coming with.

On the New Human Transmissions during this crisis, we have been shining light on the current influence of Frequency Baring Technology in our world, on our planet. Technology – ie, a Global Smart Grid, is what is allowing all of this to happen. Remember when I told you that my internet connection (drop down menu on my computer) had been changed to 5G without my awareness – and that I had changed it back. It took several weeks, but it automatically defaulted to a 5G connection again! This is not ok. This is alarming, at best.

Recently, ALL of the State Parks have been closed down with signs saying they will not reopen til mid August!! Something else is going on!! We must be paying attention to this and QUESTIONING these decisions and those in power to make them. Not only will this GREATLY affect local economy and ban people from healthy resources in their lives… there is an even greater concern going on in that, there are power plays underway to privatize Federal land for the use of Telecommunications!

What is being rolled out in the guise of protection, with a virus (and fear) at its center – is actually something much more threatening than the virus. Something else is going on. In addition to the analogy of the Emperor With No Clothes (something being presented as one thing, when it is something else entirely), I have also been feeling an aspect of the Great Oz – this all powerful entity that supposedly is taking care of the land and its people… only to find out there is a little man behind the curtain creating the illusion of Omniscience!

#1 -can we identify the 1% – is it an OZ situation – what do we need to do to expose them? They are but human and they do not have the momentum of the Light on their side – they have illusion on their side – and that is OUR problem!

I must tell you that there is SO MUCH LOVE emanating from our planet and Cosmos – there is a giddy joy that can be felt, like a time has emerged that we have long awaited and are positioned to WAKE INTO and change the course of history!! I am feeling empowered – that I am getting a pure stream of inspiration, new light intel and data – just feeling that helps me to stay centered – even if I do not know the answers. In this moment. #2 I trust that THIS place is where the answers will come from. This new energy and awareness, connection and essence is available to everyone. The same clearing and space to BREATHE that the earth is currently experiencing due to the global halt of transport – so too, are we benefiting with greater clarity, more direct streams of guidance and connection to our Higher Self. While on the 3D level this sudden slowing down is creating fear and panic (justifiably so) about the state of the economy – it is also purposefully allowing our planet to anchor more fully into her 5D Light! To expand your awareness and calm your nervous system and see everything more clearly – remind yourself often – there is more than one event happening – that everything out-picturing in the material world with whatever 3D spin it is being given, the higher realms of light are present, active, participating and LIFTING IT ALL to highest good and greater outcome.

We cannot be just living our lives as usual – there is a Cosmic Clarion Call sounding that we all signed up for, awareness that we have direct access to – if we are out of our patterns and programs and comfort zone. Spiritually – THAT is the purpose of this forced stillness. I AM currently feeling such a profound sense of peace. With so many staying home in a forced time-out from busy, hectic, mostly survival driven lives, there is this BEAUTIFUL spaciousness, stillness in the Field around our planet that is allowing for more direct communication between our multidimensional selves and realities. The “feed” is more clear and direct, the ‘hook up’ more pure and unadulterated.

How are we responding, what are we doing with this time and gift we have been given? I know a lot of light workers who are on the front lines, moved to disseminate and share – thank you! I know many more who are determined to keep their reality as normal and unaffected as possible – the intention of keeping their own equilibrium – which is important. HOWEVER, we are each of us wired for Unity. There is an energy present, felt as something tapping us on the shoulder, a consciousness pushing up and out from within deep stagate interiors, needing us to RISE. If we just take time each day to sit in stillness with that awareness – we will feel a greater level of purpose and wisdom activating. We must be really vigilant in getting out of routine and comfort zones while TUNING IN to the over-lighted energy that is enlisting us to greater purpose.

Back to a central awareness in the video link below – I have listened to POWERFUL, TRUTH BASED videos over the past weeks meant to educate and empower the people. Those videos have since been CENSORED and removed. I would likely have shared the material – but it was gone that quickly. The links to these videos were even removed from my in-box – AND my history. This is the greater and more significant concern that the virus is distracting us from. This virus is distorting who we are! This is a learning moment! It is about power and ALSO about Knowing Who We Are. That is your power and protection! The greater portion of humanity is being moved around and manipulated like pieces on a game board. In that, in compliance and fear – they are susceptible to whatever the “powers that be” want to feed them.

I was driving home from Target – cars and people all about in varying degrees of consciousness under a brightly lit sky. I tuned in briefly to all these states of consciousness… my mind saw a vision of rays of manipulated frequency being beamed from the sky via satellite dishes like weapons of mass destruction. And yet, I drove knowing my car and person were safe from these measures of control and manipulation – that my KNOWING WHO I AM, was and is my protection. I encourage you to work with this visual in your meditation. That of chaos and various measures of harm in the field all around you… yet, you move freely, safely, without harm or influence from manipulation and lies. Why? Because you are NEEDED. Because you signed up to be conscious, aware, in a body and IN YOUR LIGHT on the planet at this time – to embody the Light as a FORCE in our world at this time.

You have all the wisdom you need to empower your Self and our world at this time. Use this time wisely and courageously by loving your Self, listening to your Self, creating with your Self, being inspired by your Self. I AM very fortunate to be in the midst of beautiful, enriched nature. This morning I “magically” forged a path through miles of briers, not a scratch on my body, to the top of a mountain where I sat on giant rocks with Bodhi and Jyoti. I looked at the density around me and marveled at how nonsensical it was that I sat in the spacious clearing – high above all the surrounding density and thicket. Metaphor anyone? It was like I got dropped in – or carried to this place, free from harm. The rocks held me. They vibrated deep tones of ancient wisdom into my being, tones that felt like home, tones of peace and well-being.

It does not matter where you are or what your nature setting – the Earth Mother is a powerful resource for you at this time. My spiritual earth journey led me to move to Germany withing the last decade! Yep, in the blink of an eye I found myself on the outskirts of the Black Forest, by myself, in a town that only spoke German. And what I did EVERYDAY, is set out on foot, through the town, following energy and my own inner compass, meandering through streets and down alleys and across creeks, sitting in a park, watching and listening to the spaces in-between the busyness. I felt PROFOUND connection to the Earth. I did not feel alone. We had conversation, she counseled me, she opened my heart and pineal to this learning curve on my path to Self. I share this to prompt your deep knowing that even if you are in a busy city environment with little nature – you can find a spot of Earth to lay your body on, to give your Whole Self to! That alone will raise your frequency into wisdom, clarity and protection from ANY density.

We have been building inner resource and awareness for over a decade now ~ for a “tune up” of ascension symptoms and diet to facilitate accruing more light, ongoing – spend some time in the 5D Forum on DeAnne Live. The light activating in our cells at this time is directing our actions and decision making toward Self Care and Self Love with great facility. (No thought and ease). The Light is on our side, all of life is for us! In the new timelines and 5D vibrations, you will feel a constant pivot of awareness toward what you need – body, mind and spirit – for your highest good in each moment. 

The video below and what I share is not about scaring people or FEAR – it is about EDUCATION. We must come out of this isolation EMPOWERED with more awareness and the willingness to step into greater responsibility. I talked about the connection between CHINA and the people protesting in the streets in the last months of 2019 – to the current phenomenon of this virus early on in the New Human transmissions. When we step back from what is out-picturing and view circumstances from stillness, we alter our perceptions of reality in powerful measure. 

Forces beyond your control
can take away everything you possess except one thing,
your freedom to choose how you will respond to the situation.
Victor Frankyl

Video: The best Coronovirus News You Have Heard All Month!

I would love to hear your feedback – on the site or in email. I feel we are ALL connected and sharing energy and light, wisdom and love all the time – this new human family. When I write, I see your faces and feel your energy – you are always in my heart. I AM sending you LOVE, PEACE, HARMONY and the remembrance always, of your Highest Good and the greater potential of our world.

To Life!
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

ONE MORE POWERFUL THING YOU CAN DO – New Human Global Unity Meditations!
Tomorrow and every Sunday!

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4 comments on “And The People Shall Rise, Part 4
  1. Judy A Wollam says:

    I just finished watching the video that you recommended. I understood most of it. I quite agree there is a bigger picture going on.

    I know that I incarnated at this time to be Lightworker and that I’m watched over.

  2. Michele says:

    Thank you once again for your eloquent words ♥️. You helped me to see more clearly & to feel more empowered. I had seen this video; truly admire Dana A. Sometimes with spiritually conscious light workers they come across as saying go with the flow and follow the guidelines that are put in place. I guess there is a balance because we need to be connected to our Source & not defiant so I do get confused. Glad to hear the warrior in you is ready ❣️ I am feeling the importance of my connection which is what matters most so that we know the right course of action. You helped to validate so much of what I’m seeing/learning. Fellow sister in the light (1/22), I thank you. Oh one more thing. I am confused about where you’re living now. Germany or NC? Lol

    • DeAnne says:

      HAHA – I appreciate you pointing that out Michelle, most of the time there is a LOT going on in my field and I do my best to share a refined stream of all that intel. So, the “Germany Experiment” via my DeAnne aspect only last a month!! However, I did not know that going in – and was ALL IN in the preparation and release of all things Asheville. But when I got there, the greater purpose and clarity of WHY I moved to Germany was made clear… and I got to come back “home” -t o Asheville! I have lived here 25 years in August – with a few sidebars and excursions along the way. 😛 THANK YOU for taking a moment to share… your presence and energy is valued – it is powerful to feel the greater connection and family we all have. As far as the “balance” – be still and know, trust your inner voice and instinct… it is important to do what YOU FEEL ~ an example of this would be I AM not wearing a face mask – the employees of our stores are required, it is a choice for the average person. I do know there are some places that do not allow you to shop unless you wear a mask. So, in a situation where something is mandated and you don’t have a choice, wear the mask but be aware of your energy, stay light, know you are free, smile and shine your light to those you encounter – and maybe when you get back home, thank the mask or yourself for the role its playing…meditate on the experience you just had with all the humans complying and most in fear… send the whole experience light – continue to ask what your role is in that and the greater SHIFT underway in our world. Love to you Michelle 💞

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