Truth and Being True

As I reflect on the above image, feeling the wonder and love,
I think to myself, I cannot believe I stood in that moment.
And very soon, this humanity will look back upon this time
and say the exact same thing,
“I cannot believe I stood in that moment.”



NAMASTE’ New Humans,

Indeed, I honor and respect each of you so very deeply and with such gratitude for the many ways you are each holding and being the Light at this time. It is a TREMENDOUS Now! I have frequent moments of GEESH and WOW for the strength and magnitude of this evolutionary passage we find ourselves in. We are meeting with many personal and collective experiences reflecting the necessity of LETTING GO ~ as we come to each moment from the highest intention, vision and trust in this new alignment with existence. 

The Equinox Gate is ONE WEEK from today – and yet everything, all of existence is communicating with us NOW – how to prepare, what to expect and the magnitude of this shift point. I spoke in depth about this Gateway on the September Transmission ( , everyday continues to be so powerful with new intelligence, wisdom and love streaming on our behalf. 

One of the energetics really standing out with this Gateway, and September in general, is that of gathering, of coming together in new ways, of seeing one another more clearly and feeling the depth of purpose we have in this community. As many of you are aware, I created a Fall Equinox opportunity to GATHER, even when so much of our 3D reality was defiantly demanding separation, instilling fear in the many and creating so much resistance around our ability to BE in community. Additionally, I have experienced many of my personal and professional alliances deepening, it is as if we are meeting each other on a new plane of communication, understanding ourselves and our roles and relationships so much more clearly. There has a been a LOT of gathering on these ancient mountains in the Carolinas during the pandemic ~ a lot of revelation and reunion, clarity and big decision making happening via consistent gatherings. Many are being called to this ancient power spot to help anchor this new energy, timelines and trajectories. Wherever you are in the world, as ONE or as many, this is a time to create sacred ceremony, deep, JOYFUL communion with the Earth Mother and to consistently ask her what she needs, what you can do, what your role is in this NOW. I do this ALL THE TIME. And she responds. ALL of nature feels us, knows us, loves us so. Out on the Earth is the one constant that no matter what humanity is experiencing and evolving through – you can sense the Oneness and Eternal Knowledge always available to us. 

In addition and as frequently as you ask the Mother what she needs, we must be tuning into and consistently asking our bodies what they need. And LISTEN. Pay Attention. Our bodies are an eloquent system of information – we must retrain the detrimental habit to throw everything into the MIND – mental and emotional body  – looking there for solutions. Don’t think – FEEL. We have this wisdom and knowledge.

I have received SO MUCH response and gratitude and personal sharing around Gut Biome. So many people struggle with stomach issues, which ties in so intimately to what our Earth is experiencing and our capacity to think clearly and make choices based on LIFE and not survival. In this NOW we are learning SO MUCH – the intellect is being cracked wide open by New Consciousness and New Energy. All of humanity is scrambling to adjust to this new agent of change being pummeled into our world and psyches and lives by Solar and Plasma Light.

We cannot think intelligently when our gut lining is damaged – which it is. But I feel NEW LIFE-FORCE in my gut – a new connection to my actualized Self – which is how I even aligned with this product the first place.

I JUST FEEL LOVE – ALL THE TIME – even with a pandemic… LIFE, EXISTENCE, which is the very essence of LOVE, is trying to get our attention. This is the flip switching, up leveling MOMENT IN TIME that I spoke of in the September New Human Transmission. And as we KNOW OURSELVES and quiet the mind and listen intuitively to what the UEF is communicating, from that LOVE – we are empowered to respond differently – with wisdom, with positive solutions – WITH Love.

Everything is vibrating power power power – taking back our power – to know what is best for us, to know what is true, to know what we need to be healthy and create an abundant life. Fear has disabled ALL intelligent thought – our innate ability to KNOW. But no more… it is a NEW DAY!

I also recently shared another timely resource of information!
V-REVEALED 2020! I hope you are finding time and creating the space to listen to these episodes. Today, episode 7 was shared ~ the first of two episodes featuring Dr. Zach Bush. I have already affectionately declared Dr. Zach a NEW HUMAN! But today I had this incredibly beautiful, profoundly deep experience in listening to him that I absolutely equate with this current passage all of humanity is undergoing that has to do with COMMUNITY. The experience of TRUE community aligned with TRUE existence where we are each and all empowered to RISE and be our best Selves and assist this planet and species in its transformation. 

I will try to share this experience  – very humbling – but when he talks – words are coming out of his mouth that my intellect may not be so savvy on – yet while he is speaking – his energy and mine are in perfect harmony and I am able to reinterpret his wisdom and love for creation – the very fabric of life – in a way that expresses my love for creation and what is wise and necessary in me. He is speaking a very unique language, or expression of tones that then speak to my own unique language or expression of tones – activating the ONE WEB of intelligent life we are all a part of, yet here to play our own unique role within. This is ONENESS in action – a very deep and felt connectivity and Unity. We are, indeed, here to wake each other up and as Ram Dass says, to walk each other home.

What this experience communicates on a very profound level, especially in this NOW when everything and ALL power and ALL wisdom is available to us, is that we must continue to EMPOWER ourselves with ALIGNMENT – alignment with persons, information, choices and habits that are uplifting, intelligently informed and FORWARD MOVING. Existence IS MOVING FORWARD.

I recently did a Zoom talk about the vortices and energies in and around Asheville. One of the questions that came up was about the state of our environment and condition of the planet. Humans have a strong tendency to assign anthropomorphic qualities to this planet. Yes, she is a conscious, living being – but emotions are an exclusively human condition. The Earth is not sad, she is not angry or disappointed, nor is she discouraged and dying in the way we regard death. She is, however mirroring for this humanity its own imbalance, its own denial and disregard of life! This planet is resilient. She has regenerated and transformed many times before – and will do so again. Her destiny is rebirth. It is our destiny that currently hangs in the balance.

This morning I took the dogs on a trail that runs near a local dump. I took a few pictures of the “denial and disregard of life” that I spoke of above – demonstrated in the way humans are handling their waste. But I decided not to bring in that lower vibrating aspect of what we are learning our way through in this now. What I instead want to share with you is this photo!!

I had a choice to focus on the toxic waste all around me… OR to notice and be filled by the energy of WILD FLOWERS blooming joyfully and abundantly EVERYWHERE in this dump! The Mother saying so clearly – “THIS IS WHO I AM. I AM and will continue to KNOW LIFE and be vibrant. And my innate desire is to share that LIFE and resiliency with you, the human species.” Yes, the fires burn and the storms rage and the floods consume the world as we know it – and we must pay attention and change our course, create a new narrative for how we live and ultimately THRIVE, on this planet.

The gift of this virus, understanding it as a global spiritual event, is that it is uncovering this toxicity and demonstrating to us where the highest level of toxicity is in the world.

In this video – Episode 7 under the above link, Dr. Zach talks about us being in this genomic stew of biological information that is in the soil and oceans and vegetation  – and that we were DESIGNED by this information – and because of that – we are coded with the same propensity for LIFE and regeneration and rebirth as our planet.

He also goes on to say that the great threat and risk of this virus is that we ISOLATE ourselves out of FEAR. This goes against everything we know. When you put anything into isolation – its entropy increases!! This sterile bubble we are creating out of FEAR leads to a break down in Self Identity!

A paradigm change is a change in how we view reality

THE WISDOM – the BIG EVOLUTIONARY GET is that when a body or a species has a virus – the virus is not the villain, the causative agent – the virus is saying that something is wrong with the system – be that an individual or the system of our environment – and its level of toxicity.

We must have both a personal and collective vision for transcending this moment  – and that begins with a heart-centered focus of our energy. If I focus on the toxic dump, I am going to be vibrating much differently than if I focus on the beauty of the flowers. When my vibration is high, I have clarity, my entire system is informed differently. This is what being in power looks like. True power is not about domination and control. We have this mentality that we have to COMBAT everything – when in truth – existence is about community and LIFE. Dr. Zach suggests that warfare mentality is the thing to be concerned about – that this will create our demise, not a single virus. I hope you will each find the time to watch this 36 minute video. You can see and feel his light. He is part of the RISE. And as we see and recognize each other IN THIS RISE, not only are we elevated, but we are empowered to elevate others and transform a world!

I LOVE AND AM SO GRATEFUL FOR the ION BIOME and Dr. ZACH and the NEW ALIGNMENTS we are all coming into that is nothing short of ONENESS on a level we have not even dared to imagine.

 I feel like I understand and feel life so much more clearly – everything is so much clearer in this now. Breathe that in. Yes, the world as we know it is ON FIRE!! And yet, it is somehow so freeing to pivot from all the small, trivial, transient things the ego focuses on – to what we can do to help:

the Earth
the Light
the evolution of a world.

In this NOW, in the frequency of LOVE and the vibration of TRUTH – you can literally feel a part of you taking a step back… and another aspect of Self coming to the forefront. THIS is the New Timeline. And the KEY is to not resist, to not be afraid of what is happening and the CHANGE underway. We must come out of REACTIVE mode, OUT of our isolation, OUT of FEAR and shift to the fact that this time in our history is EXCITING and to be CELEBRATED! Because we have the opportunity to WAKE UP and become the Self Identifying, free thinking and vibrationally equipped humans we were created to be.

What switch are you ready to FLIP? What degree of UPLEVELING are you ready to embrace and BE in your current relationship with reality? WHAT IF in one week – your entire narrative changed to one of power and passion, revelation and insight that intelligently altered your entire world and being? Guess what? that NEW BEING is already inside of you, with you – fearless and true.

As we deepen in this passage, Equinox on the horizon, let us expect wonderful, palpable, effortless shifts in magnetics, timelines and trajectories. We were gifted this time to create something truly beautiful and extraordinary. We must be consistent in our walk and knowing. We are either choosing from fear or love. There is no in between. One is alignment with what is deconstructing. The other with what is being born, RISING, as an expression of LIFE. Send your highest vision and intention out into the world – get in touch with your truer purpose through your passion. Wherever you are in the world – make your intention that of connecting with others in a Unified Co-Creation of Peace and New Earth NOW.

I shared a lot of energy and opportunities of how to connect with the Equinox activity here in the Carolinas remotely, on the September Webcast – it is all about ALIGNMENT!! Every Sunday, the New Human Global Unity Meditations are another way to empower your person with Co-Creative Unity. Spend time connecting with the elements, the trees and waters and flowers – ALL OF NATURE knows you and longs for reunion as we come together in every realm for peaceful, responsible creation. When you truly know your Self and ALL of existence as LOVE –  you, me, we, the Earth, the crystals – we all become pure and true conduits of NEW CREATION.

I AM sending ALL MY LOVE and Center and strength to each of you as we move into these final months of 2020! The Shining Ones shone exquisite, radiant light on 2020 in the January transmission – and it is everything and more wonder and brilliance than we could have ever imagined. Honor this passage and WHO YOU ARE, wholly and completely, embracing the energies in their fullness to co-create the highest experience for all beings everywhere. I AM so honored to be journeying along side of you in this amazing and brilliant NOW. 

DeAnne and the Shining Ones


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6 comments on “Truth and Being True
  1. Marianne says:

    HUGE GRATITUDE for introducing me to Dr. Zach….can’t remember when you first mentioned him, but subsequently I have watched all his available youtube videos, ordered the ion.biome, and also feel aligned and thankful for his expression of his scientific and spiritual understanding. I really get why you so resonate with him! THANK YOU – ALWAYS!

    • DeAnne says:

      You are so welcome Marianne ~ such a joy to be creating these golden links between the new forces of light around the world! Did you already have the ION or were you able to go through my site🙏 I am just getting so much clarity about EVERYTHING – and always feel so excited for each next show to share what I am learning/remembering/feeling and experiencing that is SO MUCH GREATER than the chaos we are finding our way through. LOVE YOU SO MUCH – SO GRATEFUL FOR YOU.
      Thanks for BEING HERE NOW!! xo

  2. ruty says:

    This living Life pic!the colors!The Ipomea representing DIVINITY
    (Mother/Sri Orabindu) ;The Light shaft-Still Point. again n’again you capture Garden of Eden glimpses of Earth. it evidently-exist.

    Animal communicator says the virus consciousness approached her wondering why humans feel they’re here to harm us.they insist they’re here to help get back to balance so ALL can’s their function. no intent of harming but helping.

    Those who join Deanne at Equinox,will magnify the light to shine
    deeper& wider.a privilege.if I could teleport n’join you…, I would.

    Thank you DeAnne, I ask my Spirit to sit with you then,on some nurturing rock,hugged by nourishing roots; smiled at by T’ Dragons as Divine Mother envelopes every pore of my existence with her Love- Power.I’ll tune in. Namaste.

    • DeAnne says:

      Hello Dear Ruty, I love the sharing about the virus meaning us no harm – indeed, viruses are key to LIFE on our planet and in humans. It is all about ONENESS – to truly understand that everything we need for health, well-being, the ability to thrive and have abundant life is innate to this planet and the human body is the gift that our ancestors knew and what we must return to. I am committed to living and helping others to remember this WAY. xo

  3. Jean says:

    I can only think of one thing to say to ALL of this! YES!!! I am with you on everything you’ve presented here. I also love Zach Bush and find his insights to be profound. I first heard him speak in the GMOs REVEALED documentary a few years ago and bought the whole series just because of him and what he had to say. We’ve been using the ION Gut Health for about a year now and energetically it just feels good to support our bodies with this product.

    Love the photo of the “dump” and your choice to show beauty instead of ugly. So many around us are choosing to see the ugly and reinforce it instead of taking the large view of the metamorphosis taking place. It is indeed a challenging time but also so exciting and full of opportunity! As Always – thanks for continuing to beat the drum and hold frequency for the humans we are BEcoming. Sending LOVE!! <3

    • DeAnne says:

      So wonderful to hear from you hear Jean, I miss you and your lovely family. AWESOME that your family is om the Gut Biome… and yes, it does feel really amazing to be supporting our bodies in such a powerful, earth based way. Sending love and a HUG to your whole family! 💞

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