The Dawning Of A New Age

The New Light is here and I AM walking into it without pause, without thought. Freedom codes spiral through the atmosphere, expanding my heart, activating ancient memory deep within my cells. I AM re-membering my Self to Love, to Christ Consciousness that lives unconditionally in every heart.The soul has a singular awareness – that of Love. The idea of creating heaven on earth is to love with this singular awareness that is the Divine Human, the Embodied New Human – the Unified Human of a New Golden Age.
  As the New Light dawns so fully and completely in our world, I feel a knowing expand my physical heart beyond time and space, whispering that we, you, me and the entirety of this present humanity, we are here to re-member love. To remember there is nothing but love and nothing outside of ourselves. For when we are in separation and in judgement, we are no longer in the heart – where Christ is and has always been. The heart is the intermediary between the soul and the ego. It takes a unique bravery to return to the love within you. This is the Divine Union we seek. It is Feminine. It is Eternal. It is direct experience.
  On December 21, 2020 – our world will experience a powerful, cosmological shift with the great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn. This gateway has significant potential for a new reality – the embodiment of 5D. There is no separation, no other in 5th World. The veils lift to reveal the true nature and beauty of Unity Consciousness. The higher objective in the current Ascension movement for planet and species is to restore the bond/unification between matter and spirit, heaven and earth, masculine and feminine ~ between all opposites that create the illusion of separateness. The ULTIMATE OBJECTIVE IS UNION, the Embodiment of Christ Consciousness. This Gateway is an opportunity to connect with your heart center; the Pure Source-spark of Diamond Light within. Take a moment to feel your Heart intent. Divine Love is a strong, palpable frequency which grows in intensity as our DNA activates. Note how your heart and energy fields feel in this Now. The return to Love is the treasure itself.
Love disarms us and unbinds us
from the chains we placed there ourselves.
  2020 is a year that has stretched and tested our capacity for Love, purposefully so. The celestial events of 2020 that initiated on the 12th of January set into motion a massive RESET. The Global Pandemic, Racial Uprising, glaring acts of injustice and hatred and even the very invested, emotional climate of the most recent Presidential election were all triggered by the RISE of this New Energy. In the January New HUman transmission, I spoke of 2020 as being one of Unity, of forming new alliances and finding new clarity on our greater roles of Divine service. With both New Light and Revelation anchoring so strongly as a New Earth Grid in our world, we have seen both how divided we are and how interdependent on the 3D level – but on the higher levels of the new timeline and new realities emerging – we see the coming together of starseeds, light warriors, energy workers, truth seekers, mystics and shamans. What is your role? We are the healers that have been here for millennia and are here to assist with this upgrade. Much of what can be viewed as devastation and tyranny in the lower dimensions is felt as a stirring of remembrance and excitement about why we chose to incarnate together at this time.
  The entire month of December is really Bright and with a sharp energy of clarity. The Revelation Wave will open fully on December 12 and remain active through January 20th. Many will be participating Globally in these waves, and the Solstice Peak itself, through ceremony, meditation, prayer, unity and conscious focus on New Earth Now. Our highest potentials expand when we come together, unify and co-create. Interacting with the Stargates is not passive or reactionary, it is about tuning into your heart, listening and utilizing your unique skills and gifts in harmony with other empowered, Divine BEings. Coming together in December will be uplifting, alchemical and high vibrational wherever you are called to be. Know that everything in your life prior to this moment as been preparing you for this.

December Passages:

Sunday December 6, 13, 20, 27 – New HUman Global Unity Meditations. Merge your energy and heart with this activity, join forces for the highest good and outcome, you are never alone.

The Revelation Wave: December 12- January 20.

This wave is of a much higher vibration than we have ever experienced. Take a breath here to tune into all that the 3D reality has been through this year! This Revelation energy has served to literally shake the lower realities, transforming and absorbing them into the higher vibrational bandwidths of a New Light Frequency and Unity Consciousness. From the perspective of the external realities, it has appeared chaotic. But this Upset and Reset has been in direct relation to the New Light anchoring into the current grid. This energy and intensity will increase as the wave fully enters and amplifies through 2021. May the new waves of consciousness -shifting, veil-lifting, Source-encoded Light expand hearts and fill as many possible with the Vision and Truth of Unity and Love.

Saturday – Monday, December 12 -14th

This weekend will be stunning with Light activity as the Revelation Wave Stargate Opens with the 12/12!

The December New HUman transmission – Sunday 12/13!
11:11am eastern The Dawning Of A New Age

We will prepare for the Solstice Gateway together with this webcast! Transformational energy, insights, revelation about the true nature of reality at this time and tools to align yourself with highest and best outcome no matter where you are in the world. Your presence is welcomed!

Monday, December 14th at 11:13AM EST Solar Eclipse and New Moon

Monday, December 21st at 5:02AM EST
Solstice, Jupiter and Saturn conjunction

This day in this NOW is a grand moment to KNOW THYSELF. Many will experience a quantum activation of the Heart Center. The Source-point of the Heart reunifies across the dimensions, all expressions of your unique fractal of Source. It unlocks your personal Living Library across time- space. Many more of the Ascending collective will see the New Earth realities in clear, direct ways.

New HUman, New Light Activation December Gateway Event
Full Day immersion out on the Earth exploring vortex energies with both Ascending and Descending spirals, Geometric Apexes and Crystalline waters. If you cannot join us in person, know that you are welcomed to tune into and join this group of Lightworkers as we work directly with the Crystalline Grid.

December 19 – January 7

Intense shifts in perception, the culmination of 2020 Vision for Starseeds, Lightworkers and New HUmans around the globe. Self-imposed and collective veils start to lift. Planetary magnetic shifts have been accelerating all year. This affects perception, since the veils are magnetic based. Change the magnetics, and the veils dissolve.

The ground is made instantly holy
the minute we’re still enough inside our own bodies
to feel the presence of love.

This New Light, Divine Feminine Love and expressions of 5D Earth are changing our human experiences out on the earth daily. The vibrational world is palpable with new geometries, codes and frequencies of pure Christed, Crystalline activity ~ expressions of Unity Consciousness. This pure radiance is not in the vibrational world alone, but so clearly evident in the humans coming for vortex experiences. I have witnessed and felt conscious intentions to step into NEW, to allow the crystalline river flowing to wash away the old expressions of Self. I AM experiencing ongoing Re-Union, a deep felt joy of connection with so many showing up, would be strangers and yet, somehow so much more.

We have been crossing this huge bridge of Self, a new BEingness being born, since the 2012 Gateway. Every human being experiencing their own unique experiences of awakening within the Collective awakening of planet and world. The RISE calling, felt from deep within a seamless, zero-point state, has been deepening our relationship with Source, with God. As the lesser things, distractions, judgements, separation without and within fade into distant memory, we are becoming pure conduits of the Christed freguency, beaming through activated DNA. This activity is a profoundly felt experience, being made new, feeling younger from the level of the cells, ready for New Life! 

A fierce love flows through me
as much and as often as I remember it does!

 OH my – it is just cracking me right open ~ the deep dive into the heart… so much clarity of purpose and identity,THROUGH THE HEART, which is a different language than what the ego perceives. Every experience, every perceived deficit every judgement and emotion, every dis-order or dis-ease is for the purpose of finding our way back to love. What will this Gateway reveal? Rumi says, “Everyone sees the unseen in proportion to the clarity of their hearts”. This Gateway is a heart event. Yes, the RESET of a world happens through the heart. Your perception during this Gateway, the phenomena seen, felt and embodied is based on the spiritual maturity of your heart, mind and emotions. The sacred earth experience we have been called to gather and experience the Gateway within here in the Carolinas is the Power, Liberation and Divine Merge vortex. This vortex feels like a Coronation to me, a coming full circle, coming Home. This entire year for this humanity has been a test of spiritual maturity, the opportunity to SHIFT our reaction to collective veil-lifting ~ to keep a sense of LIGHT about the deceptions and manipulated story-lines. Change your perception about what is happening in any given moment, and you change your world! This is Mastery-level Self Realization as individual and collective self-imposed veils continue to lift. We cannot outrun the veil lifting, the inevitability of this RISE. Allow your perceptions to be changed. Become still, centered and clear on what you desire as an outcome for your personal path and that of collective humanity. Stay in the moment, in your heart, witness the moment fully with all that is being revealed. Remind yourself often, ” My Inside is my Outside. I AM nothing more or less than who I AM.”

There is only Love. This Love is your power and liberation. As you align your intention for your life and the world with this Love, the knowing, wisdom, clarity and peace that you seek will be revealed to you through your heart. The return to love and only love, is the treasure itself.

I AM sending ALL MY LOVE and my Heart to the whole of the human family, that they may know Christ Consciousness, embody Unity Consciousness and trust the wisdom and freedom of this New Light. May we each in our own way, show humanity what is possible through our actions, our perceptions, our choices and our LOVE.
I hope to see you @ any or all of the opportunities above to gather, as ONE.
DeAnne and the Shining Ones 🙏
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12 comments on “The Dawning Of A New Age
  1. Judy says:

    Thanks for writing this, DA. I’m looking forward to your next webcast. I will be participating in a Winter Solstice Celebration being organized by 2 friends.

  2. Joanna says:

    What a beautiful and powerful message I loved every bit of it. Thank you for all of your wisdom to help us continue on this great awakening of heart centered consciousness. You are a gift of love for all to seek. Love you ❤️

    • DeAnne says:

      WOW! Gratitude Joanna, this really touched my heart and makes the last 15 years of holding this space and sharing this energy VERY worth while. Big Hug and LOVE always to you 🙏💞

  3. DeAnne says:

    Thank you for stopping by Judy, I AM happy that you have a sacred space and community to experience the Solstice with. Feel free for your group to connect with those gathering here in Asheville power spots. It will be a powerful day!! ❣️

  4. Nikki says:

    Hi DeAnne!
    This is what I needed to read, love this! Epic times! Let the love flow…..

  5. ruty zarosta says:

    Greetings DeAnne, I wrote to you in my mind daily for some days.there’s so much to drink from in your Light’Love Spread Container.Gratitude.

    Jupiter&Saturn been together for months&joined by t’moon for the 08/08. all rise in the East.marching in a straight line like a Grand Parade .
    a celestial Gala Show. Jupiter so close,so big I tried to touch it.
    Thank you DeAnne for your EXPENSIVE input.
    I add my Love connecting/joining DA Ray to amplify,support,connect to ALL who’re connected with you/The Shining Ones whom we could relate to,as A’Central SUN’.
    via this Central Sun we’re ALL connected, shining together>>>= The ONE WE really are.wherever a ray touches,it connects to another.
    Love waves from my heart to ALL Rays of this Shining SUN.
    We’ll meet thru intent in the events you pointed out. Namaste.

    • DeAnne says:

      Dear Ruty, We ARE ONE and the Shining Ones love you and your heart, me too! You will definitely be a part of the Solstice event with us here in the Carolinas – all shining together 💞

  6. ruty says:

    “an analogy between the workings of nature&those of human societies”.

    I checked in dictionary if the word’analogy’is correct.I choose here:
    CENTRAL relates to DeAnne,The Shining Ones, The Vortex.

    As we connect with our rays to Central Sun Rays(DA),we create A MIGHTY unstoppable grid/Net with LIGHT’s Source that burst forth spreading love particles/waves all around us & the circles connects us.

    Thank you light DeAnne. LOVE to ALL,to YOU. Gratitude Eternal.

  7. ruty says:

    Delighted,Honored, with intent to be part of Solstice event with you.
    Now,and continuously,pulsing Light from sacred Heart a cross the Grid.

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