All Is Made Beautiful ~

“all is made beautiful”

The frequencies flowing in are quite powerful. There is a beautiful refinement and amplification of our Crystalline Heart underway. This is manifesting as so much love flowing through our consciousness, deeply felt levels of forgiveness, of surrender, of clarity on our lives, the choices we’ve made, who we have been. We were gifted a beautiful blanket of snow on Christmas day in Asheville. I was so captivated by the infinite sea of “sparking diamonds” on the snow as I spent time out in nature. All that glistening light dancing everywhere on the snow reminded me of the profound level of radiance and illumination that is still pouring in from the Solstice Gateway. These waves of crystalline energies are full of light codes that are activating the New HUman DNA, sparks of Divine Light initiating around the world. It is so incredibly beautiful. This stream of very powerful energy will continue through the 1st of the year, an invitation to envision your brightest year ahead, meditate and journal your intentions for New Life, New Reality, New You in 2021.

The above photo is the first activation point that the new hUmans shared in on the Solstice Gateway. We literally climbed a tower of ancient rock to sit within this Star Tetrahedron Portal. As is evident from the photo, this vast canyon area is an active time-slip for starships, higher dimensional beings and ancient wisdom. We each brought a personal item to activate in this spot. With the powerful feminine river flowing crystalline radiance below, there was an indescribable presence of the ancient ones and cosmic wisdom swirling New Earth Harmonics, deeply penetrating our Crystalline Hearts across all time and space. The Cosmic Energies delivered a new frequency through this Gateway, we all felt deeply the new activation of humanity that illumined our world from the light of this Solstice Star.

For the Global Solstice Meditation @ 1:22 eastern – we were down on that river on a giant, disc shaped rock in the waters flow. Bodhi and Jyoti were the first to arrive on this meditation rock below. We sent everything other, the deeply held wounds of this species and planet, into those crystalline waters. This Liberation, Power and Divine Merge Vortex sits on a lei line holding the consciousness of slavery on this planet, from current times all the way back through the times of Atlantis. It was so powerful and palpable to feel the Grace of this New Light streaming so bright and unconditional into this NOW, on behalf of the New Now Activating.

As we continue to come into the fullness of the Age of Aquarius, the 5th Dimension, we must each continue to clear anything that is not new. This energy shift will set the tone for the next several months.  We have truly stepped into some fresh energies that are nothing less than magic. Know that it is the highest Christed Light that will illumine for us whatever core wounds that may still linger. We must see the illusion clearly to fully embody the Light. Feel the remaining fragments of the ego’s experience, from childhood or past lives, surface to consciousness with compassion, forgiveness and love. As your heart is open and you step fully into these energies, your only focus will be manifesting the gifts that are meant to help create the new. The old narratives are the ones we cling to, all else is LOVE.  This Love is so present, so profound, so high in its capacity to transform, allow allow allow allow, for this is the way of the Feminine, this is Divine Merge.

Upcoming Dates to put a bow on:

Full Moon 12/29/20 – the last Full Moon of 2020! This is an incredibly brilliant Full Moon that has been preening unapolgetically for days! It is as if this moon said, “wow, I want to get in on all that Solstice Radiance”~ and scooped up its own portion to share! Use this Full Moon to support your Creations and Intentions for 2021! Call upon its magic to bring to completion any lingering debris that need releasing, any old habits that are still needing to be transformed. Sit with its brilliance as you contemplate where, how and with who you can be Creative in the days and year to come – how can you most fully express your freedom in 2021?

The Moon loves to be celebrated and honored. This is a song that I learned from my Native American lodge family: Neesa, Neesa, Neesa ~ Neesa, Neesa, Neesa. Neesa, Neesa, Neesa ~ Gai Wey Ho. Gai Wey Ho. I found this YouTube version below so that you may hear the melody! 🙏

Gratitude to New HUman Waska who taught me the Apache expression Kadeeshte. Waska practices in the Shishindi tradition. This area is so rich with Native American energy, it was a gift to receive this greeting. In this NOW, indeed, ALL IS MADE BEAUTIFUL!

New HUman Global Unity Meditations – Let’s ring in the New Year and New Reality with High, Unified Intentions for our world and planet. Three different times to choose from: 1/3, 1/10, 1/17, 1/24, 1/31 2021!

New HUman Webcast Sunday, January 10th, 2021!
Beautiful Chaos! NEW YEAR Transmission!  

This is a tentative title in this NOW moment. The Revelation Wave is just getting started and much can and will continue to SHIFT and MAKE ITSELF KNOWN in the coming weeks. The Timelines are really presenting clearly as we witness the influence of both FEAR and LOVE in our world. Self – Revelation is a powerful step in Ascension. As that inner awareness ripples through the collective grid, it reveals the Infinite Light of Unity. In this moment, the Activation of the Crystalline Heart and Lightbody is revealing incredibly new levels of Gratitude, Unity Consciousness and Christed States. There is only Light! Breathe it, Be it, share it like a limitless river flowing through you. This first transmission of the New Year/New Reality will be an expression of the Freedom that keeps unfolding as we willingly open our hearts to Self Love, Self Revelation and exquisite unity with Source. 

New Moon 1/12/21: This New Moon is a powerful time to revisit the visions and gifts received in the Solstice Gateway, planting intentional seeds on the ways in which we launch those visions into powerful purpose. New Moons are a time to harness energy and make it work for you.

Revelation Wave Closes: 1/20/21 And so it begins, the New Reality initiates, individually and collectively. MUCH WILL BE REVEALED between now and then as these incoming waves of reality-shifting light do their thing to rewrite the HUman story. As we worked with much on the December webcast and through the Solstice Gateway, this is THE moment to Master your own narrative, internally and externally. Call on the Shining Ones often as you focus ONLY on Love, on crystalline activation from the zero point state. Meditate on Zero Point. The current influxes of light codes and frequencies are etheric information to change our DNA and our consciousness so that the New Reality, and new experiences for ALL, may begin.

Sending So Much Love and Infinite Blessings to each and every ONE. Ride the waves of this bliss, knowing there is ONLY Light, that only Light can come to you and only Light can be in you. This Light is who you are. Surrender everything else. BE LOVE NOW.

DeAnne and the Shining Ones                                                 *tap photos to enlarge


Within each of us is a loving, magical, powerful being…
a True Self.
Nature, friend that it is, cocoons us from our worries,
allowing that hidden Self to emerge.

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