What Happened Last Year?

Profound yet Intense Life
all held in a wise stillness by this New Reality.

Namaste’ New HUmans,

I have a truly exciting opportunity to share with you. This Friday, 2/26 @ 3pm eastern, New HUman Dr. Zach Bush is offering a Free Special Event: ‘What happened last year: a macro look at our ongoing ecologic and public health crisis ”. Dr Zach cares deeply about this planet and humanity – he has no agenda except to shine light on awareness so that all humans can truly begin to think for themselves and make informed choices.

There has never been a more important time in history to understand what happened in the past year with the global ecological and public health crisis. In this discussion, Dr Zach will take a macro look at the events of last year within the context of the last several decades. He will review how disease spreads within global populations, the driving factors of mortality – and the public health statistics that support these perspectives.

What I so love about Zach Bush is that he genuinely cares about LIFE ~ the continuance of healthy, vital, empowered existence for this humanity and planet. I never feel separation from him, I never feel like he is talking at me – simply a sharing of the wisdom inside of him to the wisdom inside of me. To experience his presence and energy, you know he speaks from a platform of Unity and Heart Consciousness.
     Please share this opportunity. When we are educated in the energy of LOVE, we can truly be objective about the ongoing public and ecological health crisis that came into front view in 2020, and what we can do about it! If I know Dr Zach at all, your mind will explode with an innate wisdom that will immediately transport you to a center of Self where you are always healthy and insightful in your ongoing desire of how to support this beautiful world and those you love and care about. Be sure to bring a notepad – this inspiring call will be overflowing with powerful information. 

WHAT: Free Special Event: ‘What happened last year: a macro look at our ongoing
ecologic and public health crisis ” Webinar with Dr. Zach Bush

WHEN: Friday, February 26, 2021 12pm PT / 3 PM ET
@zachbushmd (IG + FB)
@DrZachBush (Twitter)

Registration Link: http://bit.ly/LastYearReflections

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