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(and catching air! 😉)

Namaste’ New HUmans,

I AM book-ending this post with 2 captions… Leaping and landing safely. What happens in between, is up to each of us as Divine, Powerful, Unique and Gifted Creator Beings. 

So much of the reality we know today is out of our control, not what we would wish for our lives or for our world. But what we always have control over, choice, decision making and creative input is who we are being and how we are feeling. If anything, the external reality over the last year has taught us how important it is to TAKE CONTROL of our health – Mentally, Emotionally, Physically and Spiritually. When things outside of us are in a spin, we can either let the spin take us, or learn new and empowered ways to take care of ourselves, our bodies, our minds and our hearts. All of which are intimately connected by the way. 

I began my *ION Gut Biome journey a year ago and kinda wonder that at the time, I had no idea that the body temple of humans all over the world would soon be greatly tested as it never has before. 2020 truly revealed to us how centered, balanced, happy and well we are in our lives ~ or how easily we lose that balance and feel threatened by external circumstances. Many discovered how their physical health is affected by the mind and emotions. And how the mental and emotional bodies, when balanced, become part of an essential defense barrier in maintaining optimal health. When you know your body is strong and trust your health ~ you have clarity and feel good about your choices, decisions and life, in general. 

After working with the *Gut Biome product myself for many months, I felt really inspired to share it with New HUmans all over the world. I have received ongoing and powerful feedback about your individual *ION journeys. A strong and healthy gut-lining is the single most important factor in your immune health. Building a strong immune system begins with the inner and outer surfaces of the body, as they are the first barriers against pathogens. These surfaces include the skin and all mucous membranes, which form a kind of mechanical protective wall. Your gut lining, for instance, is one of these defensive walls, which is what makes ION* such an important part of maintaining immune health. Additional ways to stress less and build your immune naturally are:

  • Get out side
  • Hang out with pets
  • Keep a positive Attitude
  • Engage your social network – even remotely
  • PLAY
  • Exercise
  • Get good sleep!

Now more than ever it is SO important that we reclaim our health and take back the power to maintain it! If you have been following the New HUman webcasts and blogs, you know a lot more about the virus than the media is telling you. We came into this pandemic a sick nation because for decades, the industrial agriculture and industrial processing and the industrial mindset have been invasions into our bodies. Our gut microbiome is a rain forest. If it doesn’t receive diversity of food and it doesn’t receive fresh food, it is like a war against our gut microbiome, which is 90% of us in terms of biodiversity. We are 10% human, 90% other beings who keep us healthy, who make us. And the war against our bodies is at its last stages. 

Enter this beautiful New HUman, Dr Zach Bush, and the creation of *ION ~ which features 60 million year old soil at its foundation. If you are new to the information I have been sharing over the past year, you may read more indepth about *ION at the link below. I also have a SPECIAL TREAT for you if you have not yet taken the Gut Health Plunge!! For the next 2 weeks, you may receive a 15% discount on any first time order, excluding subscriptions. There is no time like the present to deepen your connection with the Intelligence of Nature, inside of you. KNOW your body, LOVE your body. KNOW your Health, be your own physician and advocate of HEALTH. 

Just Follow this Link: https://ionbiome.com/?ref=ABAVXY8

Once you are on the *ION site – use this Code at the check out – to receive 15% off your first order.

Coupon Code: NewHuman2021
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Love to this Beautiful Tribe, 🙏
DeAnne and the Shining Ones


Safe Landing

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