Full Moon and March Webcast!

Namaste’ New HUmans,

I chose this beautiful crystalline flow from a magical Carolina outing yesterday, because in the midst of so much that seems unsettled, there are very unique codes streaming into this now as “crystalline plasma” ~ in support of recoding realities within and without! There is a great leveling of frequency underway – do not doubt the intense and multifaceted way that is impacting your mind, your body, your habits, routines, choices and world! Everything that is present is requiring us to BE TRULY PRESENT, in the vertical dispensation, as never before. The challenge is that the brilliant new frequencies that initiated with the December Gateway are amplifying our thoughts, our patterns of belief, the little tethers that keep sending us into old, subconscious narrative – so that we can bring everything into quantum consciousness and make very new choices. The good news is that because this quantum consciousness is so readily available IN THIS NOW, we are better able to SEE our thoughts and either stop the old narrative midstream – or reframe the unconscious pattern into new possibility and choice! Remember to BREATHE, take a beat often and feel this new energy, which is anchoring through the heart. If you are truly present and in the vertical flow of this pure, Source-encoded crystalline plasma, you will be able to right yourself fairly quickly, whatever the circumstance, and feel this incredible, profound, strong reunification underway; body, mind, spirit, earth, cosmos and New Crystalline Self. 

Virgo Full Moon 2/27
Remember, a full moon is about letting go
of all you no longer need
to manifest your dreams.
Trust your inner voice –
let it flow and then let it go!

Tomorrow is a significant Full Moon in Virgo that sets the tone for the energies highlighted in March. Curiously, this moon emphasizes what the Shining Ones illumined as essential in the January New HUman Transmission; this new frequency must be consciously channeled through our lives. We must direct this new energy every day in new ways in our lives. An example of how that might play itself out is a sense of inner tension that could easily throw you into old patterns of pushing and driving, becoming overwhelmed with too much responsibility and not being able to keep up – to get things done. If you recognize that tendency and then BREATHE, take a beat and tune into the feminine, crystalline flow (like the waterfall) but through your heart ~ you will feel a sense of peacefulness in reorganizing your time and prioritizing details differently. Tomorrow’s Full Moon will help you clear the fog  as you sit, with intention, creating a conscious container to hold her fullness within.

We are moving to a different operating system – much the same way that our planet is currently traversing a very new area of space. This new way of being and perceiving the world is the embodiment of our Christed, Crystalline Nature. We are being supported as never before ~ yet, we first have to trust that and believe that. This morning I was on a trail that I both created and have run for almost 20 years, in the Shining Ones woods. I was 3/4 of the way to the top of this enchanted spiral that crosses over a creek at least 1/2 a dozen times, the dogs were ahead of me. I felt my body just stop, as if so deliberately – as if I was literally told to stop. I turned my head, following a direct current of energy with my gaze, and found my focus on a large body of rock. I hesitated for a moment – “I still had a long way to go and the dogs were still moving ahead of me” – but no ~ I knew I needed to follow this energy – something was calling me over.

I slid and joyfully stumbled my way up and then down into a creek bed – and found myself standing before a Lemurian portal. It had 3 different chambers, one giant rock with 3 distinct parts – kinda like we have one body, but then we have legs and arms. These chambers run deep into the earth, the energy and sound emitting from them was mind altering. Bodhi immediately climbed to the top of the portal and stood up there like a sentry. I pivoted to see where Jyoti was. She was immediately behind me as I faced the portal, poised on a truly magnificent quartz, the size of the hood of a car! Crystalline waters flowed on all sides of the quartz and the portal. I then understood – that portal was guarding this quartz. And in the moment I took in ALL of this phenomena- fully present to it, only in that moment – I was downloaded with ( much as I described the current recoding of realities within and without, above) endless information about the Summer Solstice Gateway, including that I will be hosting an event here in the Carolinas. This spot will be part of that event. By the time I left the woods, I had the entire week long syllabus set inside of me. This spot – that called me off trail in an area I know better than my Self and yet had never seen before – it lifted the entire process of last year (2020) out of my physical form – informing me that my RESET was complete!

And I want you to hear, for your own experience, I do not even need to know what that means! I just need to trust it and keep following the energy, monitor my thoughts and keep my compass on the NEW REALITY. Everything new! This is very new energy that we are experiencing and navigating. It will take some time to feel comfortable and confident in the New Now – but that must be our intention everyday. I have MUCH to share with you on the March New HUman transmission that will really inspire and emboldened you in your own new endeavors; especially that of understanding and supporting your NEW SELF in these transitional times. 

Prepare a space for this Full Moon tomorrow and imagine her wisdom and beautiful light shining brightly on your unique path. Go deep into the well of her ancient stillness and set intentions for how you would most desire the next few months to unfold – through June in the least. Take an honest personal inventory around what you need to bring in – and what you need to let go of to anchor those new desires. The Summer Solstice is another RESET and Nexus point that will shift the energy trajectory for the rest of 2021 – by which time we will be comfortably settled into new roles of service, power and wisdom. Stay tuned here for the Solstice Gateway event flyer – which will be out by mid March! 

Best Selves forward. Everything that you are is present in this NOW – you are destined to succeed in this New Reality. A new level of quantum beingness is already anchored in the collective DNA field. Keep your time and focus on what is clear, what brings confidence and joy to your being, and leave the rest to LOVE. Dismantling happens through all of us ~ as does reunification! Shine your light brightly on the remaining separation, forgive again and again, practice Unity at every turn. I AM grateful for the Light that you are.

Big Love and Great Gratitude to ALL,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

Virgo Full Moon – Friday, February 27th.

March New HUman Transmission:
Sunday March 7th, 11:11am eastern

New HUMan Global Unity Meditations:
Every Sunday – 3 different times!

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6 comments on “Full Moon and March Webcast!
  1. ruty zarosta says:

    Ahh…BEHOLD.Dr.GAIA HEALING.such beauty,pure water,haven’t seen before.
    maybe only then?> in Garden of Eden.now- iT’S back !
    if Bodhi and Jyoti the Cosmic actors wouldn’t make it REAL by their presence I’m not sure I’d believe it’s for REAL. the water streams(as if fall) in seemingly exact formation – like the Ribbons. I haven’t read a word yet, just watch this mesmerising water in White & Blue
    (shall I say The Shining water).
    will read t’row. perhaps the water(consciousness)will grace a dream tonight.a Love Fountain. Thank you DeAnne, Shining Ones.so beautiful.

    • DeAnne says:

      Morning Ruty, I AGREE!! Living Waters! I could watch this endlessly – and I was THERE!! Just such grace and beauty, majesty and LOVE. There are so many dimensions, tones, harmonics of expression – as you point out. The “ribbons” were particularly coded – they looked like beads in person and definitely mirroring DNA. On the email I sent out that has the still shot – there is this stunning deep blue color within the falls that sent me immediately into a STILL POINT. What magic! I AM feeling this spot will be included in my Summer Solstice New Human Retreat in June – feels very powerful and with a strong invitation to enter the New Reality. So happy to be able to share with you all the way to Africa! The waters and I send our love! 🙏❤️

  2. ruty zarosta says:

    Now, when I feel I’m in need of some EM (energy in motion)help to sleep or clear/purify , I imagine mys’sitting/merging in between Love Tree’s big lushes elephant feet and the blue white water pearls ribbons gush(English?)powerfully over me washing all impurities away.what an unfathomable evidence of THAT. t’ blue painting I sense has significant meaning I can’t decipher.t’ straight down lines cld suggest a Straight path?@ sec.19 it crosses over almost as Infinity sign?
    I can’t explain how it makes me feel. I once saw in a vision(night time, not a dream)Skies clearer than clear and Stars brighter than bright.
    This water display comes into same Wholesome Sacred phenomena creation.
    I hope Jyoti found her way to Bodhi.the Light found it’s way to it’s expression…crystal gratitude drops to you DeAnne, The Shining Ones.

  3. ruty says:

    last comment.
    you wrote in your reply above :
    “stunning deep blue color… What magic! –…feels very powerful”

    In a certain language :the word for Blue holds within it’s letters t’word :’Power’.the word for white holds within it’s letters the word ‘Heart’.
    It’s the Bluest Blue I’ve seen.unmatched.not of Earth.your word-stunning!

  4. ruty says:

    Hi DeAnne, the above wasn’t the last comment…
    Almost awake this AM. it came- ‘The New Divine BLUE print& Carbon to Silicon (intended our particles change)-the water beads.What a Blue it is.

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