Crystalline Heart, The New Self Emerges

The water captivates me ~ beautiful harmonics of crystalline cascade that dance and shapeshift to “hearts delight.” I cross creeks everyday, wherever that day’s run takes me. Yes, leaping light-footed through pure mountain streams is a gift in itself. Yet, more often than not, it is the sound of the harmonics that call me back for a longer linger. That is what happened on this day, captured above. It was the sound, it spoke of love and freedom, of a New Earth where humans remember the sacredness of life, that they, themselves, are holy and divine. Self-sustaining, perpetual, purposeful, full of itself, without need, this is what the sounds of the Earth’s waters remind us, if we take time to listen. And as if to further extend a parting gift, this image captures many expressions for the human imagination and heart to marinate in. Speaking of hearts, there is a predominant one featured, along with a merkabah and pyramid, forming what appears as part of the water’s chakras? Sigh ~ There really are no right and wrongs, only gifts to receive and embody from the love of this planet. What do you see? 


Namaste’ New HUmans,

This comes to you with such a full heart ~ Heart full of JOY, of gratitude, of love, of peace and compassion and beauty and Light! The Resurrection Gateway on Easter Sunday that was elevated with stunning activity by the energy of a 4/4 portal, has activated pure Self Realization, Embodiment and Divine Love on profound levels. We are experiencing levels of Bliss and Freedom as this planet and humanity never have before. This New Light and New Reality is activating the harmonics of the heart, which is untethering us from the illusions of separation and distortion, allowing us to ultimately merge with the Unity of Divine Oneness.

Conscious Ascension begins a new arc of RISE, purifying the realities around us, so that our experiences, our relationships, our manifestations ALL begin to NOW reflect the Limitlessness of the Infinite. Each moment that we consciously choose the flow of this crystalline energy, becomes a frequency generator of new realities, new lives and heightened awareness of the vastness of Self. Metaphorically, before this Resurrection Gateway, the actual anchoring of YOUR new reality, manifested dreams, empowered service and ability to co-create with Source, was perhaps a year or 5 or 10 away, depending on where you were vibrating. And NOW, all that NEW is an overlay in your current frequency field. Play with that awareness. FEEL it. It is a powerful time to be having adventures in consciousness. What are you truly ready to create and begin living? The acceleration of your New Earth dreams have quickened dramatically and it is just for you to get on board with this New Self that knows itself and all of creation, as Source.

We must let go of the illusion, to gain the truth. And you know instantaneously the illusion, by how quickly it shifts your pure lighted self from bliss to thought. Thought is the only home of fear, of pain, suffering, doubt, disease, death. We must allow that there is a simultaneous deconstruction of the old and resurrection of the new underway, which necessitates we come to terms with the loss of the old Self, as well. This is what liberates us to experience Source as Self, within. You are the power. You are the Creator. You are the compass to all things Unity Consciousness. When you intend that understanding, working with, managing and upleveling your energy be your priority everyday, the return to Self quickens and the path becomes increasingly clear and joyful.

I AM a crystal – clarity comes naturally to me.

Speaking of clarity and adventures in consciousness… a reminder that Early Registration for the June, Solar Synchronization Event ends this Thursday, April 15!

This Solstice Gateway experience will deepen your understanding of energy ~ who you are vibrationally, the nature of the new energy on the planet and the importance of vibrational mastery in creating new realities. 

Power focus in this NOW:

Do not give anyone or anything permission to lower your frequency – consciously create each moment with love and JOY!  With the support, wisdom and LOVE of these Ancient Mountains and the Shining Ones ~ this 5 day immersion into 5D and Feminine Light will expand your reach into the NEW within and all around you. Promise. Everything is here to support us, even with so much going on, it is ALL here to support our truest expression, lives and service.

Breathe Deeply into this NOW, it is everything we have ever dreamed of as an evolving world.

Solar Synchronization 2021 PDF

Extended Flyer Here:

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6 comments on “Crystalline Heart, The New Self Emerges
  1. ruty says:

    A song for A shining Ascending Solstice :

    “take me to the moon &let me be among the stars…”(who sand that?)
    Yes, that song but -No. not these words, rather-:

    “ take me to DeAnne and I’ll be with, the Shining Ones.
    no, we never part ,forever love is US unite.
    in those few words, I wish you, a Feast of Love – unite in one.”
    * * * * * * * *
    I’ll be sitting in between the elephant’s feet of Love-Tree or on a rainbow over the sea.and so I wish upon a star. with Love, R

    • DeAnne says:

      Hello Dear Ruty,

      Reminds me of a Frank Sinatra song! 😉 I appreciate putting a melody to your intention to be present with us this Summer! You will be front and center from beginning to end. Love you!

  2. Chermaine Fletcher says:

    I would like to join

  3. ruty says:

    Yes, it is Sinatra.I googled…it’s there.I’m amazed.

    Came form the mountain ,feet-flew there myself. not the vortex, yet beautiful all the same.Earth is so quite, IS she done with clearing up? hotter here than a whole summer.likely the potent energies pouring in now from the Cosmos Central sun.

    Mighty ocean flatter than a peaceful lake.not a rock pools.
    AM-your sleep time,I sent you Heart to Spirit eye.

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