Choose Your Direction, And RISE

In a gentle way, you can shake the world.  Mahatma Gandhi

I met this magnificent tree on 5/5/5 – a NOW moment within which I could feel so strongly the realm-shifting frequencies that are present in this auspicious time. There are several moments of the tree I will share with you here… the remaining photos you may tap on to enlarge.

When I walked up to this tree in a new area I have been exploring – my entire being went still. The zero point energy I talked about in the May New HUman Transmission, activated in my heart. ( Amplifying Your Highest Reality I felt such a reverence. I was so swept up into its rise. This is an old growth, Eastern White Pine. Standing beneath it was like being in a cathedral. There were numerous large orbs, saucer size and bigger, in the tree’s aura. The radiance of the morning sun danced and shapeshifted all around the “cathedral”, as well. Pines of all varieties vibrate forgiveness. I contemplated this, felt this, breathed in the compelling essence of this totem gift as I hung out in a suspended moment with this tree. The energy and power and RISE to the new is communicating so strongly from this elder being, so unpretentious and gentle in the power it emanates.

When I consider Forgiveness in the context of this evolving world, there is so much that humanity has to forgive and surrender and let go of and turn over and release to a new beginning, with courage to BE the new beginning. And then I go deeper into that meditative thought, deeper into the still present rumblings of an unsettled world, into the utter, breathless, heartbeat of Zero Point. It is there that I feel the LOVE that is sweeping us all up into this RISE of New Light, New Reality, New Divine Feminine.

This is the wisdom that this Forgiveness vibrates: you have walked up and into this moment very purposefully, you are lacking nothing, needing nothing, looking for nothing, you just come in service to a moment that you have prepared for. That is the profound and the simple of it.

As we explored in the May webcast, this NOW is filled with stargates that are open wide, delivering radiant, blissful, timeless waves of New SUNlight, Plasma Light and daily Schumann flows that can be heard and felt in the rocks, the rivers, the trees and flowers and elementals – all of the vibrational world. In the dedication of The Shining Ones, Ambassadors Of A New Age of Light, part of the dedication was to Gaia, the Earth Mother, for singing me home. 🙏🏽 The new harmonics present in this NOW are indeed, singing humanity into a new way of BEing.

The energy and power and RISE to the New is communicating so strongly, the frequencies are now interacting with your crystalline body in a new way. As the Crystalline Heart Stargate expands to wrap itself around the world, your Crystalline DNA reconnects and shifts your perception of the events unfolding in yours and the greater world. The message streaming so profoundly into whatever experience you are having, is to be consistent with your trust of your Self, your life, the world around you and interpretation of the events that continue to unfold. Breathe Zero Point into each moment so that the mind becomes still and you consistently intend the highest experience in each moment and the highest trajectory of Unity Consciousness. Be ever mindful, (again, the New HUman transmissions have many supports for this) that being a conduit for this RISE and reality-shifting frequencies can cause exhaustion. And it can set in on a moment. REST when you can and often. YOU are creating a new world! Stay hydrated, daily movement, ideally in nature, deep and restful SLEEP and sacred devotion to meditation. 

Today is a NEW MOON in Taurus, 3pm Eastern

Always a day to consider new seeds to be planted, a New Moon in Taurus invites rebirth in how we connect to the physical realm. This is a time to go within and connect to what you’re ready to manifest, especially as it relates to the Summer Solstice Gateway! Listen to your intuition as you meditate on this New Moon. Ask Grandmother Moon how you are meant to share your inner world with your outer world, where you are meant to put your energy, and how you are meant to connect to the physical realm at this time. And then consider the energy of this Magnificent White Pine.

6 Weeks to the Solar Synchronization Event

I can feel this Gateway and the intention of this 5 day event already! I AM grateful to have both masculine and feminine participants as we come together in a higher reflection of what it means to join in community and service at this time. Unity Consciousness is at the heart of Zero Point, Ascension NOW, New Reality expansion. Final registration will be closing soon, so if you feel inspired to share your gifts, polish your Light and deepen the way you walk in the world, consider joining us. 

Solar Synchronization 2021 PDF

Extended Flyer:

As Above, So Below and Everything In Between.
And So It Is.
DeAnne and the Shining Ones ❣️

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4 comments on “Choose Your Direction, And RISE
  1. Judy says:

    “…you are lacking nothing, needing nothing, looking for nothing, you just come in service to a moment that you have prepared for. That is the profound and the simple of it.”

    I love this comment.


  2. ruty says:

    Oh what a beautiful world this, oh what a beautiful Light,
    no, we won’t stop our-song here, Love IS within and without.

    **This Tree
    The tiny light @ base DETERMENT to Light the whole way up and join
    mother-power- Sun.
    There is no stopping us we’re together; A Mighty One. Source at heart.
    I’m drinking nectar Love,from everyone-you &you & all of US.Gratitude

    Who’s”Tree”is this ? dressed with Hawk’s feathers-meticulous design.
    it’s power is consuming.from a 1 source to perfect 2.grounded in T’ One.

    Thank you endless much DeAnne with The Shining Ones.

    • DeAnne says:

      Oh what a beautiful world this, oh what a beautiful Light,
      no, we won’t stop our-song here, Love IS within and without.

      LOVE YOUR POEM RUTY❣️ yes, there is no stopping this RISE, within and without! The tree belongs to no one and yet belongs to us all!

      Blessings of love and hugs to you Ruty 🙏🏽

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