Daring Greatly, Lion’s Gate Webcast!

“Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.” ― Rumi

Namaste’ New Humans,

Ecstatic Motion indeed! It was challenging to choose a photo for this post and Lion’s Gate invite, because I have SO MANY that reflect the immense radiance, Solar Flare, Crystalline Plasma Light activity and incoming harmonics of the Lion’s Gate Portal! As I stood in the moment you see above last week, I received a profound transmission. A forever changed, transmission. I honestly didn’t know what to do with myself after leaving. “How can I possibly remain in what appears as an ordinary reality as an ordinary human – after such an experience?” It felt very much like this moment, this experience, in this nature… was one I was always going to walk into. As if it had been waiting for me. (sigh) The EVERYTHING and ALL had been waiting for me. I felt that! The energy was generous. It was all encompassing. It sang with extraordinary harmonics that spoke directly to everything beautiful and true, powerful and wise within me. This moment of golden light spirals with rainbow fractals, sweeping crystalline frequency and personal invitation into the New Reality of I AM LOVE, created such a level of peace, of surrender and trust in me. All went still. Within and all around me. I was in the Singularity. I was ONE with Zero Point energy. And it had one essential piece of communication to instill. That even with all the distractions vying for our personal and collective attention, something BRILLIANT is happening.

Surely you can feel that, even if for a moment, through the image captured here. Something exquisitely brilliant, something unexpected, something that has nothing to do with old agendas and fearful outcomes. Breathe that in. Take a moment and send your gratitude into the moment captured here ~ because it IS the Divine Light preparing the way for a Collective Shift into New Reality. Feel the magnetics here, I assure you they are so palpable and so strong. The magnetic shifts in our local star system and planet are supporting our highest co-creation with multiple realms of Gaia/New Earth. All the similar images I have captured, really since the Summer Solstice, reflect the expansion of Divine Light, which is and will continue to initiate new experiences, new connections, new levels of passion, service and Unity. Zero Point encoded frequencies such as this command more radiance, more expansion, more possibilities. Honestly, we have no time for the distractions. The Freedom in this NOW can be found in expecting the unexpected and confidently expressing FREEDOM with every thought, word, deed and creation. Right Use of Lifeforce is consciously choosing to not energize negative outcomes, while actively directing your intention into the realities of your heart’s desire. Moments such as was captured in this image remind us not only of the power of the Light, but of our power, as well. The power of our individual, sovereign consciousness as Light – and how incredibly powerful our collective consciousness is, as well.

It is a very big NOW. It is a very expansive time to be human. It is worth reminding those of you reading this that there are many probably realities happening simultaneously. The dominant line of consciousness running on this planet is that the world is not safe, that it is filled with evil and that we are powerless. But every person every day has a choice of where he or she focuses their consciousness and thus, has the power to be part of tipping the balance of creation we experience back to a reality of love, of community, of living in harmony with one another and this planet. This is what the New Golden Age of Aquarius is all about. And just as with that moment with me and the nature and the beautiful light that greeted me earlier this week… you, as a Soul, were always going to walk into this moment of light and dark, of love and fear, of death and new life, new beginnings, new possibilities for our world. We are creator beings. There are enough awake souls on this planet, along with all this solar, planetary, new sun, stargate, new DNA activity MOVEMENT – to begin creating CONSCIOUSLY, from our hearts, from love. A new beginning for this species. It is a New Day!

Following are Key Passages, Influxes, Stargates and the August New HUman Transmission to support your journey over the next month!

Thursday July 22nd – Solar Shift: Fire Sun Lion

Friday July 23rd – Full Moon Aquarius! Powerful Moon in this NOW, coupled with Leo energy, emphasizes the evolution from self-centered and selfish to group-centered and altruistic. This process takes place through the gradual surrender of the personality’s desires to the ever more insistent presence of the Soul. Our sense of identity has been shaken to the core over the last year… spend devoted time with this moon, clear sacred space, allow its transformative light to anoint what is rising from within.

Sunday July 26th – Mayan New Year. Day Out Of Time – magnifies shifts to new cycle.

July 28th – August 12th, Stargate opening and alignment. Every year during this period the Lion’s Gate is open… with its peak on 8/8! Anticipate intense energies and shifts. Know that you are prepared for this time. Stargate openings deliver powerful amplifications for our Ascension. Create an environment ongoing where you are supported, where you can find clarity and focus your intentions.

Ritual Ritual Ritual! This message has been constant, clear and growing since the Summer Solstice Gate. Rituals bring us fully to the moment and aligns our energy vertically. We are IN the singularity when we are engaged in ritual.

Think: anointing oils, ritual soaks, crystals in plants, yard, decks, hanging from trees, medicine wheels, crystal grids, blessing your foods, exploring new ways to connect with the animal kingdom and earth, waters, trees, rocks, the Moon, the Sun. Sing. Dance. Feel your body. Fill your heart. Let nothing and NO THING interfere with your communion with Self and the Joy Of All That Is!

Encoded Crystalline Plasma is powerful. It is flowing with great intensity in this Now. For the Love of YOU! It is like manna for your cells as we transition to the new crystalline DNA. Listen to your bodies and feeling nature. Remember, the feminine vibrates FLOW, masculine energy creates resistance and drive. Note the magnetic adjustments and Solar Expansion. As these influxes come in through the rest of this month, they will bring strong revelation energies. Apply revelation in your own journey now, in service to the whole. What POSITIVE agenda can be revealed in this Now, through you?

This will ALL sound familiar, this language and understanding – it is the wisdom of the New HUman Consciousness and Energy. Come deepen your seat of power, clear the mental and emotional body, amplify your revelation streams about the new direction you are preparing for and attune your cells to the remembrance of how to use the Freedom Codes on the August New HUman Transmission:

DARING GREATLY! Sunday August 1st, 11:11am eastern.

This annual webcast is typically ON the Lion’s Gate. However, there is nothing typical about this NOW! I AM getting strongly the need for each of us to be in deep surrender, profound trust and astute attunement to your own journey on the 8/8 peak, sacred space and ALL focus on where you are now and the larger vision for your life.

We will go into greater depth about the Lion’s Gate, what to expect and how to best prepare. We are calling in change. Calling for the new earth. Ready to experience more love in this reality while mustering up all the courage we have to not get pulled into the pejorative spiral of all that is breaking down. But first, we must be grounded and we must want this for ourselves. I have a new meditation for you that both empowers your rootedness into the new foundation, 5D Earth, while facilitating your ability to use your consciousness to travel, gather and create new experiences. Good Stuff! These webcasts are ALWAYS in the moment, ALWAYS following energy and engendering in you, the capacity to do the same. They are light-encoded with a new sustenance; the new hUman is a re-membrance that facilitates your innate ability to operate as a pure generator of reality/realm-shifting LoveLight ~ while consciously and confidently applying the knowledge and skill we practice together here each month.

“You are the universe in ecstatic motion.”

Additionally and ALWAYS, New HUman Global Unity Meditations every Sunday! You are never alone. You are part of a greater and growing collective RISING with a new understanding of power and how to use it consciously. Three different times to choose from: https://deannehampton.com/archives/14727

I appreciate each of you and the journey you are walking immensely. We are the New Light coming over the horizon. Allow the frequency of LOVE to transmute ALL remaining distortions, internal and external, with Divine Neutrality in Heart.

DeAnne and the Shining Ones 🙏🏽


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6 comments on “Daring Greatly, Lion’s Gate Webcast!
  1. Reetah says:

    Thank u for bringing the message the higher path of what’s unfolding.🙏🏼

  2. ruty says:

    Greetings DeAnne, thru time, space, realities… consciousness…
    The saying “as above so below” puzzled me for long – surely above isn’t as the below.
    Your captured bindu /sphere here brings that saying to VIEW =seeing is believing– how wholesome this sphere IS.Thank you. exquisite.

    late afternoon t’ 16th – sun moving down- I walk onto the mountain. had to stop ! at the start.
    The Light illuminating Nature was transfixing, different. I couldn’t AHHH it enough, how to capture it in a container so it is for ever.

    Been thinking of you since the 15th intensely sensing you’re@ your solitude/serenity. y’day 19/07 your post made it’s way thru the electro/mag jungle into my box .

    It is a personal CELEBRATION for me to get your posts.

    Humanity (my)wirings still dangling & hinges are broken as if all is loose,I’m thinking how all those pieces can be put together again.
    have to trust t’ Wind of Light to Weave The NEW carpet for us to find new footing.

    The vortex trees are immensely helpful .feeling ‘unhinged’ I connect to Love-Tree, Triad-Tree & Monarch(Hawk)-Tree to ground with their silent soft POWERFUL MIGHT.

    Got t’ angel card “Power” on 17th and thought – YES. put The POWER ON. 19th – got your powerful mail.T’ Power present.will re read yr mail.

    Due to an immense loss/grief(for all) I got FW in searching the “why” to 2001 engaged in release work with Isa-Head of The ONE (under Sanat Kumara)-.
    I traveled back to Banff lakes/Canada. t’ decimation of The 1st Nation/People.horrendous. I stayed alone in a big hall releasing anguished pains.
    2 weeks ago, grieving to abyss depth – I was back there/then as Indian. when I realized that–a huge load was lifted up&out.HEALING took it’s space.
    I understand this releasing/healing is for the WHOLE/ALL -a deep wound not just for me.
    Time doesn’t heal-we have to heal ourselves with the Indomitable Incredible Generous help we get from On High – SPIRIT Most High.
    Love is at (hand)Heart.love to us ALL.with Grate Gratitude to U DeAnne.

  3. DeAnne says:

    Dear Ruty, You paint such beautiful images with your sharing I always feel as if I AM there. Thank you for that. Read and reread this post as it will help you PIVOT from what is breaking down and heavy to the TREMENDOUS LIGHT THAT IS PRESENT, in each moment, even with that which is deconstructing. The POWER card is PERFECT for you and reminds you of RIGHT USE OF POWER, not giving any energy to what appears negative. The New Light, New Frequency, New Reality is HERE, NOW – Love wins!! 🤗🙏🏽❣️

  4. ruty says:

    (like t’Full Golden-Moon- NOW in full bloom up above -exquisite)you said: … ” RIGHT USE OF POWER “.
    How did I manage to cover my fear of it so well?which mind compartment I hid it in? I’m amazed how incognito I made it. such an important piece.
    I was aware of it 20 years ago.then? threw it down a Himalayan cliff? This brings TRUTH to bubble up to be dealt with. how auspicious to come up NOW.:’Daring Greatly’-Revelation it IS. WOW!!!I’m GRATEFUL beyond time,space,realities,dimensions…from Divine Mother Flame in my heart,I
    radiate ETERNAL-LOVE DeAnne/shining Ones -so exited to see this.Thank U.

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