Polishing From The Inside Out!

Hello Shiny People,

One of the messages that has been coming through so strongly in recent months, is how imperative it is that we take care of these physical bodies, strengthen them and prepare them for increased vitality and light. I shared on the August, Lion’s Gate Transmission that often my energy feels as if I could run right off the edge of the planet and leap to the next one! There is a tremendous amount of energy present within us, all around us, in the Cosmic Realms and in the Earth Mother. Listening to this new frequency, understanding how the light is affecting our bodies and how are bodies are responding, is so very important. I am compelled ongoing to add strength training in various ways to my daily trail running and yoga. And my body is responding, fantastically so. There is definitely a cellular communication system, that if we are in the moment, in the stillpoint and out of habit and routine, we are going to hear and understand and make adjustments, accordingly. WATER continues to be the must essential tool of transformation when it comes to these physical vessels. I have long used crystals in ALL my water vessels. They change over time, relative to the current energy passages around and within me. So, do be open to that if you are not already doing so. The human body, as with the Earth’s body, is primarily water, staying well hydrated helps all the bodily systems function at a higher rate, as well as, support the activation of the new crystalline DNA.

Strong minds, strong bodies, strong hearts – this is the Divine New HUman intention moving forward. The Cosmic Light and Planetary activity underway is unprecedented… everyday a focal point must be tuning into how your ego consciousness can assist these crystalline changes from within.

Which brings me to today’s special offer!!! As many of you are aware, I AM a big advocate of ION Gut Biome from stellar New HUman, Zach Bush, MD. Much of our health, our body’s ability to fight off dis-ease, imbalances, environmental toxins which are everywhere… strong immunity and vital health really begins in the GUT. Known as the second brain, your belly’s ability to receive and digest essential nutrients while effortlessly eliminating waste is ESSENTIAL to optimal health.

This liquid (flavorless) gut support supplement derived from 60 million year old soil, is superior to anything you will find on the market and a huge support for the myriad of changes our bodies are evolving through at this time. We are “digesting” SO MUCH information on so many levels as our world flips upside down in a necessary shift to uplevel and reset! I have been on ION Gut Biome just over 18 months… along with many of your fellow new humans around the globe. Jyoti and Bodhi continue their gut health journey, as well – I just cannot imagine any of us being without this support and intricate link to the Earth Mother at this time.

Check out the different formulas, tune in intuitively on behalf of your beautiful belly, the well-being and long life of your pets, there is even a special formula for children and for sinuses. It’s the perfect time to try it for yourself or share this offer with friends.

When you order a 32oz bottle, you will receive a free 3oz travel size by using the code NEWHUMAN at check out! PLEASE NOTE that you will need to put both the 6-day (3oz) supply and two-month (32oz) supply products in the shopping cart prior to inputting the code, NEWHUMAN, at checkout for the deal to work.

My *ION Gut Biome Story, along with past blog posts for those of you who are new to the tribe! https://deannehampton.com/the-intelligence-of-nature-ion-biome

Use the drop down button on the link above to add both 32oz and 3 oz bottles to cart before checking out with NEWHUMAN.
OR to make it super easy, here is a link already including both products
I AM happy to answer any questions! The photo I included here (click to enlarge) is of the early morning mists on a local river. The bright luminescence is how I like to imagine the light in my belly… the energy rising so beautifully with such peace, is a reminder of the true nature of reality in this NOW. Keep your focus in the Light, on greater TRUTH coming to light and on the promise of a New Dawn and Era of Peace. 
DeAnne and the Shining Ones
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5 comments on “Polishing From The Inside Out!
  1. ruty says:

    Hello Sun DeAnne,being’confronted’ by the mail pic,and reading your flight words:
    “I could run right off the edge of the planet and leap to the next one!”
    My 1st thought was:are you sure this pic isn’t from the’next 1′?is it Earth? the DENSITY of that place,heavy&dark,how anything can penetrate it.The LIGHT CAN !transforming it into a bubble glowing Light bath.it’s incredible punch in darkness face!
    For me personally/me part(icle)experiencing tough quarters it’s a dramatic encouragement.

    For my I part(icle)of the Whole-All THAT IS-it’s fantastic! The Light penetrates every place of Earth regardless how dense or less.
    it’s overwhelmingly encouraging. indisputably so. not easy to look at (doing it’s job well…) and simultaneously -hypnotizing.
    In short-it is so POWERFUL.Thank you.Love in ev’ atom of earth.Love you.

    • DeAnne says:

      Dear Ruty, I SO RELATE to the “incredible punch in the face” metaphor! 😉 Yesterday the sunrise that greeted me as I left for an early run just left me in this suspended wonder of “could my eyes be really seeing this??” Thank you for sharing your wisdom that the “Light penetrates every place on Earth regardless how dense or less,” I AM sure many people need to hear that reminder at this time. Remembering the New HUman mantra, “My mind is a clear pool of water, my heart is a chalice of Light” – you can imagine the image here both in the mind that struggles so to LET GO and also the heart, in you, in me, in the Earth Mother and Cosmos and even in this weary humanity – shining with such brilliance as a beacon of remembrance and deep knowingness from within. We are and have always been free! ❣️

  2. ruty says:

    wow!1st time I heard mys’ verbalizing the word ‘chalice’was y’day in t’ morning sun.something like ‘may I be a chalice for the Light’.
    I was wondering where did it sprung from.now -it’s here…

    I wish more people’ll write even if just a sentence.it’ll make us stronger-connecting Light beams in an extra way -on this Shining platform Exchanging Energy. it’s very powerful &likely supportive to DeAnne’s relentless,formidable contribution.lets share Light. Namaste.

    • DeAnne says:

      HAHA – I AGREE Ruty, people tend to like to write me personally – which is more challenging for me to keep up with!! I do encourage NEW HUMANS all the time to contribute here BECAUSE of the Unity is builds, demonstrating how our personal experiences are all very much the same! Maybe your “Rallying Cry” will prompt some voices! 🙏🏽

  3. ruty says:

    There’s a saying “A voice calls in the desert”.the desert is mostly deserted. when one calls-there’s no answer.same here.
    If we value DeAnne’s contribution lets support it.

    The Light workers task is OPENING THE GATE for more& more Light to stream IN everywhere,relentlessly wherever we are.society won’t do it.

    An old rusted gate,hardly moves,just a few can’t shift it.A bunch of determent people are needed to push it OPEN.each person is more Light. More people = More Light = increased POWER energy, pushing & Opening,facilitating more/’higher’light to stream in .
    As I Understand it -This/THAT IS US.lets participate.was great reading Mark’s and all others who do so.why leave DeAnne alone in it ?Gratitude.

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