Releasing The Old

releasing the oldThere is a beautiful paradox in release… to the conscious thinking mind, release implies something we must give up, the essence of going without. When looking deeper into the true nature of release, we feel it as an energy of going within. There is not so much something for us to let go of as to make room for – to allow the fullness of.

There is a supreme, delicate, creative flossing of dense spaces occurring on the Earth plane at this time – be they in the circumstances of our human creations, the habit of how we wear the human body or the illusions we have built up around who we know ourselves to be. See, even the nature of building something up around, implies there is something altogether different and unique unto itself, within.

We intended to enjoy and celebrate this flossing of our world, our bodies and mind and spirit in this evolutionary thrust of species and planet we find ourselves in the midst of. Everything IS changing! But it is not so much because of what we are giving up and letting go of – it is because of what we are allowing and willing to be. Be good to yourself in the allowing, be fierce with yourself in defining the perimeters of your new expression and be loving and kind in understanding that as the Light is given full reign in all areas of our lives and choices, any remaining density will be enveloped into that radiance and we will once again know the greater Unity of Existence.

To Life! xo



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One comment on “Releasing The Old
  1. Karen says:

    Your prose is poetically potent & poignantly POWERFUL!!! xxx To the Shining Ones….Blessed BE (((((((+)))))))

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