All Of Creation Exhales

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There is a tremendous amount of love present – in the form of Light, washing through us and anchoring in as a new consciousness on and within our beloved Gaia. Whether you refer to it as Golden Race DNA, Christed DNA or Divine HUman DNA, our experiences are growing more profound, more unfamiliar as this new DNA comes online and we identify more and more with the heart center. The most important activity to allow for and consider as you create a new story in your known experience, is the availability of higher choices. Stop and breathe into that awareness. This is the energy driving whatever is currently manifesting and presenting itself to you.

If density and/or resistance is experienced in the outer, it is a reminder to align your heart and energy fields as they expand outward, so that you align with True aspects of your Divine Self. Trust and know that the crystalline structures activating within the brain and the activation of the long-dormant areas of the brain will be steering your activity, thoughts, and energy fields to align with the Higher Self. They are not steering what is happening outside of you but your ability to choose, anew. When a situation arises that is unacceptable to this alignment with the True Self, call forth and command new neural pathways within the brain to operate in a fifth dimensional state of consciousness and remain in your heart, the frequencies and wisdom of love. Stay aligned with the heart, ask your Higher Self, Christed Self, Higher teams to continually show you the truth and then be prepared to act in accordance with that truth. I hear a strong and persistent message from my higher mind reminding me that I will unsettle my known reality again and again to know and align with Truth – to know and align with Love.

True reality vibrates joy, cooperation, co-creation, meaningful service and the fulfillment of giving. In pure moments of alignment, your DNA, brain, pineal, and awareness will experience tremendous expansion and you will weep with the sensation of the love that is available to you – the love that IS you and that you are now remembering.

New pathways have opened up between the Higher and lower levels of Gaia, which means our experiences will and must be more profound, more creative, and aligned with a true state of Creator consciousness. All expansion at this time is in alignment with the True Self. Pay attention to your reality. The Light of Creation pulses in each moment and love is beckoning humanity into a truer relationship with its power, its heart center, its creativity and dominant desire. Dominant desire is always life giving. All is evolving to meet the greater intention and frequency of Love as an energy, a presence, an intelligence and wisdom that will ultimately see to the greatest good of all. Separation and density consciousness are no longer driving the development of our expansion. Divine co-creation is propelling us forward into a deepening of the One Heart to which we each belong. So much, so brilliant and so quickly are we moving to a new story – I celebrate this Divine co-creation and expansion everyday.

In Service, with Gratitude, Devotion and the Love of Oneness,



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