Living Waters

It is pretty much one of my favorite things to do! Any and every time we get a good rain here in the mountains, I make a point of getting to one of the local rivers – or in this case, waterfalls. I do love the mountains and the ancient wisdom we are surrounded by with their presence here in Asheville. But there is just something about the energy of water that captivates and transports me, clears and comforts my mind and body and spirit.

I’ve done many water focused shows over the years, story and metaphor about the magical properties of water and the direct communication that I receive from them. You will even find water meditations in the archives of the unique and vibrationally rich New Human meditations. Water is a powerful conductor of energy, rich with transformative powers. There are technologies that humanity has yet to discover in the waters of the Earth that will be invaluable to the continued evolution and sustainability of our world.

Here are a few magical moments within an otherwise magical day at Catawba Falls. The first video is of the high falls, an experience found only by those willing to use a repelling rope and scale some pretty precarious cliff side trails. This was one of Samadhi Blue’s favorite excursions because, as you will see, there is a swimming hole in front of the falls. I would do a shallow dive from the flat, partially submerged rock you will see to the left of the video and falls… and she would leap out at the same time from a rock perch just to the right. Good and blessed memories in this spot. She was still making this trek at 14 years old – such is the benefit of mountain living and a deep, abiding love for the natural world.

More refreshment and moments of grace in the second video – one of many cascades on the lower trails – so there is something here for everyone. So much abundance and selfless beauty in nature – it always brings me joy to share it and invite you into world that sustains and nurtures me, ongoing.

Have a blessed, inspired and illumined week of revelation, Self discovery and inner peace, one and all. Much Love, DeAnne


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3 comments on “Living Waters
  1. Karen says:

    RE~freshing & RE~vitalising…..thankyou Divine Mother Earth <3
    Waterfalls & the Divine Feminine Rainbow Ray go most excellently together!

  2. MARIANNE says:

    AHHHHHHH – and the negative ions come to me through the ethers – wow!
    Thank you and blessings to you and Bodhi 🙂

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