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rainbowbridge_byskytimeMEDITATIONBlessings to the New HUman Tribe of this Community,

I’ve had a couple of interactions recently with awakening beings such as yourself and found the topics and illumination gained to be worth sharing here with the many. We are, after all, each both student and teacher of every encounter we have in the many moments of our evolving lives… in that way, we each benefit from one another’s experiences, insights, challenges and successes.

First, a new member of DeAnne Live was perusing the site and felt attracted to a show from 2010. She then hesitated and thought to herself that perhaps listening to a webcast from so long ago would not be beneficial because it was in the past.

This all came to light when this person had a one on one session with me. And what I felt important to share is that before the fact, it came up in her session that she had had a major vibrational event in her life that had reset her trajectory – but that there was still unsettled energy around that, she had not yet found a new balance. The event was in 2010.

The beauty around these transmissions (and I say this as someone that experiences them the same as you do – with the same wonder and love and purity) and the beauty and gift of them is that they are timeless, number one and that they work on a cellular level. What I then understood about her being drawn to a New Human transmission from 2010 is that there were light-codes in that webcast, frequencies that would communicate directly with the cellular memory of her experience in 2010. And the important guidance within this whole little wonderment of events is that she felt drawn to this experience of the 2010 show – and yet instead of trusting that guidance and just going with it – she got in her mind and began to block and make judgements about her own original intuition.

The experience of this website – from the format to all that is offered here, is for the purpose of communicating with a different aspect than the intellect. The material here is thought provoking and insightful – but more importantly it is stimulating a very different operating system than what the egoic self and mind are conditioned to. I encourage spending time, hanging out, exploring and tuning in to the many ways the various modalities offered will communicate and work directly with your interior, fine-tuning, healing, balancing, clearing and activating from the inside out! With a great deal of love…

This second sharing is incredibly important and valuable – especially in this NOW!
A long time listener to these frequencies and former Walk the Path of Light initiate wrote an email – he got hung up on something he came across in the media! This is a person I consider a “new human” in intention and heart – that this schism came through him said to me that this was something that needed to be addressed to a wider audience. The energy and momentum with which the Shining Ones responded to this was quite palpable and with much authority. We must truly be vigilant with how we are interacting with the denser plane – taking care with what we are taking on and what is no longer ours to give energy to.

He sent me a meme – that I have chosen NOT to share. I just don’t want to give it any energy or credibility in doing so. But basically it was an image of President Obama – with words written as if they were his own – suggesting that he is single- handedly controlling, manipulating, living up to the most evil of agendas and succeeding at destroying our liberties, our dreams, our futures and our lives. Attached to the meme, this new human asked:

“I’ve heard you state that the election of Obama was a point in time that marked a change. So what do we make out of something like the picture here. Can you just chalk it up to fear or the old paradigm keeping those willing to listen in a quagmire?”

THIS was the Shining Ones response!!!

I read ONE LINE of this and chose, with wisdom NOT to read any more of it –
I felt IMMEDIATELY what it was – the energy it is being influenced by and did not want to allow that into the reality I exist in! Just reading it and considering for one MOMENT what it says hooks the reader right back into the same manipulated, controlled and deteriorating reality that created and sent it out! I am so surprised to receive this from you – surprised that the meme even aligned with your reality. THAT is of more concern to me than the veiled reality and fear this extends from.

In the bigger picture of who we are and the evolution of our species – Obama’s presidency represents a forward moving trajectory – an advance of consciousness and energy. NO MATTER WHAT details, how influenced or entrenched in the old game he becomes – it is that TRAJECTORY of consciousness that was, is and will continue to be the threat to the handful of OLD POWER that is controlling
this reality like puppeteers! It is a hefty case of tunnel vision to continue to focus on ONE MAN – especially given the energy that contributes to.

The faction that puts out things like this – (propaganda/conspiracy) and the Government that seems so determined to destroy Obama – they are doing nothing more and nothing less than distracting the people from a much more serious, dark manipulation than anything Obama could instigate or contribute to on his own. Is the current “system” something to be worried about? That is emphatic yes!! But Obama is a very small fish in that toxic ocean of consciousness. I feel tremendous compassion from a higher realms perspective for him in agreeing to take this on. He has a strong light contingent around him – thankfully or he would likely not still be here!

Again, as I have shared and built a foundation of light beneath SO MANY TIMES – his election opened a portal of frequency for the purpose of humanity grasping the ledge of a higher level of consciousness, a new consciousness. I can still feel and see the light over DC at his first inauguration – it was electric, decisive and quite beautiful in its vastness. The clearing and elevation that took place that day was like a sonic boom of light-waves. Many of you know that I saw Barack Obama in person at a rally here in Asheville prior to his 2008 election. That same central radiance of clearing was present there, as well. Light coming in vertically and pushing the density out with a new authority and force. What anchored that day remains, we have more probabilities to choose from and many are living in these new spaces still!

The power THEN and NOW is ultimately ours – deciding what level of the game we want to give ourselves to and remain beholding to. In the old consciousness – there is no light and that system will never change! It is like a commode that has already been flushed! WE ARE THE NEW CONSCIOUSNESS – that is where our power is in creating a new reality – not concerning ourselves with what is happening in the old one!

The Light is here, balance is being restored, more and more are leaving the old paradigm structures – (jobs, healthcare, the financial entities we KNOW are dishonest etc) and contributing to reality in a new way that is about sustainability – community, unity and love. It IS happening. The louder and more desperate the shadow gets (as in creating propaganda such as this) that is all the proof we need that the NEW ENERGY is gaining momentum and power!!

As we become more aware and awaken to greater truths, we must become increasingly discerning in falling into shadowy traps that keep us tethered to a very controlled and manipulated reality!!

I would encourage you to meditate on the whole dynamic of attracting this energy #1 – and then feeling to bring ME into the mix 🙂 – which is ultimately bringing in a very different energy. Your Guidance is very strong and clear – the question is, are you truly listening and paying attention!!


I feel a lot of gratitude and passion in this sharing – gratitude for those willing to be a reflection for the many and passion because we are SO MUCH MORE than the trivialities and manipulations of the old paradigm of consciousness. It is my wish that you find some aha’s of insight and support therein. Our consciousness is being rewritten and our energy divinely influenced from beyond the perceived limitations here. The Antahkarana (rainbow bridge) is the truer foundation for those ready to leave the attachments behind and live more fully in the heart. I invite you to use the visual provided here as a focal point when you come up against your own resistances to new and change and the love that is here now, on our behalf!

Finally – this final question from one of the many of you out there…

“I struggle with the thought of free will and the idea that you create whats in your life. If there’s someone you are close to, and they are going thru a personal issue, how is that a reflection of who I am? Did I create that in my reality?”

THIS is a perfect segue for the next Teleseminar on YouAwakening! New Human/New Relationships coming up on Tuesday April 28th @ 8pm eastern. I am making myself a note and the Shining Ones are nodding in approval that this will be a timely and relevant concern to weave into that show. So STAY TUNED – JOIN IN – BRING YOUR LIGHT and your HEARTS and be open to deep and lasting change! It is time!
Blog from 4/16:

With High Regard for you, my brothers and sisters of light,
Wishing you love, harmony, peace and the joy of ONE remembering.
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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  1. Georgina Tonelli says:

    DeAnne, your consciousness is a PRECIOUS gift to this planet. Your consummate love of nature, and deep respect for all creation is so evident in your words and in your photographs. You have the innocent charm of an elemental coupled with the intense intelligence of master teacher. Your use of language (often to describe the vastness of the indescribable) is so incredibly appropriate and well-chosen. HOW MUCH I love and support you DeAnne. Thank you for being on Earth at this momentus moment in evolution. Love and Light Always, Georgina

  2. Karen says:

    In Unity <3

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