12/12 Light-Codes, Embracing A 3 Year Odyssey

7549220Sat Nam New HUmans,

Sat Nam carries the vibration of Truth, when you express it to your Self it acknowledges Truth as your true name. When expressed to another, it acknowledges the pure essence within that ONE and again, honors the frequency and Light of Truth in all things. This is both an ancient and timely greeting as all of humanity makes the sojourn of Truth from a decaying and unsustainable world to ONE that is renewed, rejuvenated from within and expands into greater Unity each day.

Today is 12/12/15 and for many, the end of a 3 year Odyssey of transformation, greater service, clarified intention and significant strides in the mission of Mastery. Your personal experience, understanding and perception of the 12/12/12 has been a huge factor in your journey and movement these last 3 years. Three is a powerful vibration in the ascension process, it vibrates the essence of the Trinity – mind, body and spirit as the threefold nature of Divinity. Number 3 symbolizes the principle of “growth”and signifies that there is a synthesis present… it is all about increased expansion, growth and abundance on the physical, mental, emotional, financial and spiritual levels. This has been the “vessel” carrying those ready to be in greater service over the last 3 years. Many in the Light Tribe have been transformed in immeasurable ways into new expression, deeper connection with Gaia and greater clarity about their individual and collective missions at this time. There has been a lot of reunion this year, celebrate the ways we are uniting and coming together once again, as new Light tribe.

If you are following the 5D arc and ascending spiral of the New HUman transmissions, you are aware of the new and profound level of Divine Feminine that is emanating from our Earth at this time. One of the most important activities you can engage today is to honor your connection to Gaia and to do some type of ceremony with our beautiful Mother. Pay attention, she will reveal to you her higher expression and your unique role in the transformation and CHANGE happening through 2016. Take time to connect with her today in a sacred, conscious, heart-centered way… listen for the new harmonics coming from the vibrational world for they are key in guiding you into new experiences vibrating with the True Self and your greater mastery.

Many of the videos and photos of the Shining Ones Vortex I have shared with you recently reflect how crystalline Gaia is becoming, how the Solar energies are changing her and likewise will continue to change us, the New HUmans of a very different Earth experience. The codes and wisdoms of the New Light that activated the New HUman templates on the 12/12/12 will take on a new level of expansion in the heart center today, as well as some very real AHA remembrance of the New Living Language we have been actively activating on the New HUman transmissions. In your sacred space today with the Mother, find gratitude for all who have supported your journey these last 3 years and acknowledge too, the level of your own devotion in walking the path of Light during this evolutionary phase. Today marks both a completion and a NEW BEGINNING in the capacity of New HUmans to apply HUman light technology as a New Consciousness in clarifying the path forward at this time.

It is time to forget and forgive the old Light, both in your own process and in the journey of our world. Bring EVERYTHING into your heart, place all of your intention on LOVE. Revisit the December Energies New Human video and the one posted just yesterday, A TIME OF CHOOSING HIGHER OUTCOMES. These videos, along with the web transmissions and the meditations are light-encoded with transformational energies for the purpose of supporting your expansion into the highest expression possible. Ride the perimeter of the holiday energies by practicing Random Acts of Consciousness, spontaneous expressions of appreciation, devotion and love near and far in your world. Remember what the Shining Ones shared about the boomerang nebula (on front of the New Human book)  – it vibrates the essence of how consciousness works – the understanding of HUman light technology. Where you focus your mind and heart, your intention and efforts is the future you are continually manifesting. As New HUmans, we have the opportunity to demonstrate to all of humanity a new level of empowered Light consciousness, infused with Love, vibrating the wisdom of the heart.

Let the old Self go New HUmans, refuse to participate in anything that vibrates less than love, all old agendas, be vigilant in recognizing the many expressions of separation and LET THEM DIE OFF. IT IS A NEW DAY. We have journeyed long and far to BE WHO WE ARE IN THIS NOW! Remember, every thought, every feeling, every choice of how to spend your day – is creating your future, NOW. Within the choice of Light, Unity, Compassion and LOVE are solutions to all seeming problems in your world. Stand tall in this new Light with your New HUman identity and hold the entirety of your human family in your heart. In this way, you stand as co-creators with a brand new expression of existence, the beautiful feminine power of our beloved Gaia and the high Mastery of the Shining Ones, Ambassadors and wisdom keepers of a New Age Of Light for planet Earth. As a New HUman, you are fully empowered in this NOW. Embrace however this now is manifesting for you – LOVE IT ALL. These are strange, wondrous, very different and wholly transformative times! Open your heart and take the fullness of it in.

One Love, One World, Peace To ALL,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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  1. slava says:

    Thank You DeAnne.It is so helpful.

    With much love <3 Slava

  2. Karen says:

    Your words of Love/Light soften my heart……Sat Nam DeAnne & the Shining Ones ✨?✨???

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