One Giant Leap

Sat Nam New HUmans,

For Friday’s blog I decided to mix it up a bit with some different and unique music that you might not expect to find in this space. Then again, we are communing in a 5D portal here so there is no “usual” – but a continual flow of words, music, meditations, videos, mudras and mantras reflecting new energies, energies to lift the mind out of complacency while engaging the consciousness of the deep heart!

I was sitting in Sukhasana in a very inward place when the following song came on the playlist before class. I felt many things – yearning, beauty, love, compassion, Soul, vision, reach, peace.

The artist is Baaba Maal and the song is called Dunya Salam. I cannot tell you a lot about him or this piece – and perhaps that is among its many gifts. Because without a lot of details to fill in intellectually – it leaves us with the opportunity to tune in, and just feel. In some of the comments beneath the video, one listener reflected – “its amazing how this song sounds so personal even thought I absolutely don’t understand a word he is saying ..” 🙂 Indeed. Sometimes, and increasingly so as our species evolves, we don’t need to understand things intellectually to be touched by wisdom.

Baaba Maal is from Senegal and considered to be “one of our time’s ambassadors for humanity.” This song, Dunya Salam, can be loosely translated as:

“Listen to my voice/echoing through the night/speaking with the universe/bringing advise to humankind. /My friend, respect your word/keep your dignity”.

I invite you to listen intuitively and allow the harmonics and his heart to speak to you personally – create your own interpretation knowing that if it moves you internally, you understand the message he is so beautifully conveying.

From the Album One Giant Leap, we are reminded of the greater movement and thrust for each of us, individually and collectively, at this time. And so it is~ ♥

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  1. Karen says:

    Imploring Peace……. 1 giant leap of Faith….. My heart’s desire…..Blessed BE <3

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