Live With No Regrets

78d7b2ca448f7a2423915e36ddeb5efeGood Morning Light Tribe,

I have had this quote hanging above my bathroom mirror for a time now ~ it carries such purpose and power for me. LIVE WITH INTENTION, WALK TO THE EDGE ~ yes, these are definitely New HUman postures. But the one that really stood out for this mornings post, feeling into all the reach and intensity and PROMISE enveloping this humanity at this time… is to LIVE WITH NO REGRETS. It is true, there are no limits to your reach in this NOW nor the LOVE that is here on behalf of an evolving world. And of course, in our hearts and inner wisdom we want to step fully into our potential and realize unlimited life for ourselves and planet. Yet, we are all on our own unique path and that path is going to look different for everyone, in each moment, ongoing. So, choose what you may, do your best, live from the reservoir of your own incandescent light and KNOW that you are doing the best you can with each choice and loved unconditionally for it, always.

Happy Friday New HUmans,

Don’t forget, we have a NEW TRANSMISSION – the Equinox Webcast this Sunday!

One Love,

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