Gateway Opportunity ~ Embrace The Light

MG_7880Good Monday Morning New Humans,

What an extraordinary moment in time we find ourselves in. Forgiveness, Healing, Rising above and Moving On – these are the new cadences so empowered and present in this NOW. Miracles are becoming more everyday as we find ourselves in old scenarios that are being made, brand new. It was an extraordinary weekend of high vibration (that included an hour technology delay for the webcast!!) leading into a Gateway week that culminates into a Summer Solstice that is very much about raising the vibration of the Collective Consciousness. If you are riding these waves without resistance you have already witnessed this elevated consciousness demonstrated in those near and dear to you. Again, seeming miracles are the order of the day – when in TRUTH, Consciousness is rising and more and more are utterly and completely ready for peace.

As humanity continues to get bathed in the golden glow of this Solar Light, we are remembering a time before all the warring and infighting and like the prodigal son (and daughter), are ready to return to home. Play with that metaphor a little…  We can assist everyone, even those trapped in fear, obsession with conspiracy, obsession with the past, or negative behavior and judgment. It is not about who is deserving and more worthy or not – it is about being so filled with your own light, the True Self so embodied in your life, that you see more Light being reflected all around you. Because it is there, it has and will, always be there. Lightworkers have been doing this for decades and we are about to receive a very potent boost in light quotient. Remember it amplifies everything; as always, get clear on what is and is not in resonance with your True Self.

So, it was a BIG SHOW – a vast transmission – and a very high vibe ride ~ even through the political quagmire of our current world stage. It is always so amazing to me how two hours of “time” can disappear so effortlessly and with such ease even as we entertain a hierarchy of intelligence, light and generous wisdom on behalf of an evolving world. Perception is changing, beliefs are retreating and expanding in a simultaneous action, hearts are softening and we are seeing one another, anew. Again, the presence of miracles and the emergence of Truth are the same crystal prism of a New Human Paradigm.

As always, there was abundant participation from the vibrational world in this webcast, our Beloved Gaia and her nature kingdoms delight in sharing energy, insight, love and wisdom with the light tribe. I remember the Titmouse who perched in balance on top of the bird feeder – singing loudly in support of the energies we were sharing.

Titmouse — Fearless attitude, powerful voice, control of ego, not letting praise go to your head.

It is fun and illuminating always to notice these nature moments and how exquisitely they fit into the transformational energies running, the guidance being shared from a vertical spiral of wisdom.

And so, here we go into a week that will change many lives! It is time for the many to know the truth of the Love of your True Self. The passage we are entering with the Solstice Gate is a passage to override and do away with the default reality in the collective consciousness. From now through September, we will witness amplification in both personal and global disclosure. This past weekend I witnessed my 86 year old mother willingly open her heart and her being to a new level of transparency and love – yes, a miracle. This is a month of remarkable gifts if we are in our hearts and open to them. As we head toward the Summer Solstice Gateway, a huge portion the collective will find themselves facing personal fears, shedding negative emotional constructs and prepared to face the Truth; the True Self that resonates with Divine Unconditional Love.

Spend time with this webcast Beloveds ~ it is a treasure of sustenance for the evolving, transforming, Creator Self. Work with the meditation and really nurture your chakras as you prepare the vessel for a new Truth; about Self, Life, the world out there and the world, within. Allow your leading thought to be, ” I AM BECOMING SOURCE PRESENCE ON EARTH.” Reach into the nothingness and fall in Love, then stay there. Be that Love.

Blessings Of Unity, Transparency, Wonder and Magnified Life,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

June 12th New Human Transmission:
The New Self, A Time Of Truth

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2 comments on “Gateway Opportunity ~ Embrace The Light
  1. Karen says:

    Bula! I am blessed to be in Fiji for the Shining full moon gateway, thus enjoying warm sunny days, clear crystal salty healing waters, tropical fruits & flowers & dreams that hint of magic & mystery. The Fijian people are very relaxed & happy as a predominantly Christian race, & “welcome home” with smiles was the greeting to my heart. I am on REtreat in Spirit with you DeAnne & tribe & the Shining Ones. ???One Love???

    • DeAnne says:

      what an amazing gift Karen ~ WOW~ Thank you for sharing and including your new human tribe in such a beautiful experience and place! ???✨???

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