ALL Present, ALL Powerful Shift to NEW

Seek that wisdom that will untie your knot
Seek that path that demands your whole being
Leave that which is not, but appears to be
Seek that which is, but is not apparent.

Dear Beautiful Humans ~

I have so much to share as we enter the Summer Solstice Gateway ~ how could it be any other way? as this NOW is gifting so much to this humanity. I found 2 perfect Rumi quotes to anchor my intention to share the energy present now; the presence and illumination and liberation streaming in on a new light lifting consciousness, energy and potentials the world over. Come, come into your magnificence ~ be still and feel the RISE of this now. 

This Solstice-Eclipse Gateway is about FREEDOM and the NEW! That freedom and new can only be found and experienced and lived, fully in the moment. Equally important is to understand that each moment, no matter what the mind is perceiving is exactly perfect, filled with higher love and guidance for your freedom and mastery. Match your energy to “that which is, but is not apparent” – and you are free. We are completely capable of raising the entire collective into peace, harmony and divinity. That is the true power and purpose of Embodiment in this Now. And this capacity to lift the collective into peace and harmony is dependent on our ability to live in and allow the new and higher expressions of existence in each moment and experience and day of our personal reality. With that awareness, I have 2 recent experiences to share with you ~ walking through them with you here from 3D to 5D – from old energy and perception to new. I AM so grateful for this illumination – the process itself and the constant presence of the new as we navigate our way to a new freedom. I encourage you to feel the experiences I have to share ~ the opportunity to merge with the Higher Self through the body, the mind and heart ~ all while taking on the Christed State of Consciousness. The remembrance we are embodying, that EVERYTHING is teaching and communicating to us, is that WE ARE ALL ONE, that there is nothing that is separate from us. In this awareness is the understanding that there is no such thing as being in the wrong place at the wrong time, that it is not possible to have an experience that is not yours to have ~ that it is ALL Love, that it is ALL your path and that it is ALL for your highest good.This is your most important work, to vibrate this Truth.

Here we go!

A few days ago, I was running an errand on the north side of town. The location was a little strip mall with a staircase at each end and 2 stories. As I approached the stairwell at one end, I noticed a low hanging steel beam and ducked my head as I came round the corner of the stairs. Next thing I know – I hit my head so hard on that steel beam that it knocked me off my feet – backward – my feet in the air! It was a significant impact, I got up and proceeded to climb the stairs, all the while feeling surely blood would begin pouring down from the top of my head. When I walked in the little store I was headed to, the girl behind the counter said hello and asked how I was? And I shared that I might need a minute, having just hit my head really hard on a steel beam. Come to find out – she has run into the same beam, which made me feel a little better! 😛 I was a little nauseated for a few hours and didn’t feel like eating though I hadn’t yet eaten that day. This was definitely an event! This was an energetic and I knew, purposeful, something to pay attention to in this now! 

Fast Forward to the next morning ~ the dogs and I were on the trail by 6:30 for our morning run. It was a beautiful, peaceful morning in the mountains. I tuned into where I need to run that day to experience the deep connection and guidance the nature always gifts me with. We had climbed for about 15 minutes, heading up to a new trail that I just created this year, unifying electromagnetic (balancing) earth energies with magnetic (feminine) earth energies. Jyoti was about 8 feet in front of me on this narrow trail with dense nature on either side… Bodhi was about 10 feet behind. We were ALL relaxed and peaceful, fully present in this bliss. 

The next series of events happened quickly! I heard a hiss, the bushes on the side of trail rustled, Jyoti jumped and ran to me – and a huge bear stood up, not 8 feet from me. As she stood up, 2 tiny cubs scrambled up the tree just behind her. I immediately grabbed Jyoti (who was petrified) by the collar and turned to look over my shoulder, hoping Bodhi had not seen the bear. Too late! His ears were at attention, his face on high alert and he ran by me in a flash, on guard, right at the bear. Again we were all in a very small space! Bodhi charged at the bear (instinct) barking and the bear lunged at him, hissing. I called out, Bodhi no!! He backed slightly and turned to me, at which point the bear lunged at him again, hissing. The energy was very electric to say the least. Jaya was twisting in her collar, firmly gripped by my hand. Remembering that you are suppose to make yourself BIG – I raised my other free hand up, looked right at the bear and told her NO!!! As in, no uncertain terms, NO!! She then jumped on the tree right next to her babies, stretched lengthwise on the trunk… and then this incredible, beautiful, fully embodied thing happened!!!

That mama bear started to make a sound I have never heard… and I have had a LOT of bear experiences. I can only describe it as a hum… ALL the electricity in the moment fell away, shifted from chaos to a palpable knowingness. What I heard in this sound she was making was, “I am really afraid for my babies.” I felt her distress, I felt overwhelming compassion. I feel profound emotion in just sharing this with you. Everything shifted. All energy reaxed, let go! I began talking to her, the dogs perfectly still ~ “it is ok, we are not going to hurt your babies.” I kept talking to her as I calmly released the grip I had on Jyoti’s collar. I told Jyoti to stay as I began unhooking the leash from around my body, still holding that mama bear’s gaze, with mine. She was focused on me, still humming ~ I was focused on her. I called Bodhi to me as I continued to talk to her ~ I calmly put the leash on the now calm Jyoti and we all turned away from the bears and went on our way in the opposite direction on the trail.

We were in the woods a LONG time, as I had to go up and over a section of this vast forest to route us away from this little family. We never looked back – we never heard another peep from the bears. But it did give me a lot of time in really pure energy to feel and understand this encounter.

Important reflections:

*It is not possible to have an experience that is not yours to have.

* There is no such thing as being in the wrong place at the wrong time – this is a construct of fear.

* I never once felt threatened. I was too busy BEING PRESENT to the moment and responding to the moment.

* Energy transforms in the moment according to who you are being. You define your experience always.

*There is only LOVE.

I was in the woods for at least another hour… lots of time to be with this experience and understand, embody it’s message and purpose. I could not help but slip back and forth between the “steel beam” incident the day before – and this up close and personal bear encounter. These 2 events less than a full day apart – I felt so clearly that they had to be related because both were unusual and impactful! Unusual is unknown. I knew that there had to be a greater message both conveyed. What was the common theme and energy?


* I saw that beam and ducked! And still ran right into it!! It’s like I moved, and it moved with me?

* Those bears were as surprised by us as we were them. This is very unusual. Bodhi has extreme bear radar! They weren’t there – and suddenly were.

* Energy moved quickly – there was no time for THOUGHT!! Only instinct!

*Divine Merge ~ the overlapping of timelines is clearly expressed in both experiences. Meditate on this.

I stayed with the ENERGY of these 2 experiences, I turned them over and over, intent on getting what they had to convey. Being a global teacher, and given the “impact” (no pun intended 😉) of these 2 back to back experiences, I knew the teaching was great and beautiful! Coming into another incredibly powerful ( the higher realms emphasize how strong of a transformation point this is) week of opening for the greater embodiment of the 2020 energies – this is the gift to receive. Please meditate deeply on this NOW energy – a mystical synergy of FREEDOM and the NEW. Embodiment of this gift changes everything because it holds the Christed vibration within the collective HUman Heart grid, Gaia (5D Earth) and across the dimensions and densities. ( This is the vibrational intention of the current Healing The Earth Meditation in the June webcast – Over Riding All Lesser Realities ) Embodiment is a multidimensional trigger which allows higher states of the Awakening to unfold. Nothing is more important in having a major impact on our service, our beloved Earth and all her cherished kingdoms, in being a TRUE TRUE TRUE blessing for ALL.

Unified Message: EVERYTHING IS RIGHT HERE. (Beam, Bears, the choice of fear, the choice of love)

Breathe this in New Humans. Wherever your thoughts go, whatever you meditate on, wherever your prayers take you in the desire to manifest NOW… everything is RIGHT HERE. The new is SO present, so near, there is no place to get to, nothing to achieve – ALL YOUR DESIRES, your power and mastery – it is ALL RIGHT HERE. There is not even space in between what you desire, what you truly are, and your breath. Over the last several months we have moved into the higher collective timelines, life-streams and Ascension/Awakening Process. With June, we witness and experience the unification of the Crystalline Grid, Divine Merge, Oneness. Do spend time with the meditation (Healing the Earth) that carries the visuals of this process.

As I came down off the mountain that day, and every day unceasingly since, the energy present with me, informing me was that of “throwing” my light body merkabah, golden lighted star tetrahedron – lifting my arms powerfully from my sides up into the Eternal, “throwing” my merkabah with certain mastery up high and all around me; that everything I encounter or experience be enveloped in the Truth of who I AM. Which is Unity. Which is LOVE. Please take this intention as your own over the coming week. Of course, your light body merkabah is always with you, whether you acknowledge it or even have awareness of it – this is our Divinity and every human possesses this gift. But in this incredibly powerful NOW – major shift point from which there is no going back – you are being encouraged to COMMAND that golden lighted power and presence within. (Note here that “throwing” is a rudimentary verb – the feeling is that of “throwing” paint or color without an objective or direction – just a joyful, certain pronouncement of your power.)

*YOU HAVE THE POWER TO COMMAND ANY MOMENT TO YOU – to presence, to peace and harmony, to love. *

There is ONLY THIS MOMENT! This unification of a New Earth Grid system is a major milestone for every level of light-worker on this planet. The merging of the Inner Earth/Lemurian Grids and Ley Lines (the past), with the New Earth Grids (the Present) and the Crystalline Grids (the future), of all living things and every level of existence is a tremendous accomplishment and cause for Celebration. Embrace the FREEDOM of your Embodiment in this NOW. Stand tall in your awareness of Self; there is nothing left to forgive – the old stories of victimization, separation and harm belong to a different timeline. With equal parts compassion and gratitude, LET THE PAST BE! As new humans, a new humanity, we now move into the unknown territory with a new level of consciousness overriding the lower self – confidently drawing to us ALL NEW EXPERIENCES of abundance, support, community, creativity, service, vitality, rejuvenation and bliss. THERE IS ONLY LOVE.

Re-creation of Self – opening our hearts and whole being to the coming week.

*Sunday, June 16th: Global Unity Meditations:  8:11am, 11:11am and 5:11pm EST FEEL and work with the awareness that the new timelines are here, Unity is here, ALL THAT YOU NEED, is with you, within you. BE IN THE JOY of this!

* Sagittarius Full Moon, Monday June 17th, 4:30am eastern

List any areas in your life in which you wish to exercise closure. Then on the night of this full moon, undertake the following meditation, which is best done outside.
1. Light a candle, an oil burner or incense.
2. Play soft music ~ if you have a piece of moonstone, wear it or place it beside you.
3. The color of completion is gold, so place your candle on a piece of gold silk or similar item.
4. Close your eyes and allow the moonlight to shine onto your face ~ or if you are inside, imagine it and feel it as with the meditation on the June 9th webcast.
5. Visualize the first scenario that you wish to close. As you review this scene, consciously bless it, send it gratitude and say good-bye. Then thank the people or situation that enabled you to become the person you are today.
6. Feel yourself releasing any aspect of the old emotional, mental, physical and personal and see it disappear.
7. Repeat this for any other closures you wish to make.
8. Sit quietly for a few minutes, feeling the moonlight clearing you.
9. Open your eyes, breathe deeply and have a drink of water.

Finally, I always sing to the moon ~ I learned this song in my Native American Lodge family: Neesa Neesa Neesa ~ Neesa, Neesa, Neesa ~ Neesa, Neesa, Neesa ~ Gai-wey Ho Gai-wey Ho

Friday, June 21 at 11:54am EST: Solstice. Global celebration of the new timelines, new everything. Focus on freedom. EVERYTHING IS RIGHT HERE – it is closer than your breath. You do not need anything ~ your connection to ALL THAT IS is powerful beyond measure. The Light Realms love ceremony and ritual – combine this devotion with NEW and trust your Self to KNOW WHAT YOU NEED. Avoid routine, dive deep into nothingness, into the unknown. Avoid gatherings that regurgitate old dynamics. Bless and create with the NEW – BE IN THE NEW LIGHT and you will be a channel for its grace, its magnificence and its LOVE.

SUNday June 23: Global Unity Meditations  8:11am, 11:11am and 5:11pm EST. Anchoring the Solstice energies, activating collective DNA to support the Embodiment – send your energy into the unknown and intentionally DRAW TO YOU all new experiences.

SUNday June 30: Global Unity Meditations  8:11am, 11:11am and 5:11pm EST. Opening for the strong influx of the Eclipse. Revisit the 6/9 Healing the Earth Meditation to positively influence 5D Gaia and the higher timelines through Unity, Love and Highest Intent.

Take a deep breath with me here… this has been a monumental post! Thank you for taking the time to share in its essence with me. Focus on the image above again before you read the closing quote by Rumi, below. The energy in this image, she was walking with me as my physical being took on the impact of the steel beam and she was the centering force that helped to stabilize an otherwise unpredictable encounter with the bears. There is such courage and trust in this photo – she is walking into the unknown with intention! Walk with this etheric, mystical grace and bravery into the coming week and passages. Expect the Unexpected. Embrace the Unknown. Take the whole mystery into your heart and allow this Freedom to Embody you NOW.

If you are seeking, seek us with JOY
for we live in the kingdom of joy.
Do not give your heart to anything else.
But to the love of those who are clear joy.
Do not stray into the neighborhood of despair.
For there are hopes: they are real, they exist ~
Do not go in the direction of the darkness ~
I tell you: suns exist.


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