Wherever Do We Go From Here?

This week I received a package in the mail. It was addressed to me with a return address of Amazon Fulfillment. I had not ordered anything, couldn’t imagine what it was. Inside the outer white envelope was a tiny, well sealed box, again, with no indication what was inside. I opened the box to a speechless surprise, finding a large diamond crystal in the tiny little box. I took some time to inspect and marvel at this “special delivery”… then I contacted Amazon to say I had received something I did not order. They asked me a hand full of questions – one of which was if there was a packing slip inside – to which I replied, no! There was no way of tracking where it had come from or where it might have been going. And just like that, the diamond crystal became mine. Somehow it found its way to me.

I AM both intrigued and moved by this symbolism, this energetic finding its way into my NOW. Galactic Core, Central Sun and Diamond Stargate are all interchangeable references to that from which we came and to where we are all RISING to return to. The Shining Ones are from the Galactic Center, as well. We, this humanity, are currently moving through a sector of space that is highly charged with photonic energy. We have talked about the Sirian Stargates in recent New Human transmissions… the great central sun Sirius and Alcyon, our central sun both revolve around the Galactic Center, Diamond Stargate. When I held this diamond crystal in my palm I heard, “expect the unexpected. Abundance. Love.”

This has been an incredible month of Stargates, mystical worlds being revealed – and discovering NEW phenomena that we were not equipped to recognize and understand even a month ago. The August 15 -28 Gateway was an incredibly strong alignment point for acceleration.

I woke up this morning feeling so strange ~ I kept trying to find a reference point in my brain for this sensation within and around me. There were none. And yet, the longer I hung out with this energy, this sense of space and reality and being – what came to me is it felt/feels as if there is a vortex inside of my body – and it is synchronizing with a vortex all around me. New Gateways are opening at phenomenal rates – both within Gaia and through the cosmic stargates via Solaris and Sirius – and they are serving to activate new DNA, initiating new perceptions and awarenesses. The light level is increasing with dramatic intensity, and embodiers are receiving merge codes to assist our Ascension process. We are becoming those open stargates right through our DNA. I anticipate spending a good portion of the webcast next week on what is happening to the earth and US and our Cosmic Collaborations ( Supernatural Presence)  as these stargates continue to open. And they will.

It is TIME to begin interacting with positive alliances in service to ascension/awakening.

And if the current moment acceleration, alignment and mysticism were not enough – inexplicable MAGIC has happened connected to PERU. Stuff that you cannot make up and could not plan for with the most sincere and best efforts. I cannot WAIT to share that with you on the 9/8 show, as well. I will tease you with the initial awareness that PERU and the intention this tribe of “shining ones” will be coming with next Spring is a STARGATE – and more of the Lemurian energy that has been anchoring over the last few years so exactly and effortlessly. I do not know about you, but I had no idea Peru and specifically Machu Pichu – was Lemurian in nature. More to come. Start clearing your Calendars NOW for late April – early May. It will be EPIC – we are SO blessed!

I feel the Sun directly pinging and activating my cells on a daily basis! It is pretty trippy and yet, there is a knowingness and a felt peace. We can only anticipate MORE FULL AMPLIFICATION as Gaia and Solaris shift the magnetics to accommodate the New Earth grid. The title of this post, Wherever Do We Go From Here eludes to the fact there will be increasingly no words or explanation for the life and experiences we are now stepping into. EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED and receive it ALL as a gift.

Dates to Note:

Sunday September 1 (and every Sunday) New Human Global Unity Meditations. It is so powerful when we gather in Love, in Unity, in Peace and shared intentions for a healed and transformed world. https://deannehampton.com/archives/14727

Sunday, September 8, New Human Webcast!
The Generous Present Moment 11:11am eastern

FALL EQUINOX – Monday, September 23, 3:51am EST
More about this on Sunday’s webcast – more than anything, Now is the moment to make your move – even a small one – toward the life and expression of Love and creativity which you truly are. No. More. Waiting. This Gateway is your red carpet!!

I AM headed to MEXICO shortly after this gateway… all magic, all purposeful, all of this tribe tucked in my heart!

FINALLY – PERU 2020! Late April, early May – I will fill you in on the details on Sunday’s webcast and have a flyer ready SOON!!

Expect The Unexpected.
Everything is new and different so~
why not DREAM BIG.
After All – DIAMONDS are falling from the sky! 💞



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2 comments on “Wherever Do We Go From Here?
  1. ruty says:

    The Orb bejeweled human’s hand holding A manifested by Spirit Diamond Globe.what’s next on DeAnne’s Spiral? expect the??? just receive.

    DeAnne,Enjoy a purpose fulfilled unexpected Love Zone in Mexico.
    it feels awesome,a bit like lightning burst.Shining path there & back.

    • DeAnne says:

      YES Ruty, thank you for being you and for noticing. I purposefully did not define or interpret this addition to the moment ~ allowing for others to connect with it in an organic way. It is pretty fantastical in many ways. The strange shape (rectangle) on my hand is the camera – a 3D image being reflected by refracted light – WITH the orb AND Sun – passing thru a dimensional doorway in the crystal!! On BOTH of the photos – I love that the consciousness here expressed a geometric doorway in the otherwise, many faceted crystal. It is a vast portal – we can all just walk right thru! 😉 Ahhh the invitation and GIFT of this NOW!! 💞🤸‍♂️🌎🙏 LOVE YOU RUTY!

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