Stepping Into The Brilliance!

Dear Beloved Family,

Life in this NOW is equally intense and beautiful. I just wanted to take a moment to remind you about the New HUman September Webcast tomorrow, September 8: The Generous Present Moment. This will be an especially “intense and beautiful” transmission, in keeping with the greater energies we presently find ourselves in. I will be sharing about new stargates and otherworldly presence that are opening up in the Earth… and some brilliant insight that was given to me around the shift in our physical form, to light, once again. It is not at all unusual to fall asleep during these webcasts… that is the intensity of the transformational energies being shared. The mind and body are seeking a new coherency and often times, the mind will just check out (sleep) for the integration to take place.

The experience with these webcasts is not unlike the vortex experiences I share with so many. We journey into really high, pristine spaces following sacred geometry and the natural life-force energies of our planet. And more often than not, people will share that they feel the need for a nap afterward, which I encourage. Along with not going into too much social, busy, 3D spaces after these experiences… both suggestions allow the new energy to integrate and assimilate into your current energy field.

Where the show transmissions are concerned, you will still be getting the downloads and benefiting from the energy in each show even if you fall asleep … yet, it is good and powerful to listen to each webcast more than one time. Each time, not only will you notice and hear and receive something different, you will also see that you can take in more and more of the energy without “checking out”. The goal is always to be able to sit through and breathe in the whole transmission; without mind, relaxed, undisturbed and in your heart. This will result in the highest and longest lasting experience from these webcasts.

There are so many takeaways from this September webcast… come rested and find a really comfortable, quiet space to listen and absorb. Set your intention and shut the material world away as you step into these portals of remembrance, light, higher mind resonance and alignment with the new possibilities and brilliance we are poised to step into in this magnificent NOW moment.

New Human September Webcast: The Generous Present Moment
Sunday, 9/8 – 11:11am eastern
Meditation: Eternal Deep Space
Music: The Oneness Om Ananda Giri


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