All Heaven And Nature Sings!

Magical Earth
Sacred Ground

Holy Mother
Christed Nature

Vibrational World
Light of the Universe
Multidimensional Being
Energy Flowing
We Glow in your Becoming.

Beloved Light Tribe,

The opening now is immense – feel the expanse and the JOY in your Soul. The Soul has really come on line as the 2020 energies crescendo and cascade into open hearts and conscious minds. Waves of Light washing over and through all that has been within our personal and collective human experience, BREATHE and delight in your being. I spent the afternoon holding the most beautiful, precious, shiny little 5 week old girl, named Gaia. The eye contact was laser focused as she cooed and smiled her way into my whole being. Talk about wonder and metaphor for the invitation extended from the 5D Earth. Truly, it feels as if the windows and doors eluding to any remaining separation have been flung wide open and the Light, this new energy is just flooding our cells, washing away any limiting thought and belief. The atmosphere and environment of our planetary world is a-swirl with geometric design and golden threaded light waves. It is absolutely stunning. The felt response is FREEDOM and a joyful lightness of being. Embrace that as you TRUST your Self and who you are to step fully now, into this beautiful new alignment and greater Truth.

* Keep it light this week!
* Create lots of space around you – room to grow and be and FEEL.
* Drink water and green living juices – get out in nature – DELIGHT in your world.
* Journal your thoughts – and allow your Soul to respond.
* Brand new levels of Embodiment are available.

2020 is a massive felt shift that 2012 launched into fruition 7 years ago, in preparation for Crystalline Embodiment. And NOW, HERE WE ARE. I AM so grateful and feel joy in being able to share with you what is happening within our Earth on the next New HUman webcast – Sunday, December 22, 11:11am eastern. For now, tune into and receive unconditionally what is occurring within you! There is an incredible amount of clearing, resetting and opportunity for NEW EXPERIENCES of pure Embodiment underway. It is magical to experience evidence of Gaia’s Living Library out in nature, knowing her process is mirroring our own. Transfiguration, Resurrection, GRATITUDE like a sun rising within your being are palpable, along with this deep peace of knowing ALL IS WELL.

I AM YOU, YOU ARE ME, WE ARE ONE as Unity rises in our world, out shining all that remains unsettled. Be conscious with your thoughts and choices.

Thursday, 12/12 and Full Moon!! Invitation to STEP IN to this timeline-shifting sequence that is rewriting our DNA.

Thursday 12/12: Final day for EARLY BIRD Registration, PERU 2020. This is a Multidimensional Intent Driven Initiative. The mantle of a New Consciousness and a New Earth Stargate is anchored within the inner earth system of this region. We are being called to work with Gaia and assist in grounding the new light level for the benefit of the Collective.

Sunday 12/15, 22, 29 – New Human Global Unity Meditations:

Sunday 12/22 New Human Webcast – 11:11am eastern
Master Number 22 – sealing up the 12/12 and 12/21 Gateways.

Meditate on the above image ~
feel it within your being,
exquisite with Light and Truth,
full Radiance within and without.
And so it is.

Peace to ALL, DeAnne

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