Everything Is Different, Eclipse Update – and NEW WEBCAST!

once an ember, now a flame
impossible to contain.
Rise Brothers and Sisters Rise.

Namaste’ New Humans,

THANK YOU!! Thank you for believing in a world that is beautiful and filled with promise and light. THANK YOU for lighting a candle in your heart everyday for the immense struggle and suffering of a humanity endeavoring to wake up. THANK YOU for steering every wayward thought of fear, of doubt, of fatigue, misunderstanding, frustration and dismay toward the higher mind ~ where there is wisdom always, and a sense of peace. THANK YOU for your persistent Love and trust in the greater design and potential of existence on this beautiful blue planet. THANK YOU for standing side by side with me, strong in center and knowingness, hands joined, creating an uncompromising Unity devoted to the healing and liberation of a world. We are the children of a New Sun. Our faces lifted only to the light, eyes ever focused on the path ahead, not behind. We are powerful in our trust of our Selves and the true nature of reality. Our hearts are big enough to hold ALL of this NOW and to walk in the Faith of a New Day unfolding.


That is a bit of what I am feeling ~ now some thoughts and energy, all reflecting on this powerful eclipse passage that is culminating and closing the chapter on lives of separation and suffering. The Summer Solstice, Solar Eclipse, New Moon just passed, was profoundly transformative and equally intense. The Eclipse of 6/20/20 – along with the next Full Moon on 7/5, are the final eclipses that will take place in Cancer/Capricorn until 2037. An Eclipse on a Solstice point is rare. The last time we had a Solar Eclipse on a June Solstice was in 2001.

The combined energies this last weekend dropped us deep! The energies set in motion in this immense gateway are about radical change. I am certain every other person I might speak to around the globe would say they had experiences that cannot be put into words. What is happening, first to the individual human and then to the collective humanity ~ is that there is a major transfer of power underway. If you have followed or read the new human teachings over the years, you have heard me allude to a changing of the guard. The Shining Ones speak of this changing of the guard in The Shining Ones, Ambassadors Of A New Age of Light.  https://deannehampton.com/archives-category/deanne-books

This shift, this time, the unprecedented events the world over are all being driven by a force very new to humanity. It is the same energy that drives a seed up through the dark soil, knowing that it cannot grow and become more, without the light above. This power, this rise facilitating a time of great change in our world is maternal, it is instinctive, it is creationary power, in that, it does not follow or yield to external influence – it is a RISE driven from within. The unrest in the natural world, the political, social, economic and social unrest, the discord in our relationship to food, to our bodies, to plants and animals, to nature, to death, to community and spirit and our own intuitive knowing … this RISE is asking us to HEAL what has been broken: to pause, to listen and trust what is essential to LIFE. To Trust Life.

The higher realms are so close. As complicated and impossible as all this current unrest feels ~ there is an even greater presence of wisdom, of calm, of support, of reassurance and LOVE here with this humanity, on behalf of new beginnings, of very real and lasting change.

My personal “story” is one of feeling very alone in this world. Of being on my own and not fitting in and needing to figure things out by myself and often carrying more responsibility than I can comfortably shoulder. I created LOTS OF SPACE for this Solstice/Eclipse/New Moon just passed. I set and designed my weekend around energy, from who I was with to immersing myself in high, vibrating nature… deep meditation moments, conscious diet, conscious attunement, heart ALL IN. Saturday was good… though I did feel an attention getting restriction in my heart. The Unified Meditation set later that day was deep for me, I just felt so much emotion rising from my heart, deep tears of gratitude.

Sunday I was up early and greeted the Sun with the dogs on a run chosen because the trail was almost entirely in brilliant sunlight. I felt good and strong physically, my mind was free, no distracting chatter – I was IN the present moment of the NOW as much as I know how to be. I even happened upon a young man with a shiny countenance that had gotten turned around and wasn’t sure where he was. He was visiting from Cincinnati, Ohio and was trying to follow some local app on his phone. He was VERY far from where he wanted to be and was heading in the wrong direction. It was such a synchronistic happenstance (happystance) – it felt good to be in the right place at the right time to exchange unfettered energy with this young man and send him off in a new direction.

I was home by mid-morning, made breakfast for Bodhi and Jyoti and a cup of tea for myself. And then I started to feel quite strange. My arms got really heavy. I felt this sensation – a heaviness come over my body – I actually tried lifting up my arms one at a time, observing them – it felt like I barely had any umph to lift them. My eyesite began to blur. There was a sensation of this heavy oppression taking over my physical form. And then my heart began to have the same sensation that I felt briefly on Saturday… but it was more intense and not letting up. Just a note here, if anything is going to bring up the belief you are alone in the world… it is the fleeting but persistent thoughts of going to the E.R.! It literally felt as if I was leaving! My body, this place… it felt like the switch on the “engine” of my body was being turned off.

I went and laid on the bed to meditate with both dogs draped around me. I really had no other choice – this energy, this heaviness with a felt intention LAID ME DOWN!! I meditated for an hour – talking to the Light, I did not once feel fear or panic. I really just felt surrender – like that of taking down a sail on a ship and dropping anchor. Only later did I discover that the Sabian Symbol for this Cancer Eclipse was ” a ship lowering an old flag and raising a new one.” I was at peace. Though my body was in unrest, my mind and my spirit were at peace. I remained horizontal and stationary for almost 4 hours. I don’t think I could have functioned even if I wanted to get up – which I did not. I felt a long history of struggle, of trying so hard and it never being enough, the deadening weight of being separate and longing for true connection, community, divine union. And I just let go – and let God.

And then “it” just lifted. Completely. Gone! Transformed! Liberated! I got up and felt fine. I did not push myself or put much demand on the rest of the day – but that energy was gone. The new flag was rising. The next morning I went for a run in the Shining Ones woods – and it was otherworldly! I ran SO strong and SO free – miles and miles in fierce terrain – my body so light, so FILLED WITH ENERGY – I felt like I was decades younger and dancing with the lightwaves. I felt BRAND NEW! Nothing in my body was compromised – I was filled with uncompromising intention, veracity and LOVE. Along with a JOY not of this dimension. 

I had not intended to share this experience because it is so personal. But I did so because it is a very real experience shining light on what this eclipse last weekend and the one coming up on July 5th are all about. In your life, in the mind, in all the systems on our planet and the people’s of this world – WE CANNOT MOVE FORWARD WITH THE OLD! The gift and trajectory of this Triple Eclipse Passage is going to show us what we are not; whatever the old story, the old beliefs, the self imposed limitations and defiant allegiance to the lie that we are separate and less than and destined to suffer. The Keynote for the Summer Eclipse of 2020 Sabian Symbol is “a radical change of allegiance exteriorized in a symbolical act: a point of no return.” Drop anchor, make a new choice, find your balance. Breathe that in.

I felt the Divine Mother so intimately RISE and fill out the skin of my body differently. She filled me with the knowingness that not only is my heart powerful and strong – but that I know what it needs, I know how to take care of of my heart better than anyone on this planet. What that means to me, that I am sharing with you, is that not only is our power in our heart, in our ability to LOVE, but that we must cease giving that power away. With all the distortion and untruths swirling in the field of collective consciousness on our planet right now, it is within our realm of agency, NEW HUMANS, to know what is true and to keep raising it as a New Flag of Consciousness and Energy in our world. 

We are never alone. The Universe is supporting our efforts to shift the tide of our own forgetfulness and limitation – to then UNITE, come together, take a hand or 2 or many, saying no to victim consciousness, to fear and the suppression of our VOICES!! “You shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall set you free!” We are the LIGHT of this world! We are descendants of a great Love. We have never, not one of us, been in bondage to anyone, to anything, to any division or dis-ease or false use of power! Nor will we ever be. We are free.

Know that, whatever transpired under this eclipse will continue to echo for the remainder of the year. Work with this awareness and walk deliberately, confidently into the final of this triple eclipse passage, next Saturday July 4th/Sunday, July 5th. Prenumbral Lunar Eclipse @ 12:29am eastern on July 5th – Full Moon @ 12:44am eastern. The ancient crystal beds around the U.S. are beaming Revelation, Resurrection and FREEDOM codes for all willing and fearless HEARTS – reigniting the Christed trajectories set in place eons ago. This final eclipse unlocks our Sovereign choice to Ascend, to RISE, to trust Love and surrender the old flag of our lives, our nation, our struggle and our divide in the Global Family of One Humanity. The natural side-effect of strong passages like this is more chaotic behavior in the external. Breathe and be very deliberate with Self Care. It is our task to hold the higher light and embody the higher consciousness. In taking care of your own heart, you take care of the Earth Mothers and create stability in the hearts and minds of your human family. Choose and create your experience wisely. 

There will be a NEW HUMAN Transmission for the purpose of holding the higher light and together, embodying the higher consciousness. Mark your calendars now and let’s UNIFY New Minds, New Bodies, New Hearts in support of a world destined to be FREE.

New Human Webcast on Sunday, July 5th, 11:11am eastern. This transmission will be all about Inviting In What Is True. I would love for you to join me.

New Human Global Unity Meditations: @ 8:11 ET, 11:11 ET and 5:11 ET. Come in remembrance, bring your light, meditate with the intention of peace, of healing, of unity and the expansion of LoveLight in our world; for the highest good of ALL. https://deannehampton.com/archives/14727#comment-3871


RISE 2020! FALL EQUINOX RETREAT! Immersion with the Earth Mother, Ancient Vortex Energies and Christed Consciousness Embodiment! 

Love to all, Love is all,
DeAnne and the Shining Ones




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4 comments on “Everything Is Different, Eclipse Update – and NEW WEBCAST!
  1. ruty says:

    The STRAIGHT Arrow!how beautiful! !A gift for you DeAnne. NO deviation possible.it got such a powerful head it ain’t gonna stop @ no thing.The old paradigm been dismantle!GONE !it’ll never reappear.only dust&fumes are here to clear.it’ll take time and immense efforts.we’ll not enjoy the ride.never the less-it’s going FW,no 1 can stop or reverse it.this motion is stronger than what we- @ least I- can fathom.
    Universal force.such Blessings even if so painful.

    Thank you for Igniting,sharing,Raydiating.spreading light Sparkles in,thru& all round.no space untouched to Light up.we might not see it yet- as it swallows all that isn’t IT.it’ll be transmuted.
    love drops & streams will gather momentum & quantum.no escape to any particles wishing the redundant forces to hold ‘old anchor’. they are in the process of being extinguished. this process of Flood Lighting Light IS. love unlimited.unstoppable.

    • DeAnne says:

      Dear Ruty,

      I want to share with you here that the BLUE BEAM/Arrow moment was very meaningful to me. As always, I was following energy in nature and climbed a very specific portion in the new feminine energies of the Shining Ones Forest. I, along with everyone, in this EPIC ECLIPSE passage ~ was working on something very deeply, ready to transform completely something old into new. When I reached the top rideline, I was guided to move from the new feminine toward the feminine and finally to the electromagnetic or balancing energies of the nature I was in. Just as happened with the GOLDEN ARROW BEAM you saw on the Solstice Gateway Post – I was guided to stop – feeling something to my left. As I stood and just felt what was there – this blue beam appeared – POWERFULLY SO. It was stunning in radiance and presence. It made me cry. I felt the connection strongly and had a “moment” of significant shift. What I was very aware of in the moment is that the BLUE in this beam is indicating the presence of the Shining Ones. I have shared they have a blue hue – a blue not really of this world – but blue nontheless, in their expression – along with the emotion and love I felt – I knew that this light, was them! 💞

  2. Judy says:

    Thanks for writing the above. You had mentioned something about this in a previous email but did not elaborate. I wondered what happened. Sure appreciate your sharing. So glad you were able to stay out of fear and just go with the flow. Happy Birthing the New You.

    I’ve had a lot of synchronicities happening to me lately. I’m enjoying them and reading about your’s-meeting the young man on the trail and getting him going in the right direction.

    How did the avocado brownies turn out? They sound delicious. I’m sure Jim enjoyed his 1/2 if the pan.

    Looking forward to your new webcast.


  3. ruty says:

    Reading your comments above,I feel shivers go right thru me.
    I Thanked The Shining Ones (this inc your very self as DeAnne)’thanking’ brings the shivers back.now writing it, shivers…
    Thank you Thank you Thank you.
    now I understand your blue/light’flag’/’label’more specifically.
    Wherever I AM,so MUCH GRATITUDE dipped in Love droplets,Eternal.

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