Reclaiming Our Lives In Times Of Great Change


I was in the woods by 6:45 this morning ~ grateful for the light and beauty that surrounded me. I climbed to 3 different waterfalls, a cave, visited an old tree friend that is far off any trails and a perfect perch for climbing. I gratefully followed the energies as I felt into the earth grid for attunement, clarity and ongoing peace.The energies of the last 3 days have shifted noticeably from where much of the U.S. has been vibrating since 11/3/20. I have not been watching any news or media surrounding the election because my inner focus has been holding a really strong center for what should be the greater story of this election: how divided we are as a nation. 

We are learning so much about ourselves in this Now!

When I returned home mid-morning, I felt a strong pull to go into some stillness, to meditate with the new “information” I was feeling in the woods earlier. I followed my breath into a peaceful relaxation ~ and felt guided to reflect back to the beginning of 2020, when the year and decade was brand new, a clean slate from which to center and draw our experience. The higher perspective early on reflected that this year would be about Unity, about forming New Alliances and paying attention to new directions offered. This year was destined to be about REVELATION and Freedom and RISE on levels we have never experienced before. And everything that has unfolded throughout this year has been a crystalization of that 2020 Vision for this humanity.

This moment is everything we have asked for on a Soul level.

The invitation into RISE is just that… it is to understand that we, this humanity, we are this planet in transition. There is not a moment or an experience, a person or an event that can take us out of that RISE energy, only our thoughts and emotion have that power. We cannot afford to feel fear, to feel defeated or worry over outcomes, because then we are no longer present. No matter what is happening outside of us, our true power and clarity about the greater movement and progress of the Light is always IN the present moment. There is no forward movement, no growth when we are divided. It is my constant prayer that we the people will come to understand that there is no system or platform or structure that can control our lives and future, if we are in UNITY! So there is much to be gleaned from this Presidential election independent of who the candidates were!

The greater November energies are about Cosmic events and TRANSFORMATION! It is SO IMPORTANT that we get out of the way of what that looks like… as humans we are looking thru a single keyhole of a greater transformation underway. Do you know and trust that completely – can you remain totally neutral while holding up the greater miracle of being alive and here on this planet at an essential and necessary tipping point of our very existence? Nothing is present, nothing can be witnessed, that is not inside of us. The RISE is spiraling right along side what is dismantling. The new timeline is a choice in each moment. There is ONLY LOVE.


Hanging out with the Collective Grid these past few days has been crazy, bumpy, and tenuous to hold a strong, steady center within. I get it! I feel it! ALL the swirl of so many emotions. But I also feel the Victory. There is such clarity on all events unfolding if we stay out of the mind and in our hearts. I chose the image to accompany this post because GOLD is the dominant energy in the greater field of Light holding this humanity in its awakening. Gold is the color of alchemy, of transformation at the highest level, of Christed Consciousness, illumination and LOVE. I trust the Light. That trust allows my energy and mind to remain really clear, to listen deeply and hold the human experience in my heart, yet not pulled into the separation, the fear in any way. Rumi says, “in any experience, in any chance encounter or gathering, there is a SHINE, an elegance RISING.” May we fix our minds and hearts on that awareness and not deviate. 

Choosing to be awake and keeping our hearts open helps to shape the collective dreams of the planet and the Cosmos. The big picture is, indeed, shaped by how we live the details.

I AM guided to shift the November New HUman Transmission to WEDNESDAY, 11/11. This brings in the additional support and presence of the 11/11 Activation frequency, as well as, allowing the energies of this week to settle into certain outcome. I just want to remind you here that yours is the mind, wisdom and heart of God. Bring the Light in fully to this EVOLUTIONARY year and the ongoing events unfolding. As New HUmans, you will always see with the higher perspective and lens of understanding that TRUTH is always RISING. May we all remember and embody our greater roles in that Truth. Love always wins.

November New Human Webcast: Embodying The LIGHT of Truth
Wednesday, 11/11 – 11:11am eastern

Sunday November 8th, New HUman Global Unity Meditations
3 different times to choose from.

December 20th and 21st – December Gateway Event!

With Love to ALL, LOVE IS THE RISE!!!
Be At Peace, We were made for these times!
DeAnne and the Shining Ones

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7 comments on “Reclaiming Our Lives In Times Of Great Change
  1. ruty says:

    This beyond imagining or description,pic shows how I feel. same as the broken cloud layers…air here is so ‘thick’.

    your description of how we’re affected -“been crazy, bumpy, and tenuous the last week” is most helpful DeAnne. Thank you.

    An old world crushed to smithereens.from breakdown it shows a breakthrough. I might not see it, yet I KNOW without a slight doubt – it sprouting new growth.

    LOVE of The LIGHT IS CONTAGIOUS ,it’s everywhere.May it become Viral and all we need do is BE it’s suggested…” Breath “.
    to grasp the Infinite with finite human mind is a…any word fits?
    Love echos ,love you , The Shining Ones.

    • DeAnne says:

      LOVE of The LIGHT IS CONTAGIOUS, it’s everywhere.

      I LOVE this and it is SO TRUE. We must keep our focus on the highest potential not what is dismantling. May we all continue to GROW LOVE, to trust the Light and our own wisdom – to stay out of divisiveness and negativity at all costs. This is a HUman experiment – can we live in forgetfulness in the realm of separation and STILL live free, live love, know ourSelves and continue to expand/return home, to the Light. 💞

      • DeAnne says:

        also I invite you to SEE this image as BLISS Ruty. The light shining thru gold all around – a clear opening and choice. This is what this passage and the coming 12/21 gateway is all about. Yes, there is heaviness in what is peeling away – but everything is also ENERGY and we can choose ongoing the frequency we reside in. Ultimately, it is ALL LOVE. 🙏

  2. ruty says:

    oh, yes. this image IS Bliss. the old has to be dismantle.
    no other is right here evident to eyes.
    “changing of the guards” comes to mind.Love Lives.
    Shine in 11;11.

  3. joyfuljudy says:

    I listened to your 11-11 webcast. I was surprised that it was on a Wed rather than Sunday but understand why.

    Thanks for sharing about your humbling experience with the hunters.

    I was considering not voting for either candidate but a weight did lift off of my shoulders when Biden came out on top. I’ve known from the beginning that Trump is serving an important purpose but I, certainly, could not bring myself to vote for him.

    That is wonderful that you feel you are getting younger. You are a good example for all of us. It is interesting how many people are now talking about non-aging. I was told about this(from within) many years ago but mentioned it to almost no one.

    After we get our kitchen partially remodeled(this was supposed to happen last April but got cancelled because of covid. It is now scheduled for Jan) I plan to grow some herbs on new shelf in my kitchen.

    I enjoyed your webcast, DA.

    Love and Blessings,

    • DeAnne says:

      thank you for sharing Judy, always special to hear from you! You can always buy potted herbs until you get your new shelf – why wait? I have even been buying potted herbs for close friends to encourage everyone to get on board with reconnecting in a deep and beautiful way with the earth. I say a little prayer of gratitude each morning when I chew on my peppermint leaves, I feel the joy between my little herb and me! ❣️

  4. ruty says:

    If you’ll still see this. 1st LOVE RAY your way.and asking …
    Where is that magnificent image of water to crystal to water as a playing stage for Orbs and beautiful Light ? could see it y’day, now -vanished. maybe taken off. all the same – Thank you DeAnne.

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