Authentic Self

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I love this photo… the conscious thinking mind has bought into the belief it is a stationary, physical being! When in fact, we are in a perpetual movement, not at all solid and fixed, swirling in the dream of infinite probability, time and space.

We are a loved and cherished species, with the free will to choose but one experience of reality – without judgement. Or we may choose, as well, the evolutionary expression of our multidimensional being; moving, expanding, growing, exploring – with the understanding we are never complete – that life is Eternal and our experience within it, unending.

The Authentic Self expands far beyond the momentary details of an evolving reality and experience. The true nature of our being hungers for the new and thrives in the challenges of separation, always moving toward Unity, Oneness, community, love and the joy of being human at this time on planet Earth. The Authentic Self is the manifestation of the New Human phenomenon awakening within the human spirit all over our world in this now. Calm, peaceful and centered with the flow of a river – this is who we are truly, this is the remembrance we are embodying as the stewards of a New Earth.

Come join the phenomenon, lend your light to the movement and remembrance of the New Human on DeAnne Live. Daily, weekly, monthly attunements to a higher vibrating potential for our species and planet with ongoing live transmissions sharing the frequencies of a new consciousness, a new energy and a very new Paradigm.


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  1. OMFeet says:

    Beautifully said, thank you.

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