New Human/New Relationships

RelationsCome join the New Human Consciousness and Energy on the next YouAwakening teleconference on 4/28 – 8pm eastern. The new power emerging for humanity will not fully anchor in until every facet of our lives is aligned with transparency, genuineness, the heart center versus the mind, sovereignty vs need, passion, community and co-creation. And of all the facets to undergo this metamorphosis of understanding, it is our relationship with one another and all of existence that will experience the deepest transformation.

On this evening with DeAnne, the Shining Ones and Jacklyn Johnston as host, we will explore, shine the light on and invite questions around the intention of Conscious Relationships And Divine Partnership. We must be willing to love one another, see one another, be present, support and cooperate with one another in a very new way than we have been taught and conditioned over time. The new conscious relationship and divine partnerships are a choice that must be invested in ongoing, creating a new sense of balance and harmony in intimacy, in love, in family, in business, in community, in the environment and in our greater world.

Come and bring your light, your heart and participation to this evening of transformational energies. New Human/New Relationships on YouAwakening
Tuesday April 28th @ 8pm eastern. This event is free – but you must sign up to participate or listen to archive.



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