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Mother Love

I am always encouraging people to spend more time in nature. It nurtures the body, mind and Soul in ways traditional medicine and therapies cannot begin to aspire to. This is not a new philosophy but an ancient and powerful

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Inner Mystic

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The Prayer

Yesterday was vast and deep in nature. Did you feel it? Were you able to step out of whatever the day entailed and drop into the inner well of yet another shift point. Energetically, it was as if yesterday, another

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Stepping Into Light

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Eternal Sunrise

Light is one of the most beautiful and purest things that exist within our world. It glows, it burns, it shines. It sparkles. It glistens. It illuminates everything in a incandescent glimmer. It is bright. It is everlasting. Light is

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Time For Peace

Something Divine seeks to restore equilibrium between humanity and the natural environment. Something Divine seeks to bring peace to the warring classes of humanity. Something so sacred, so subtle, yet so powerful that in its global balancing act it is

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Harnessing Light

It has been a pretty profound couple of days. I have had a few extreme encounters with surrender that only the Universe, in all its love and wisdom, could have orchestrated. Additionally, phenomenon such as very close up hawk sitings

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Creative Force

Welcome to a now very much about being able to harness and channel Creative Force as it nears full manifestation!
What are you doing with this NOW… is it resplendent with a radiance that is bouncing off your own inner being.

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Webcast: 2014-04-15 ~ Lunar Eclipse

Dear New Human Tribe, Big show and energetic attunement coming up today on DeAnne Live! Yes, it is a Full Moon Lunar eclipse that vibrationally represents the hoop we will jump through and out of regarding the massive energetic this...

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