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Dear New Human Collective,

WOW! This NOW! Incredibly beautiful things are happening ~ even with all the mental and emotional debris flying around in the field, EVERYTHING is in a forward momentum. As so much dismantles in the lower realms of consciousness and energy, so too, is a NEW ENERGY anchoring that reflects our highest human potential and LOVE. Breathe that in. This week has been SO POWERFUL – there are just not sufficient words to express the movement and depth of experience that we have had access to and been influenced by just this week!! I feel an infusion of NEW ENERGY in my brain, my cells, my heart and mind and vision. I feel this feminine grace thrusting me into a deeper surrender ~ a tenderness I have never felt before –  into no mind nothingness ~ rich and beautiful NEW REALITY.

So, I AM especially excited and honored to be presenting NEW energy and insight in this Sunday’s show. Let me just say, even without knowing all the details – that you will experience a profound level of remembrance IN YOUR CORE on the truer nature of reality, new and quite different perspective on the Coronovirus, a NEW MEDITATION to assist you in working with this “spiritual phenomenon” and to help send it on its way globally. YES!! You have that kind of power. You are here and awake and aligned with the LIGHT in this now so purposefully so! This latest transmission of a New (yet equally ancient) Human Consciousness and Energy – along with insight and input from the Shining Ones, will both inspire and activate within you a pivotal shift in understanding that lends itself to a new CENTER and a new inner PEACE about 2020 and the transformations ahead! This inner peace and stillness is an entry point into levels of Self and LIFE and Love we have never known before. LETTING GO AND ALLOWING are divinely feminine ~ this decade IS a New Beginning. We are not slipping into some dark, sticky history – this virus in this NOW makes perfect sense and it is ALL part of cutting a path to FREEDOM for this current race of humanity.

I felt inspired to share with you this song from Trevor Hall. I have experienced this beautiful soul LIVE – he emanates light and wisdom that far outshines the many ways we FORGET who we are and the power we have, the Unity we share. In this song he reminds us to FIND OUR CENTER!!! That from that center everything is made clear and expands the heart and opens the door to wisdom. Let us set our intention on LOVE – on new levels of freedom for this species and all that we have endured. MY intention is that the transformational energies in this LIVE WEBCAST marinate you in your own truest and most radiant light. We are MOVING FORWARD. There is nothing in the way.

Finally, I am remembering a book a few years ago that talked about the fact that “you are the sum total of the 5 people you spend the most time with”… and just to riff off that a bit at this time. It invites us to really think wisely about who we surround ourselves with and to let it be people who think positively and see the highest potential and outcome! Not the ones who are negative and think in terms of gloom and doom; “oh, did you see this” or “did you hear about that?” We live in fragile times with many fragile beings trying to navigate evolutionary change in ways unimaginable. In that sphere, there is only so much our hearts can handle – and you know – positivity lends itself to a strong immune system! I have had NOTHING but affirming, positive, KNOWING conversations about this NOW and all that we find surrounding us. TIME TO EMPOWER what is within us – time to RISE and BE LOVE and KEEP MOVING FORWARD!!!

Of course this event will be SO MUCH MORE than about a virus – but it will show you clearly how COVID – 19 factors into the the something greater and more powerful and BEAUTIFUL that is happening and underway! Come and join me – bring a friend – EMPOWER THE NEW GRID! 🤸‍♂️

This SUNDAY!! March 15, 2020!! 11:11am eastern
New Human Transmission!!
Meditation: Golden Wheel Of Light
Music: Uno by Deuter

Global Unity Meditations: March 1,8,15,22,29
Coming together in Oneness, the power of Unified intention engaging the Crystalline Solar Heart of a New Humanity and 5D planet. https://deannehampton.com/archives/14727

March Equinox Gate -Thursday, March 19, at 11:50 P.M. EDT
This event is already in our fields and is what is allowing for the profound deepening of our heart connection with the Earth Mother and with the Solar Consciousness. We are here to serve as conduits for the Cosmic Christ energy. This is the first of several transformational triggers from now through May in the immediate. This Gate will be an incredibly beautiful, intense heart opening where creative ideas will be abundant and the flow of light will reveal the unimaginable!

April 22 – Earth Day and Transformation Gate
April 20th – 24th Energy Renewal In The Mountains!
So grateful and excited for this week and those coming – you know who you are! And you already know one another – a GRAND REUNION Week with tribe and Gaia!! We are following the energies… an incredibly powerful week to devote to nature.

P.S. YES – as of this NOW – everything is STILL HAPPENING!! I feel strongly to not change course out of FEAR of what if…
IF it comes to the point that we are collectively restricted in our plans and travels and activities… we will simply reschedule! But NO CANCELLING of Light Intentions and EVENTS. We must STAY THE COURSE of Unity, coming together for higher purpose – demonstrating a new frequency and understanding of reality! TO LIFE!! 🙏

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